What does cricket sound like in Afrikaans?

A mix-up between Hashim Amla and Theunis de Bruyn led to a collision and the latter's run out AFP

There's only one South African, Keaton Jennings, in the England Test squad but there are dozens playing on the county circuit and plenty behind the scenes. Add to that the recent history of Saffers turning Poms - eight newly capped Test players signed Kolpak deals at the start of this season - and the cricket lingo must be crossing the boundary too. To prepare for the upcoming four-Test series we've put together a dictionary with some of the words you might hear over the next six weeks.

First, the basics:

Pronounced: Krii-ket

Pronounced: Coal-ver
Literal Translation: Batter
In English: Batsman

Pronounced: Snell-bowler
Literal translation: Speed bowler
In English: Fast bowler

Pronounced: Dry-bowler
Literal translation: Turn bowler
In English: Spin bowler

Pronounced paal-kie-wagghh-ter
Literal translation: Small-pole watcher
In English: Wicketkeeper

Pronounced: skates-regghh-ter
Literal translation: Separate judge
In English: Umpire

Pronounced: Colf-kamp-y
Literal translation: Batting camp
In English: Crease

Pronounced: Nil-le-kie
Literal translation: Baby zero or little zero
In English: Duck

And now a few more specific terms:

Nag Uiltjie
Pronounced: Nagghh-eil-kie
Literal translation: Night owl
In English: Nightwatchman

Pronounced: Vegghh-breek-bowler
Literal translation: Getaway bowler
In English: Offspinner

Pronounced: Ghoel-bal
Literal translation: Magic or ghost ball
In English: Googly

And here's one we all remember because it was part of incriminating messages sent by a certain Englishman about one of his team-mates:

Literal meaning: Box
Also used as a profanity in the same line as "idiot" (and other, ruder, terms)

And then there are the fielding positions:

Pronounced: Ghh-ang-e-kie
Literal translation: Small hallway
In English: Gully

Slagyster Posisie
Pronounced: Slagghh-ayster-po-zees-ee
Literal translation: Slaughter-rron position
In English: Short leg

Vlak weg
Pronounced: Flak-vegghh
Literal translation: Shallow away
In English: Silly mid-off