Five drops that cost Sri Lanka

Seekkuge Prasanna drops Sarfraz Ahmed off Lasith Malinga

Pakistan needing 39 to win with three wickets in hand in a knockout game
Malinga to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, dropped! Again! Sri Lanka are getting half-chances at the moment, and they're getting easy ones, but they're not holding on to any of them. This is a slower bouncer. Sarfraz is early on the pull and top edges this to deep square. The fielder runs in some 10 yards and dives forward, but he can't hold on.
Cost: Sarfraz guides Pakistan home.

Thisara Perera puts down a clanger

Pakistan needing 43 runs to win with three wickets in hand
Malinga to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run, dropped! Someone call the contractors, Perera needs a hole at mid-on! Oh no, he won't forget this ever. A nice, floated slower ball, full at middle stump. Sarfraz is outfoxed. Chips this straight - dead straight - into Perera's chest at mid-on. Hard hands from the allrounder. Can't even recover. Unbelievable.
Cost: Sarfraz survives a chance two overs later and wins it for Pakistan.

Danushka Gunathilaka misses an early chance

First over of Pakistan's chase of 237
Malinga to Azhar Ali, no run, dropped! Gunathilaka is usually a top class fielder. But he's put down a simple one first up. This was slightly short and there was more room than the last one. Went for the cut, hit it in the air and found the fielder at point who can't hold on.
Cost: Azhar Ali, then on zero, scores 34.

Rohit Sharma slips through Asela Gunaratne's fingertips
India 94 for 0 in 19.1 overs
NLTC Perera to Sharma, SIX, almost... almost.... and it's tipped over. Rohit has fifty, India has hundred, Sri Lanka has... bad luck. This is ferociously hit. It's meant to go over the deep square leg fielder, and Gunaratne does well, steadying himself on the rope, leaping back, getting both hands to it. But it spills through.
Cost: Rohit, on 45 at the time, got 78 as India reach 321.

Lasith Malinga loses his footing
South Africa 59 for 1 in 16.1 overs
Pradeep to du Plessis, 2 runs, dropped, oh what have you done, Lasith? Sees him stepping out early and bangs it in short, just outside off. Goes for the pull, only manages a top-edge, and Malinga, stepping backwards at the long leg boundary, steps on the boundary cushions, and loses a bit of balance while having to move forward again. Dives forward and the ball slips through his fingers. Didn't get his palms under it.
Cost: Du Plessis, on eight at the time of the drop, scores 75 as South Africa amass a winning total.