Sri Lanka v West Indies, 2nd Test, Colombo November 22, 2010

Sammy 'surprised' at Shillingford report


Darren Sammy, the West Indies captain, has added his support to troubled offspinner Shane Shillingford who has been reported for a suspect action following the first Test against Sri Lanka. Both Sammy and the coach Ottis Gibson have indicated Shillingford will be retained for the second match despite the cloud over him.

"I am surprised. We have been informed by the match referee and other people who made that decision," said Sammy. "It's beyond our control. We are just supporting Shane and helping him along to come through the second Test. I am not in a position to talk on that subject at the moment. But what I can tell you is that Shane will be getting the full support of all the squad members and the coaching staff."

Sammy denied that Shillingford was under extra pressure going into the second Test. "We did a lot of good things in the last Test and Shane was part of the good things that we did. We are just looking to give our full support and help him along in the second Test."

Sammy, who took over the captaincy from Chris Gayle, wants his team to build on the positive performance in Galle where they had Sri Lanka under pressure throughout the match. "When we left the Caribbean we said that we are going to Sri Lanka to compete and restore pride of Caribbean cricket. We did that in the last Test. Right now it's all about being consistent and improving on our performances.

"Like in the first Test our preparations were limited. The opportunities we got indoors we made full use of. The areas we can improve are doing well in middle-order. Although the middle-order collapsed still we went onto score 580 runs. We just have to keep improving. The middle-order is one area we can improve. We came here with a winning mindset and we need to improve on a few things," he said.

The suggestion is that West Indies will employ a twin-spin attack in Colombo with Sulieman Benn, who is available again after suspension, being recalled to partner Shillingford. "When we meet at a selection committee we'll look at the balance of the team and see what's the best 11 to represent West Indies. Sulieman and Shane are options to consider," said Sammy.

However, despite dominating the opening encounter on the back of Gayle's career-best 333, Sammy knows to be wary of Sri Lanka on their home soil. "Sri Lanka are one of the best teams in the world. We are expecting them to come back strong. I hope they will come hard on us. But we have prepared sufficiently.

"We are looking to improve on our performances. We know what we are capable of doing. We have seen the Sri Lankan line up. Our guys will go out there and play accordingly."

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  • swaroop on November 29, 2010, 3:23 GMT

    @shameerpvt:there are many young spinners in India who are in their early stages lke pragyan,chawla,ashwin,mishra.we doesn't know where they can reach.they may not be better than murali but they are better than the srilankan spinners who are operating now.India did not struggle to save matches.India did not lose a single series in since 2008-09 season in tests.India did not lose a single odi series in India this year.

  • Sajitha on November 28, 2010, 7:07 GMT

    Every bowler bowl faster than 140kmph should banned because Indian bowlers can't bowl faster than 140kmph.

  • Muthuvel on November 26, 2010, 19:18 GMT

    Beauty of Test cricket is that, quality mostly wins out in the last. So you can not expect Gayle to score 300 every match, and Sanga and Jaywardane would probably prevail in the remainder of the series.

  • Maulik on November 23, 2010, 23:39 GMT

    @Indian and Sri Lankan Brother.

    Malinga is a wonderfull bowler .... don't mind the comments. We Indian really like Arvinda DeSilva, Vaas, Murli and Jayasuriya. SL winning 1996 world cup was a revolution in world cricket.

    But don't question Indian supermacy in test cricket ... else we will send Sehwag, Sachin and Dravid to bat all day against SL. And mind it Laxman is padded too .. scarcy ha ????

  • Shazar on November 23, 2010, 15:53 GMT

    hmmm well lukin at all these allegation indians bring about lankan bowlers(malinga),,ma only conclusion is tht they are really mad tht with a mere 20 million population sri lanka is able to find unique talents soo easily,,but with over 1 billion population,,they very rarely manage to find a unique talent,,understandble V.Rajaa,,,i pitty u,,,well u see,,,for the ill knowledged hu are dogmatic on this is how crcket shud b played essentially,,malingas bowling wud b illegal,,but come on dude,,stop being a clown here,,,we all knw tht ICC permits side arm bowling actions,,and we jolly well knw,,if u indians find someone like malinga or murali,,,ur damn media will b justifyin every single critic,,,,get over the hypocracy mate,,grow up

  • Raja on November 23, 2010, 15:23 GMT

    @shane_perera: I never said, batsmen should have any luxury. But, they should see bowler's hand without any discomfort while releasing the ball. I never said, they need to slow down to show which ball they would bowls.Batsmen needs to see bowler's bowling hand while releasing the ball. If you not think like that, then my point is very clear. Please go and ask bowlers bowling from behind or side ways to wicket keeper, so, the three stumps always to ready to be bailed out without any fuss of any batsmen.10 balls 10 wickets.I am sad that there are so many morons like you in icc, thats y player like malinga playing internationa cricket.And I never said Malinga chucking dude.His action should not be allowed. Thats it. We dont need to discuss Geff Thomson as he was ritired so many years ago. Clean up current cricket field first. Future crieket will be cleaned up automatically.

  • Allan on November 23, 2010, 13:31 GMT

    After day one of the second test, I have it West Indies on points. With only 41% of the alloted overs bowled today, it has become a 4 1/2 day test match assuming no further interruptions. It might be heading for a draw again because it's hard to see these two teams bowling each other out twice in the time that's left. If this series ends up drawn, West indies will benefit more in the rankings that Sri lanka.

  • Yogesh on November 23, 2010, 13:17 GMT

    toothless ICC is heavily dependent on subcontinental teams for their survival. No wonder y we get away with all sorts of nonsense.ICC bent the bowling angle rule.Supported Bhajji for his monkey-gate lol

  • Shehan on November 23, 2010, 12:50 GMT

    @harsh_vardhan2002: Your mom thinks SL is better than India

  • Shehan on November 23, 2010, 12:41 GMT

    Same old comments.... Those who think Malinga chucks please go and watch Jeff Thompson - An Aussie great who has a similar action to Malinga. As for Murali's case his action was cleared and if he chucks then that means 99% bowlers chuck (except Sarwan) But it's sad to see people lacking intellect to comprehend this. @harsh_vardhan2002: Your comments are so boring and repetitive. 'SL has not won a single test in AUS, SA etc" Guess what, we'll be touring AUS, ENG & SA next year so till then please be patient okay? India has been playing test cricket for a longer period of time and has been touring AUS, SA much more often but is yet to win a series there. India has even failed to win a series in SL for the past 20 years (after SL became a full fledge team) Want an interesting topic to discuss? 'India's performance in 2007 world cup and the aftermath' hahahaha

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