A jaali batsman, and hitting Warne for sixes

Misbah-ul-Haq gestures to the dressing room after Pakistan pulled off an astonishing chase against Sri Lanka in Sharjah AFP

Hasan Saeed

I will tell future generations about a man named Younis Khan. A man who shrugged off whatever life threw at him and kept on playing. I will tell them about the greatest third/fourth innings Test batsman of this generation and arguably the greatest of all-time. I will tell them about the man who led his nation, which was still reeling from terrorist attacks on the Sri Lankan team, to World T20 glory. I will tell them about the man who helped achieve one of the greatest chases in Test history when Pakistan were 13 for 2. I will tell them about the man who holds the record for most centuries in Test cricket for Pakistan. I will tell them that Younis held the batting together. I will tell them about the partnership's between Younis and Misbah, Younis and Yousuf, Younis and Inzi. The man who always took criticism with a smile. Who always has a smile on his face. I will tell them about the legend that is Younis Khan.

Hassan Moazzam

One of my favourite memories of Misbah was the 16th over of Pakistan's chase in the 2007 World T20 final. It was typical Misbah: tuk, tuk, boom. Poor Harbhajan Singh was at the receiving end. The over read 0 6 0 0 6 6.

Faisal Khan

I remember how Younis Khan with his unorthodox stance and shot-play was called a jaali (fake) batsman by my late uncle when Younis made his debut in 2000. My uncle expired in 2001, but had he lived longer, he would have been amazed at how the "jaali" batsman became the greatest Pakistani Test batsmen by sheer grit and determination. My favorite memory of Younis is when he reinvigorated his career against India at Kolkata in 2005.

Muhammad Shahzeb

There are many memories that I cannot forget of these two legends and my favourites Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan. One of the best according to me is Misbah's first Test as captain against South Africa in 2010. Pakistan were losing that match but then, on the final day, in the fourth innings, Younis hit a hundred and Misbah made a half-century as the pair stood almost the whole day to force a draw. The partnership between the two was almost 200. I cannot think of a Pakistan team without these two legends.

Ch. Sadeed Ahmad

Misbah's entire career is my favourite moment. From making that famous 161* against India to reaching No.1 in tests, and all those moments in between them have been quite fascinating for me. And especially the unnecessary criticism, whenever he fails, or makes a mistake, people start criticising him but he comes back even stronger, which gives me a strange beautiful feeling. I might be his biggest fan.

Taimoor Khalid

My earliest and favourite memory of Misbah is from before the 2007 World T20. 4th September 2002 in Nairobi to be exact. He hit Shane Warne for two sixes despite Pakistan being in a very precarious position. The effortlessness with which Misbah dispatched Warne - a champion bowler on top of his game - was simply marvellous. Those two sixes are still fresh in my memory. That clean and effortless hitting from a newcomer against a champion bowler.

Ahad Zafar

My favourite Misbah moment has to be a well-fought 82 against India in the Delhi Test in 2007. Wickets tumbled around him but he stood strong (along with an unlikely partner in Mohamed Sami). The only shame was how he got out, jumping over the ball, and he claims that moment still haunts him.

Ali Yousafzai

How can I forget Misbah twirling his moustache after a stunning victory against Sri Lanka in Sharjah in 2014 ... aah what a way to say farewell to Dav Whatmore.

Abdul Khuram

As an American of Pakistani origin, I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. I learned about cricket in 2011 and the first ever cricket match I watched was the 2011 Pakistan vs India semifinal. Although it was in a losing cause Misbah-ul-Haq instantly became my favorite player. His absence in the Pakistani middle order will not be easy to fill. YK is legend, no ifs and buts. Both of these players will greatly be missed!