West Indies tour of Sri Lanka, 3rd Test: Sri Lanka v West Indies at Pallekele, Dec 1-5, 2010
1,2,3,4,5 December 2010 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Ravindra Pushpakumara, the one time Waqar Younis clone is watching the action from the stands. Herath continues. Not sure why the new ball was taken.


Herath to Benn, no run, spins in from off and middle, works with the spin to the on side


Herath to Benn, no run, full on middle and off, and he defends again


Herath to Benn, 2 runs, Benn outdoes himself here. Tries to sweep a ball sliding down the leg. It hits the flap of the pad and slips on down the leg at which point it hits the back of the bat on it's follow through and sends it wide of Mahela at slip. Benn for president.


Herath to Benn, no run, defends the full ball on middle and off to the off side


Herath to Benn, 2 runs, stays in the crease and pokes out a straight ball to deep cover for one.


Herath to Benn, no run, presses across as it turns in and smothers the spin to send it down to leg slip

12.12pm While the players take lunch, Andrew tells us the rain has stopped and the covers are being peeled off. The clouds are hovering around, but things look better than they did a while back.

12.03pm Early lunch being taken in Pallekele as the weather continues to dominate proceedings.

11.52am In rain terms, this is not Twenty20 stuff, but the slow grind of a Test match. It is dripping down like Chinese torture as opposed to bucketing down in big sheets. The covers remain on and the setting looks gloomy. Andrew Fernando is glum and distraught in Pallekele. There's another sport that doesn't quite stop for rain; Head over to ESPNsoccernet to get all the Premier League action on Saturday, and another two games later on Sunday.

11.13am Oops, it is a water break yes, but of a different kind. The heavens have opened in a small way and the covers are out. Rain has stopped play. Even Benn's entertaining methods has not kept the rain at bay. They have no taste, these rain gods. Meanwhile Dilshan signs autographs for the milling kids who have come faithfully on each day to watch the sparse action. Not too many clouds around, it's just a drizzle for now, but Russel Arnold assures us on air, with his imitable nasal drawl, that more clouds are on the way.

Manish: "Why I'm stilll following this match?" To see Benn's uber-entertaining innings. What would you rather watch? Another boring plodding ton from Alastair Cook? Give me a break.

Talking of breaks, the players take drinks in Pallekele. If you're as enthused about Benn's batting as me, or if you're impressed with India's dominance in Baroda, or worried with Australia's slump in the Ashes, head over to our Facebook page and let us know.

End of over 101 (4 runs) West Indies 297/8

    • SJ Benn 26 (49b 2x6)
    • KAJ Roach 9 (34b)
    • HMRKB Herath 22-3-54-4
    • BAW Mendis 28-6-78-2

We are back! And the rains are gone, so are the covers. Lakmal has the ball and we are back live. Play! 12.40 to 3.10 and 3.30 to 5.45. If the weather permits.


Lakmal to Roach, no run, bangs it in at 138 kph and it slides down the lag side. Roach ducks easily


Lakmal to Roach, 2 runs, on the pads again, clipped off the hips for a couple


Lakmal to Roach, no run, fast and back of a length at 138 kph and Roach gets behind the line well to defend


Lakmal to Roach, no run, moves back to outside off stump line and Roach swishes wide of the stumps without conviction. Misses the outside edge, only just.


Lakmal to Roach, 1 run, attacks the stumps and Roach does well to push down the ground, past mid-on

Benn's feet are atleast two and a half feet apart as he takes guard.


Lakmal to Benn, no run, Benn swings wildly at a full ball outside off and makes no contact. That violent swish of the bat may disturb the clouds and cause the next bout of rain though

End of over 102 (3 runs) West Indies 300/8

    • SJ Benn 26 (50b 2x6)
    • KAJ Roach 12 (39b)
    • RAS Lakmal 17-5-38-1
    • HMRKB Herath 22-3-54-4

Herath, searching for a five-for


Herath to Roach, no run, tosses up on off and middle, Roach reaches out to smother


Herath to Roach, no run, on the stumps again, defended easily to the off stump


Herath to Roach, no run, again, Roach plays very straight and defends down the track


Herath to Roach, no run, comes in with the arm from off stump, Roach's forward defensive covers it easily


Herath to Roach, no run, straightens from middle and leg, defended sedately down the pitch


Herath to Roach, no run, stifled appeal as Roach gets some pad on it with his forward press. Safe though

End of over 103 (maiden) West Indies 300/8

    • KAJ Roach 12 (45b)
    • SJ Benn 26 (50b 2x6)
    • HMRKB Herath 23-4-54-4
    • RAS Lakmal 17-5-38-1

Lakmal to Benn, no run, bouncer outside off, angling across as Benn looks to swivel pull. Makes no contact.


Lakmal to Benn, 3 runs, that's timed well. Over-pitched on middle and off, Benn swings across the line through midwicket and it scurries off the meat of the bat. Easy three.

Drizzle is back on.


Lakmal to Roach, no run, this one slides down the leg side, Roach thinks of glancing it along the ground but that's too far down the leg side.

2.55pm All over. Stumps are drawn early in Pallekele. Depressing stuff all round. And to think we have one more day of this ahead of us. Join us at 9.45am tomorrow and we'll take it from there. On your way out, add @ESPNcricinfo to your twitter feed for cricket updates faster than light. Plenty of football action coming up this weekend and you can find it all on ESPNsoccernet. This is Nitin Sundar, signing off amidst the deluge. Cheers.

1.45pm Andrew Fernando: "The crowd is emptying slowly. What a disappointment for them. Heavy drizzle coming down now. Likely to be the status quo for the next couple of hours."

1.09pm It's sheeting down now. Not looking good, friends.

12.51pm The covers come back on. Dilshan is chuffed - he doesn't want a wet pitch, considering he may be facing soon. This is beyond frustration. This is.. I am out of words. Rain stops play again, meanwhile here is Andrew Fernando's lunch bulletin.

  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150





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