Waqar: We have forgotten first-class cricket

'First-class cricket can't be handed out on a plate' - Waqar (4:37)

The state of first-class cricket in Pakistan (4:37)

It's hard for Pakistan to replace cricketers at the national level these days, because there are few top-class replacements coming through from domestic cricket - one of the fallouts of Pakistan's international isolation, says Waqar Younis.

'Passion for cricket needs to be looked after'

Cricket brings the nation together, but the lack of cricket in Pakistan means people will move away from the game if their passion is not nurtured.

'Was more upset with Butt than Amir'

Waqar on how he, as Pakistan coach, reacted to the news of the spot-fixing in 2010, in what was a "sickening" time for all involved.

'In our days there was no analytical information'

Data analysis is now a part of Pakistan cricket, but one must be careful to not over-coach naturally skilled players, says Waqar Younis.