India beat Pakistan in fans' warm-up to Champions Trophy showdown

India beat Pakistan in the Edgbaston Fans Trophy Getty Images

India's fans secured the early bragging rights ahead of next month's Champions Trophy by defeating a team of Pakistan fans in a series of games for the Edgbaston Fans Trophy.

The event, which had originally been scheduled to take place at Attock Cricket Club, was.moved indoors to the Edgbaston Cricket Centre following heavy rain. After two eight-over games ended with one win per side, a Super Over was called to decide the winner with India securing victory by four runs.

The event, which formed part of the Nissan Trophy Tour, was a partnership event between Warwickshire County Cricket Club, the ECB, the National Asian Cricket Council (NACC) and Attock Cricket Club, aimed at deepening the ties between Birmingham's South Asian communities, ahead of India's clash with Pakistan at Edgbaston on June 4.

"Whilst there is a great rivalry between both teams, tonight's games were played in the true spirit of cricket, which highlighted just how sport can bring together people of all backgrounds and beliefs," said Neil Snowball, Warwickshire's chief executive.

"Our thanks go to the ECB, NACC and Attock CC for their support and congratulations to both teams on creating a thrilling climax to the event."

Mohammed Arif, ECB National Growth Manager for Diverse Communities, said: "The Edgbaston Fans Trophy match was a great example how to engage with true fans who have followed India and Pakistan around the world through cricket. The excitement that the games provided and experience of playing under pressure was amazing for players and supporters.

"South Asian engagement is a key focus for the ECB over the next few years and we are keen align with the participants that play, attend and follow."

"Many of the players representing the teams play outside of the traditional structure of cricket clubs and competitions that take place on Saturdays," added Gulfraz Riaz, Chairman of the National Asian Cricket Council. "Instead they take part in Parks Leagues and other tournaments, which are thriving.

"Tonight has been a great showcase for these competitions with some great cricket on show for the spectators in attendance."