Sri Lanka v South Africa, 2nd Test, SSC, 5th day

Lady luck finally deserts Sri Lanka

In a year where Sri Lanka have won almost every prize they laid their eyes on, their luck was bound to run its course at some point. It did on Monday

Andrew Fidel Fernando at the SSC

July 28, 2014

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"Please, please, please!!": When it mattered the most, fortune wasn't on Sri Lanka's side © AFP

Two slips and a gully. A leg slip and a leg gully. A short leg. Silly mid off. Dilruwan Perera lurks at short cover. Rangana Herath prowls the bowling crease. Crows patrol fine leg. Fresh air blows through deep point. Sri Lanka are in their third last-hour finish in four Tests. Drama follows them like a man with an axe goes after the pretty girl in a horror flick.

This is the kind of stuff Sri Lanka's Test supporters - a meagre and masochistic, but passionate lot - live for. When Imran Tahir came to the crease, there were five men up close on the off side to him.

Angelo Mathews brought short-midwicket squarer. Mahela Jayawardene told leg slip to close in six inches. Herath ripped some hard, slid others on; went around the wicket first, then over it, firing many into the rough, and floating some up fuller.

Throughout the day, Perera and Herath had beaten enough willow to supply a paper-making factory. When the edges were eventually hit, the ball would skim low into one of the few unmanned spaces around the batsmen.

Sri Lanka have had their share of good fortune in the five months they won every trophy they played for, so a day like this was overdue. Two fifty-fifty umpiring calls went against them. One lbw shout off Hashim Amla that should have been given out, was turned down, with no reviews remaining.

Then there was the rain. The third of the breaks - for a brief, but heavy shower - was the most frustrating. The umpires called the covers on, then off, then on and off again, all in the space of fifteen minutes. The Sri Lanka players raced out onto the field, with less than 90 minutes to play, but another squall washed through just as they were taking their fielding positions.

So unwilling to trod off, they just milled about on the side of the square. Several groundstaff kept glancing at them, as if to say, "If you're going to stand there getting drenched, at least help with the covers". That was perhaps the only thing Sri Lanka had not tried in their pursuit of victory, having batted positively in both innings and attacked without relent in the field.

When the rain eased to finally allow the last phase of play, JP Duminy walked to the crease as if he were in a funeral possession. Perhaps he was mourning his own batting, which lacked a pulse. He made 6 off 123 in the match.

Several groundstaff kept glancing at them, as if to say, "If you're going to stand there getting drenched, at least help with the covers". That was perhaps the only thing Sri Lanka had not tried in their pursuit of victory, having batted positively in both innings and attacked without relent in the field

Later on, Tahir provided the most high-quality entertainment, even in an innings that yielded just 4 off 21 balls. He would lunge out late at the full deliveries, pat the ball into the ground, and in an extravagant forward-defence follow-through, nearly lay the bat face down on the pitch. He was almost offering the bat in a thanksgiving sacrifice to the SSC pitch-god who had allowed him to survive one more delivery.

The divine was clearly unsatisfied with that, because with three minutes left on the clock, Tahir became a self-appointed human sacrifice. He lay voluntarily immobile at the Tennis Courts end, apparently with sudden-onset full-body paralysis, for which the only cure was Vernon Philander coming down the pitch and telling him he may be taking the gag too far. Even Sri Lanka Tests can only handle so much drama.

When Sri Lanka needed one wicket in the final hour at Headingley, Mathews had called for 10 changes, searching frantically for the magic ball Shaminda Eranga finally provided. Then, he had four wicket-takers to rotate.

In the second innings at the SSC, he was reduced to having basically a two-man attack. Herath and Perera had been impeccable, but Suranga Lakmal seemed worn and flat, given the surface he was working with. Ajantha Mendis had bowled so poorly in the Test, he was practically only called on to bowl an over while Herath and Perera swapped ends. Even that one over sometimes seemed too much for him.

This Sri Lanka team does not like to criticise their own, but after the match, Mathews made clear his disappointment in Mendis' wicketless outing. "We expected a lot more from him, but he couldn't' deliver much," he said. "We thought, having three spinners - he will be able to contribute. It wasn't the usual SSC wicket. It was much drier and expected to assist spin bowling a lot. The spinner we thought could make a difference was Mendis. He had a quite a bad game."

In the end, Sri Lanka were foiled by Tahir, who had arguably been even less impressive with the ball than Mendis, while Vernon Philander, the other villain of the series, stood at the other end. Having played positive cricket from the start of the series to its end, Sri Lanka gave their fans something to cheer for, but ran out of luck in the dying hours.

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Posted by Modestman on (July 30, 2014, 14:39 GMT)

Open your eyes selectors.... bring a proper spinner for Mendis.mystery spin of Mendis is long gone..Where is young Tharindu Kaushal? bring him and play him.don't demoralize the boy by keeping him on the side lines.He deserves to be a part of the test team.

Posted by THEBEAST7 on (July 30, 2014, 12:21 GMT)

@ spas. U read my mind! thats exactly what I said. with this "never give up" attitude , SL is on the right direction with Matthews.

Posted by spas on (July 30, 2014, 10:20 GMT)

@Mudit Mathur: a lot of people used to predict the same thing at the end of Aravinda/Arjuna era. But then Mahela, Sanga and other members of the team kept the things going. There are number of players, you saw Niroshan Dickwella in the last test, to take the batten over. Sri Lanka will find the right combinations. Needless to say, Cricket is a team sport, although it is highly individualized.

Posted by THEBEAST7 on (July 30, 2014, 10:14 GMT)

@ Mudit Mathur : Dream on mate! That is exactly what everyone thought in 2000s. When Arjuna, Aravinda retire, SL will go down hill! What happened? We got two stars in Sanga and Mahela. Likewise SL will continue to shine with the young talents like Chandimal, Thirimanne. Those two are good quality players who needs to bat higher up the order. Sri Lankans have this habit. They need to be given the responsibility. They need to be pushed to the deep end. Then, They will show the world what they can do. Murali and Vass are the only guys we will never be able to replace in this side!

Posted by   on (July 30, 2014, 8:14 GMT)

Sri Lankan team will never be the same as they will not have someone like Mahela to rescue them and provide solidity to their other wise very fragile middle order. Sanga's retirement is also on card and with that the current Sri Lankan team will become another West Indies team of Post Brian Lara era.

Posted by THEBEAST7 on (July 30, 2014, 4:36 GMT)

Clear indication of the pointlessness of playing 2 tests in a series.

Posted by THEBEAST7 on (July 30, 2014, 4:31 GMT)

Well, it is indeed disappointing not to win the second test. But if not for the rain interruptions, the story would have been very different. But the most important thing was to see how SL fought hard to win this game. That is all that matters. I am really happy to see that Matthews has learned his lesson from UAE last year against Pakistan. If SL continue on this path, they will return the favor to Pakistan in the next series.

Posted by Kotuwegogoda on (July 30, 2014, 2:27 GMT)

Rajcan. Please read Postmortem for an unbiased view. Srilanka played positive cricket from day one and second innings. South Africa were negative from the time they batted first and second. With that frame of mind and appeals were denied with umpires call, where do you think win will come? Performance? This was already evident. When Mendis was below par and Vithanage not been getting any wickets where do u go? Rain spoiler and little bit of luck here and there certainly deserted Lanka.

Posted by rajcan on (July 29, 2014, 13:58 GMT)

In this match, is SL deserved to win?. You don't need lady luck, if there was no rain, we would have witnessed longer boring game.

What SL has done, have they done anything innovative to get wicket, have they tried any part time ballers to ball some overs, nothing....

Continued with two spinners, letting Duminy play 123 balls for 6 runs.

Any team, not able to dislodge a batsman in 2 successive innings who can defend 60 odd balls for 3 runs in each innings, does not deserve winning.

Dont try to win the game with luck, win it with performance.

Posted by Mud-Catcher on (July 29, 2014, 13:17 GMT)

These are a few things that made us too CRAMPED to jump over Amla's solid FIREWALL of defense.. ;))

1) Needy Luck..with WEATHER.!

2) Perfidiously Decisions... with some tilted 50/50 & 100% Vitals by UMPS.. !!

3) Speedy Approach... with batting by BATTER with 45 S/R.!!!

4) Creepy Deliveries... with Slow Pace on crumbling wicket from Mathews..!!!!

Anyhow, must appreciate Amla's die-hard-do-good display of batting & leadership, which surely demonstrated us how to become the Champions in Test Cricket... Hope we will do better in the forthcoming Pak series.!

Piece of stats...This is how our Batsmen fared against SA bowlers in the 2-Tests Series:

AD Mathews- 242 runs - 89 HS - Av 121.0

Sangakkara - 172 runs - 76 HS - Av 43.0

Mahela J - 178 runs - 165 HS - Av 44.5

Upul Tharanga - 138 runs - 83 HS - Av 34.5

Kaushal Silva - 112 runs - 44 HS - Av 28.0

Posted by   on (July 29, 2014, 7:10 GMT)

interesting to SL squad for PK test series. Who will take the mendiss spot. Hope tharindu kaushal in.

Posted by Kotuwegogoda on (July 29, 2014, 3:46 GMT)

Lady Luck deserted Srilanka. Also, little bit of rain on and off contributed to the draw. South Africa clearly played not like no. 2 side but a team on the bottom of the ladder to prevent being relegated. Yes, the number of overs given to them were more than enough to force a win. Their negative approach was quite evident at the business end of the match. Srilanka on the other hand must improve on fielding, catching and throws at the wicket. This was an aspect missed from Srilanka team. A foreign coach to be put in charge of this part sooner.

Must admit Angelo has learned captaincy fast with the help of senior pros and playing series cricket at this level. Mahela and Sanga are providing the know how when needed.

Selectors have to pick the right blend of players for test cricket, provide adequate training no matter senior or junior. These are measures you learn from South Africa not forgetting direct hits to run Mahela and Niroshan out in the first inning. Wish well against Pakistan

Posted by sara2a on (July 29, 2014, 2:09 GMT)

@Davidgold - Can't agree with you more. Yesterday afternoon in another article, I commented on the late declaration of Matthews, but I was hoping it would not cost us the match. But sadly it did. While it's true that we were bound to have a day where luck would desert us, we would not have had to depend on luck had we declared earlier. I very much admire Matthews as a young leader, but the one worrying factor about him is that he has never been a win-first-save-if-not captain. He has always been the other way around. There was no way that SA were going to score 300 given the conditions, but even if they did by some miracle, what difference would it have made between losing 1-0 & 2-0. In trying to ensure that he doesn't lose the match, Matthews has lost the series. It's a pity, because aside this one weakness, he seems to be a great leader.

Posted by AltafPatel on (July 29, 2014, 1:36 GMT)

It wasn't misfortune but poor decision by Angelo not declaring setting target 300 as it was clear SA will not try to chase it and rain was most probable in last 4 sessions. Both things happened, neither SA tried to win nor rain stopped washing crucial 20 overs on day 4 and few on day 5. Amla would have been in place of Angelo, he would have set target of 250 in such conditions. Lesson to learn for Methews.

Posted by   on (July 28, 2014, 22:54 GMT)

Yes Mendis was disappointing but he was handled poorly by Mathews. In order to bring out his best Mathews needed to show faith in him at the start of the day and give him a chance to get into his groove. He only bowled 13 overs in the second innings.

Posted by wapuser on (July 28, 2014, 22:45 GMT)

More than the overs lost, I feel the rain helped the pitch to bind and actually play better than it did on 4th day evening. In saying that, I must congratulate RSA on their self belief and relentless fighting capabilities. I don't think SL would have achieved the same if they were in RSA's shoes. Nice writing Andrew, as always. Thoroughly enjoyed!

Posted by Davidgold on (July 28, 2014, 22:02 GMT)

"Ran out of luck." It says something about the Sri Lankan mindset when that becomes the reason for not winning. How about Angelo Matthews batting on for an hour too long on day 4. The likelihood of anyone scoring 300+ in the fourth innings on that pitch was slim. And what did he have to lose? OK, so a higher risk of Sth Africa getting the runs, but he put not losing ahead of the drive to win and in the end it's cost them the match. Disappointing to read Andrew Fernando and Firdose Moonda totally ignoring this.

Posted by Postmortem on (July 28, 2014, 20:45 GMT)

Sri Lanka lost the First Test because of their impatient & irresponsible batting strokes including the majestic both except Mathew. The second was not won because of the umpires & the " umpires call " reviews.

Posted by meerkat55 on (July 28, 2014, 20:10 GMT)

epic article with great humour.

Posted by   on (July 28, 2014, 18:16 GMT)

I was at SSC throughout last 4 days of this match. According to what I saw, there were few areas of inefficiency which affected our bid to force a win. It is fine to cover the whole playing field. However, the removal of covers should have been expedited. Once it was decided to remove the covers ground staff should have occupied all four sides of the ground, engaged in that process simultaneously. This requires only a small increase of ground staff and most importantly supervisory staff covering all 4 sides instead of more than one of them concentrating on one side. After the long rain break before lunch, the ground was ready for play to begin by 12 pm instead they started at 12.25 pm. They could have played through most of the final session mini rain break instead of running for cover at the sight of first rain drop. Umpires should remain within playing area in a mini break for a drizzle. I have seen that happening on TV in test matches played outside Sri Lanka.

Posted by first_slip on (July 28, 2014, 16:48 GMT)

Epic Article Andrew, It's like poem

Posted by SurlyCynic on (July 28, 2014, 16:45 GMT)

The rain didn't help, but 111 overs on a pitch that was turning so much should have been enough. SA took less overs than that to bowl out SL on the last day in the 1st test, without even a proper spinner.

Mendis was disappointing, I thought he would run through the SA tail on that minefield.

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