South Africa tour of Sri Lanka, 1st T20I: Sri Lanka v South Africa at Colombo (RPS), Aug 2, 2013
South Africa won by 12 runs
2 August 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Henry Davids and Quinton de Kock to open the batting, Malinga the bowling.

6.30pm South Africa win the toss and will have a bat

Faf du Plessis: "We have wanted to bat first on this wicket for quite some time now. Our teams has lots of character and we want to show that to the fans back home."

Dinesh Chandimal says Sri Lanka would have batted first as well.

Mahela Jayawardene is not playing today. Senanayake and Ajantha Mendis are the two specialist spinners. And the other Mendis, Jeevan, is also playing. Just the one specialist fast bowler in Malinga, then

David Wiese debuts for South Africa. Three quicks in Parnell, Morkel and Tsotsobe, and the legspinner Imran Tahir makes his T20 debut

Pitch on the slower side generally, but good pace and bounce by Sri Lankan standards, says Russell Arnold

It is a struggle for Andrew Fidel Fernando, our Sri Lanka correspondent. He's been stuck in traffic close to the ground for 40 minutes. "It's mayhem," he says. "Accident ahead, Friday traffic + match traffic." Have always told him to use his Apparition skills at such times, but the man stubbornly refuses to take anything but the common route, except when popping over to Kandy and Hambantota

6.20pm The ODI series is over, and a day's break later, the Twenty20s have arrived. First one at the Premadasa tonight, after which the teams travel to the wilderness of Hambantota for two more games. Will the shortened format change South Africa's fortunes? Our man Andrew Fidel Fernando explores in his preview why that might be difficult, with Sri Lanka the No 1 ranked T20 side. "Worse for the visitors, Twenty20 has become Sri Lanka's strongest suit," he writes. And that man Nuwan Kulasekara is back as well, after missing the ODI series with a finger injury.


Malinga to Davids, 1 leg bye, he went for the yorker first up, but overdid the angle a tad and it was sliding down

One wide slip, deep square leg


Malinga to de Kock, no run, bowled full and swings in at the stumps, a mistimed drive is the result


Malinga to de Kock, no run, he got a lot of bat on this pitched up delivery this time, but hit it straight to mid off

Andrew Fidel Fernando has finally made his way to the Premadasa press box. "Ground not even half full despite being sold out," he says. "Everyone is clearly still en route."

The umpires are calling for a change of balls, already


Malinga to de Kock, no run, a bouncer now, de Kock, who is standing a long way outside the crease, gets down on a knee and lets it go over


Malinga to de Kock, FOUR, this swings in, but full, low and down the pads, and is put away past short fine leg


Malinga to de Kock, 1 run, another one swings in, right on off this time, but de Kock is waiting, he opens the face as he glides it wide of point, who dives and takes pace off it

End of over 1 (6 runs) South Africa 6/0 (RR: 6.00)

    • Q de Kock 5 (5b 1x4)
    • H Davids 0 (1b)
    • SL Malinga 1-0-5-0

Senanayake to bowl offspin early


Senanayake to de Kock, no run, straightens and bounces on middle, nudged to square leg


Senanayake to de Kock, OUT, oh dear, he needs two balls to strike, de Kock struck on the pad, and struck right in front, this skids on from round the stumps, hint of straightening and past de Kock's attempted waft to leg from the crease

Q de Kock lbw b Senanayake 5 (9m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

Faf du Plessis, captain, walks in


Senanayake to du Plessis, 1 run, worked to square leg off the pad


Senanayake to Davids, no run, floats it across the right hander and beats the outside edge as he plays for non-existent turn


Senanayake to Davids, no run, tries the sweep in hope, from outside off, there is no turn again on this one, and he is beaten again


Senanayake to Davids, no run, this time he shuffles across and just pats it back, again it was the one that skids across, top over

End of over 2 (1 run) South Africa 7/1 (RR: 3.50)

    • H Davids 0 (4b)
    • F du Plessis 1 (1b)
    • SMSM Senanayake 1-0-1-1
    • SL Malinga 1-0-5-0

Angelo brought on now


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, steady and accurate is what you will get from Angelo, back of a length, angled in, right on off, defended

keeper standing up


Mathews to du Plessis, 1 run, good length, turned through square leg off the pad

Samantha Senaratna: "oh can someone from SLC ban those vu-vu-zelas - they are definitely not Sri Lankan and just create noise - we have drums, trumpets and papare - no need for these unnecessary noise"


Mathews to Davids, 1 run, good length on off, pushed in front of mid on for a quick single


Mathews to du Plessis, no run, this moved away slightly outside off, and though he reached out for it, wasn't able to guide it past point


Mathews to du Plessis, 1 run, slower one, he leans forward and works it in front of square leg


Mathews to Davids, no run, walks down and stands outside off stump, can only push a length delivery away

End of over 3 (3 runs) South Africa 10/1 (RR: 3.33)

    • H Davids 1 (6b)
    • F du Plessis 3 (5b)
    • AD Mathews 1-0-3-0
    • SMSM Senanayake 1-0-1-1

Uwaisul Karnain: "Forget about the format whether it is ODI or T20, SA do have their problems against spinners. 4 of them today at Chandimal's disposal"


Senanayake to du Plessis, no run, comes forward and tries to work to leg one that straightens from round the stumps, leading edge to covers


Senanayake to du Plessis, 1 wide, saw him backing away and pushed it far down the leg side


Senanayake to du Plessis, 1 run, run out chance as he pushes to cover but the keeper fails to gather the throw on the bounce


Senanayake to Davids, no run


Senanayake to Davids, OUT, and another one falls, he's tried sweeping a length ball and got beaten, he tries sweeping a tossed up full ball this time, misses, loses balance, and is hit in front, ball tracker shows that clipping off

H Davids lbw b Senanayake 1 (19m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50

Aaron from South Africa: "We started the vuvazelas in the 2010 Football World Cup, sorry..."


Senanayake to Duminy, 1 run, flighted and comes in with the angle, is worked behind square, there is some hesitation before they go through for the single


Senanayake to du Plessis, no run, the straighter one again, and another leading edge off the captain's blade as he tries to work to leg

End of over 4 (3 runs) South Africa 13/2 (RR: 3.25)

    • F du Plessis 4 (8b)
    • JP Duminy 1 (1b)
    • SMSM Senanayake 2-0-4-2
    • AD Mathews 1-0-3-0

Mathews to Duminy, no run, sees it angled across and shapes for the punch, but it holds the line and he can;t time it


Mathews to Duminy, no run, lovely, this one carries across with the angle, and Duminy ends up driving inside the line

Saffa: "Here we go again............."


Mathews to Duminy, no run, overpitched, JP D drives firmly but bowler is in the way, and it rolls to mid on


Mathews to Duminy, FOUR, no stopping this one, Duminy's stepped forward to a length ball and found the gap at cover


Mathews to Duminy, 2 runs, leg side now, takes it from middle and clips it between midwicket and mid on, who has a tough chase with a quick outfield against him, pulls it back just inside with a slide


Mathews to Duminy, no run, leading edges all around, now JP D gets one to a fullish delivery, cover fields

End of over 5 (6 runs) South Africa 19/2 (RR: 3.80)

    • JP Duminy 7 (7b 1x4)
    • F du Plessis 4 (8b)
    • AD Mathews 2-0-9-0
    • SMSM Senanayake 2-0-4-2

Senanayake to du Plessis, FOUR, Faf gets the boundary early in the over, backs away to leg and slaps a full delivery on middle straight down the ground


Senanayake to du Plessis, no run, nudges a full delivery to square leg


Senanayake to du Plessis, OUT, too much shuffling across and backing away, and Senanayake has taken his third, du Plessis moved around so much he ended up pushing inside the line of this flighted delivery, it was the straighter one, zipped across and hit off

F du Plessis b Senanayake 8 (17m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.72

AB de Villiers, here's another crisis for you to face


Senanayake to de Villiers, no run, eases into a drive right away, cover could have tested him with the throw, if only he had picked it up cleanly


Senanayake to de Villiers, no run, not committing too much, yet timing the punch to covers neatly


Senanayake to de Villiers, no run, this should have gone, a rare poor one from Senanayake, shortish and too wide, but AB misses the cut

End of over 6 (4 runs) South Africa 23/3 (RR: 3.83)

    • AB de Villiers 0 (3b)
    • JP Duminy 7 (7b 1x4)
    • SMSM Senanayake 3-0-8-3
    • AD Mathews 2-0-9-0

sad Barry: "wow, and so the trouble continues, different day, same old south Africa, cheap wickets and childish play....."

Dilshan on now


Dilshan to Duminy, no run, tosses it up outside off, JP mistimes the drive to the bowler


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, skips out and clips it through midwicket from outside off


Dilshan to de Villiers, 1 run, almost another one, an uppish push from AB, falls short of midwicket and goes past him to his left


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, goes right deep in the crease to work to midwicket, fielder from the deep runs in to keep them to one


Dilshan to de Villiers, 1 run, charges out and has a go, hits it straight back to the bowler, and it is hit so hard it bursts out and travels to deep mid on


Dilshan to Duminy, no run, comes down the pitch but fails to work it to leg and is hit on the pad

End of over 7 (4 runs) South Africa 27/3 (RR: 3.85)

    • JP Duminy 9 (11b 1x4)
    • AB de Villiers 2 (5b)
    • TM Dilshan 1-0-4-0
    • SMSM Senanayake 3-0-8-3

Highveldhillbilly: "Maybe this is why half the crowd hasn't arrived yet, they heard SA were batting and they knew the game would probably be over pretty quickly."

Thisara comes on


NLTC Perera to de Villiers, FOUR, and is put away through extra cover first ball, AB didn;t need to get the front foot out at all, his hands did everything for him


NLTC Perera to de Villiers, 1 run, charges out but mistimes it down to long off

Sam: "I just realised that SA batsmen can come down the pitch too..."


NLTC Perera to Duminy, 1 run, pitched up delivery clipped to wide long on where Jeevan Mendis prevents the second with a sprint and a quick release


NLTC Perera to de Villiers, FOUR, Thisara tries the short ball, it sits up around off, and AB plunders a pull to the deep midwicket rope


NLTC Perera to de Villiers, no run, he hasn't achieved much when he's charged out, mistimes another one to extra cover


NLTC Perera to de Villiers, 1 run, a full toss to end the over, eased out to the sweeper

End of over 8 (11 runs) South Africa 38/3 (RR: 4.75)

    • AB de Villiers 12 (10b 2x4)
    • JP Duminy 10 (12b 1x4)
    • NLTC Perera 1-0-11-0
    • TM Dilshan 1-0-4-0

Malinga comes back

Joe: "It seems as though the Proteas went on holiday to Sri lanka and by the way decided to play some cricket"

Orin: "Solving this crisis is easy: learn to bowl spin, learn to play spin. If we somehow manage to sort out the former, the latter will fix itself!"


Malinga to de Villiers, 1 run, big escape for AB, Malinga's bowled it short first up, a surprised AB's gone for a weak waft of a pull, but the top edge has just fallen short of fine leg


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, short of a length, worked off the pad to fine leg


Malinga to de Villiers, no run, a very low full toss outside off, and he can't get enough on the drive, to mid off


Malinga to de Villiers, 1 run, slower one outside off, he adjusts and dabs it to third man


Malinga to Duminy, 2 runs, sharp short ball into the body, but Duminy's handled it superbly, hitting it into the ground through square leg, and it needs a dive in the deep to prevent the boundary


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, another slower one, and Duminy has to adjust on the drive, eases it to the sweeper

End of over 9 (6 runs) South Africa 44/3 (RR: 4.88)

    • JP Duminy 14 (15b 1x4)
    • AB de Villiers 14 (13b 2x4)
    • SL Malinga 2-0-11-0
    • NLTC Perera 1-0-11-0

Ajantha Mendis on

PC: "Cmon guys, maybe things arnt that bleak. Our spinner picked up 8 wickets against the Aussie A team today. Put him on the next plane!"


BAW Mendis to Duminy, no run, pushed to extra cover


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, comes down the track, Mendis shortens it, Duminy ends up stabbing it in the air, but midwicket is vacant


BAW Mendis to de Villiers, 1 run, tossed up, overpitched, AB attacks it, but cannot time and place the drive wide of the sweeper


BAW Mendis to Duminy, no run, quick and fullish on the stumps, pushed back


BAW Mendis to Duminy, no run, this jags across very sharply, almost a wide before Duminy slaps it to extra cover


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 4 leg byes, bowls it full on the pads, and it runs fine past the keeper

End of over 10 (6 runs) South Africa 50/3 (RR: 5.00)

    • JP Duminy 15 (20b 1x4)
    • AB de Villiers 15 (14b 2x4)
    • BAW Mendis 1-0-2-0
    • SL Malinga 2-0-11-0

Angelo returns


Mathews to de Villiers, no run, dropped, the shortish ball was angled into AB and he went for the pull, it was a sharp diving chance for midwicket to his right, but Chandimal's spilled it


Mathews to de Villiers, OUT, they have the big one next ball, the drop doesn't cost anything, AB's backed away and slashed a shortish ball over cover, but has ended up mishitting high in the air, sweeper's run in and tumbled forward, and has held onto the ball all the while

AB de Villiers c MDKJ Perera b Mathews 15 (19m 16b 2x4 0x6) SR: 93.75

Darian: "AB's shoulders must be sore from carrying the hopes of the South-African team"


Mathews to Duminy, no run


Mathews to Duminy, no run, pitched up delivery pushed to the bowler, nice stop by Angelo to his right


Mathews to Duminy, 1 run, good length, he cuts it with the angle across him to third man

D: "Incredible outfield catch by a wicketkeeper!"


Mathews to Miller, no run, bouncer, around off stump, leaving the left-hander, who pulls his head inside the line

End of over 11 (1 run) South Africa 51/4 (RR: 4.63)

    • DA Miller 0 (1b)
    • JP Duminy 16 (23b 1x4)
    • AD Mathews 3-0-10-1
    • BAW Mendis 1-0-2-0

Dilshan back to bowl


Dilshan to Duminy, no run, was late in going after this tossed up full delivery and is beaten as it dips outside off


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, shuffles across and works it in front of square leg off middle stump


Dilshan to Miller, 1 run, pitched up, driven off the front foot past extra cover


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, angled in full, worked to deep midwicket


Dilshan to Miller, 1 run, jumps out, stops outside off and stabs it past the non-striker to long on


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, skips out and works it to deep midwicket again, he is looking alright, JP D

End of over 12 (5 runs) South Africa 56/4 (RR: 4.66)

    • JP Duminy 19 (27b 1x4)
    • DA Miller 2 (3b)
    • TM Dilshan 2-0-9-0
    • AD Mathews 3-0-10-1

Sam: "I am not a fan of placing ex-wicket keeping guys in the outfield, but that catch by KJP changed that..."


Mathews to Duminy, 1 run, slower length ball at 107 kph outside off, square driven to the sweeper


Mathews to Miller, no run, neat drive off the front foot but Chandimal dives onto the practice wicket at extra cover and stops it


Mathews to Miller, 1 run, slaps a widish one to sweeper cover


Mathews to Duminy, no run, pitched up, widish, but he mistimes it to extra cover


Mathews to Duminy, no run, can;t beat mid off now, even as he times the drive this time


Mathews to Duminy, 1 run, opens the face and runs a length ball down to third man

End of over 13 (3 runs) South Africa 59/4 (RR: 4.53)

    • JP Duminy 21 (31b 1x4)
    • DA Miller 3 (5b)
    • AD Mathews 4-0-13-1
    • TM Dilshan 2-0-9-0

Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, tossed up, into the pad, whipped to deep midwicket

Mike: "I'm South African and it's more interesting watching the Ashes than this rubbish"


Dilshan to Miller, no run, lots of flight, lots of it, Miller comes forward and pats it back, such is the state of this innings


Dilshan to Miller, 1 run, and when he walks out, he ends up stabbing an edge in the air, fortunately it does not carry to point


Dilshan to Duminy, 1 run, appeal for run out after a push to cover, there is a dive from Miller, and that has saved him, direct hit would have had him probably


Dilshan to Miller, 1 run, full delivery worked out to deep midwicket


Dilshan to Duminy, 2 runs, turning away, keeping a tad low, but shortish, and is slapped past extra cover

End of over 14 (6 runs) South Africa 65/4 (RR: 4.64)

    • JP Duminy 25 (34b 1x4)
    • DA Miller 5 (8b)
    • TM Dilshan 3-0-15-0
    • AD Mathews 4-0-13-1

Ajantha comes back

Henry: "Seeing Australia, I thought it was a day for comebacks! sadly mistaken..."


BAW Mendis to Miller, no run, lucky to get away, this straigthens after being angled across, and he gets an inside edge close to the stumps


BAW Mendis to Miller, 1 run, walks out, is nowhere close to the pitch of this offspinner, and ends up chipping it well short of long on


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, clipped square on the leg side


BAW Mendis to Miller, 1 run, quick and straight length ball on middle and leg, worked to deep midwicket


BAW Mendis to Duminy, SIX, some cheer for South Africa, he slog-sweeps an offspinner from middle stump, and it clears the rope at deep square leg


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, quicker and flatter one on middle, he walks across and turns it square

End of over 15 (10 runs) South Africa 75/4 (RR: 5.00)

    • JP Duminy 33 (37b 1x4 1x6)
    • DA Miller 7 (11b)
    • BAW Mendis 2-0-12-0
    • TM Dilshan 3-0-15-0

Senanayake to bowl out


Senanayake to Duminy, no run, comes out, but is beaten in the flight and pats it back


Senanayake to Duminy, 1 run, sharp turn outside off, he reaches for it and dabs it square


Senanayake to Miller, 1 run, flighted ball, he reaches the pitch and clips it to deep midwicket


Senanayake to Duminy, 1 run, lunges at a sweep outside off, deep square leg runs to his left to field

Darian: "This poor form of the team is very worrying indeed. It might spill over to the test team......"


Senanayake to Miller, 2 runs, straighter one just outside off, he manages to squeeze it fine past the keeper


Senanayake to Miller, 1 run

End of over 16 (6 runs) South Africa 81/4 (RR: 5.06)

    • DA Miller 11 (14b)
    • JP Duminy 35 (40b 1x4 1x6)
    • SMSM Senanayake 4-0-14-3
    • BAW Mendis 2-0-12-0

Malinga returns


Malinga to Miller, 1 run, a low and wide full toss but they are wary of him and this is patted away to extra cover


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, a slower one, cuts away outside off, steered to third man


Malinga to Miller, 1 wide, angled across but sprayed far too wide


Malinga to Miller, 1 run, around the blockhole outside off, he attacks it but can only hit it to the sweeper


Malinga to Duminy, FOUR, found the gap on the short slower one, picks it from off and pulls it to deep midwicket


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, another slower one, pitched fuller, and Duminy mishits a slog to vacant midwicket


Malinga to Miller, no run, drives a full delivery, but without much power, and straight to extra cover on the edge of the circle

End of over 17 (9 runs) South Africa 90/4 (RR: 5.29)

    • DA Miller 13 (17b)
    • JP Duminy 41 (43b 2x4 1x6)
    • SL Malinga 3-0-20-0
    • SMSM Senanayake 4-0-14-3

Mendis has two left


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, comes out, takes it on the full, whips through midwicket, Thisara runs around from long on, keeps them to one


BAW Mendis to Miller, SIX, here comes Miller, reaches the pitch and carts the offspinner high over wide long on


BAW Mendis to Miller, 2 runs, quicker, fuller, worked through midwicket and this time the second cannot be prevented

Ben: "Killer Miller, time for you to cut loose..."


BAW Mendis to Miller, 1 run, charges out, reaches it on the full and drills it hard to wide long off, who slides across and fields on the bounce


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, around the blockhole, JP cannot get under it, and slogs through square leg


BAW Mendis to Miller, 1 run, another one quick and very full, Miller can only push it to long on

End of over 18 (12 runs) South Africa 102/4 (RR: 5.66)

    • DA Miller 23 (21b 1x6)
    • JP Duminy 43 (45b 2x4 1x6)
    • BAW Mendis 3-0-24-0
    • SL Malinga 3-0-20-0

Malinga to Miller, 1 run, too full for him to get under it comfortably, and he drills it along the ground to long off

Long on, long off, sweeper, third man


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, opens the face and runs this widish full delivery behind point, but third man is quick to the ball


Malinga to Miller, 1 run, superb reaction from Senanayake at wide long off, Miller did not seem to have got much distance on this full delivery, but it continued to travel and was heading over the boundary, before Senanayake leaped and took it, was headed towards the rope, and he let go if it well in time, saved five runs


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, very low full toss on middle, swatted to midwicket who makes a sharp stop


Malinga to Miller, OUT, Miller's gone now, goes after a full widish delivery outside off, ends up slicing it high, and Dilshan at sweeper cover does the rest after some hesitation, it almost slips through his fingers, but he hangs on

DA Miller c Dilshan b Malinga 25 (33m 24b 0x4 1x6) SR: 104.16

Wiese walks in on debut


Malinga to Duminy, 1 run, low and wide full toss guided to point

End of over 19 (5 runs) South Africa 107/5 (RR: 5.63)

    • JP Duminy 46 (48b 2x4 1x6)
    • D Wiese 0 (0b)
    • SL Malinga 4-0-25-1
    • BAW Mendis 3-0-24-0

BAW Mendis to Duminy, FOUR, full toss slogged to the deep midwicket boundary, Duminy has propped South Africa with his fifty


BAW Mendis to Duminy, 1 run, full and quick, can;t get under it, slogs along the ground to long on


BAW Mendis to Wiese, 1 run, quick length delivery on off stump, worked through midwicket


BAW Mendis to Duminy, no run, right in the blockhole, tossed up and dips right on the stumps, JP makes room but has to dig it out


BAW Mendis to Duminy, OUT, low full toss on the stumps, JP slogs, straight to deep midwicket

JP Duminy c Dilshan b BAW Mendis 51 (67m 52b 3x4 1x6) SR: 98.07

This innings has gone exactly nowhere


BAW Mendis to Wiese, 2 runs, he swings at a length ball, the top edge swirls over the bowler, he runs back but can't reach it with a dive, and they have scrambled two

JP Duminy: "115 is not enough, but we will have to make it enough. It is not a bad pitch, it is quite a good wicket actually, where we got it wrong was when we lost those quick wickets."

Senanayake reduced a clueless line-up to 23 for 3 and they were never able to get going after that

Greg D: "Why do I even follow South African cricket anymore (says with his head in his hands) Not sure how I can describe South Africa's batting other than schoolboy"

Uwaisul Karnain: "Impressive stuff from the World's No. 1 in the field. Now all eyes will be on Kusal Perera, the whole Island needs an impressive knock from the young man. Hope he will oblige today!"

End of over 20 (8 runs) South Africa 115/6

    • D Wiese 3 (2b)
    • WD Parnell 0 (0b)
    • BAW Mendis 4-0-32-1
    • SL Malinga 4-0-25-1





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