New Zealand in Sri Lanka 2012-13 November 2, 2012

Colombo ODIs moved to Pallekele

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has moved the second and third ODIs in the ongoing series against New Zealand from the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo to the Pallekele Stadium, because the Premadasa is under water after three weeks of monsoon rain.

Bad weather is forecast for both venues over the next two days, but it is expected to clear in time for the second ODI. The matches will be played on November 4 and 6 as scheduled. 
"The lake near the Premadasa Stadium has risen considerably due to rain and the water isn't draining away from the ground," SLC chief executive Ajit Jayasekara said. "We had sent out a letter to Ten Sports and New Zealand Cricket explaining the situation, and alerting them to the possibility of a venue change."

Sri Lanka is in the middle of its northeast monsoon, and the north of the country has also been battered by cyclone Nilam. The last time a tour was scheduled for November, all three Tests ended in rain-affected draws and the ODI series was postponed until the end of January. Both matches so far on this tour have also been rained out, with the first ODI on Thursday having been abandoned without a ball bowled. After the matches in Pallekele, the action moves to Hambantota for two more ODIs. Two Tests will follow, in Galle and at the SSC in Colombo.

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  • Ricky on November 4, 2012, 8:27 GMT

    This is CRAZY decission by the SL cricket move 2 matches to Kandy ,if Kettarama not fit for the matches then they should have play the matches in SSC day match ( I heard current weather is in colombo perfect for play cricket match ) This is 100% I m agreed with reason comment made by Former SL Captian ARJUNA RANATUNGA says ,current SL cricket runing by the people who dosent play cricket ........

  • Dummy4 on November 4, 2012, 6:00 GMT

    Oh my god!!! please save today's match from Rain.... i want to watch full 50 over game...

  • Dummy4 on November 3, 2012, 22:11 GMT

    its true sri lanka managed world t-twenty pretty well, but there home series are very boring and non-intresting. i am pakistani and even i didnt enjoy the last series which took place in sri lanka. bad weathers, bad scheduling, dead pitches. sri lankan board need to do alot.

  • Sami on November 3, 2012, 13:30 GMT

    @Andre2 - Look Raj2000 meant "reign" not "rain". Read what he said again.

  • vivekanand on November 3, 2012, 12:08 GMT

    moving the venue is a good move. following points can also be tried to avoid a washout when the threat of rain looms: - Reduce to overs keeping in mind the rain forecast. there is no point in having full 50 overs for one side and only 5-10 for other.. instead, initially itself reduce the match to some 30 over match.. in the only t20 match, in total 16 overs were bowled and still it was a washout.. had it been a 8 over match, we could have had a result..

    - Start early, if possible. covert the day night match into a day match in such conditions, and as there is already facility of lights, the match can go on in lites too..

  • Dummy4 on November 3, 2012, 10:47 GMT

    Seems like rains have passed away hope can have a full a game tomorrow

  • Dummy4 on November 3, 2012, 9:33 GMT

    "The last time a tour was scheduled for November, all three Tests ended in rain-affected draws and the ODI series was postponed until the end of January." It's the same as having cricket scheduled for April in NZ, just beggars belief. I guess having common sense isn't a prerequisite for being part of the ICC scheduling committee.

  • Dru on November 3, 2012, 8:38 GMT

    Dont know how these monsoons work but I thought there were two gounds in the dry zone - Hamba and Dambulla. Not sure what has happened to Dambulla but if the risk is a washout anyplace that is less likely to be rained out is the go.

  • Dummy4 on November 3, 2012, 7:27 GMT

    i think that we will have a game tomorrow because itz sunny at here Kandy

  • Kevin on November 2, 2012, 20:19 GMT

    I've never seen anything like the flooded stadium at Pallekele before. Looks like a stadium for jet boat racing. Bring on the roman galleys and fire boats.

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