When is tea, how are ticket sales? Edgbaston day-night Test FAQs

Day-night Tests: Three things we've learned so far (2:10)

Questions on the pink ball aside, day-night Test cricket has largely seen record attendances and sent television ratings soaring (2:10)

What is special about the first Test of England's home series against West Indies?
It will be the first day-night Test match in England. Day-night Tests begin in the afternoon, and more than half the day's play is after work hours, so the hope is that they will bring in more spectators to stadiums and more television viewership.

This will be the fifth day-night Test overall - there have been two in Adelaide, one in Brisbane and one in Dubai, UAE. West Indies played Pakistan in the day-night Test in Dubai, but this will be England's first.

Where and when is this Test?
The Test is at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. It begins August 17.

What time does each day start and end?
On each of the five days, play will begin at 14:00 local time. There will be a lunch break at 16:00. The second session is from 16:40 to 18:40, following which there will be a tea break. The floodlights will be turned on during the tea break, so the final session, from 19:00 to 21:00, will be played under lights.

On some days, if time has been lost on the previous day due to inclement weather or other reasons, play could start as early as 13:30. Play can also be extended at the end of the day, until 22:00.

Apart from the timing and floodlights, what else is different about a day-night Test?
Day-night Tests are played with a pink ball, since the traditional red ball is difficult to see under lights. The pink ball allows the cricketers to maintain the tradition of wearing whites through the Test while ensuring they can see the ball clearly. This will be the first day-night Test using a Duke ball - the Kookaburra was used for the previous four.

So how successful is the day-night experiment expected to be?
The early signs look promising. Nearly 70,000 tickets have already been sold for the first three days of the Test, with days two and three sold out, while an estimated 40% being sold to people who have not previously been to a Test match. For the first day of the Test, the Stanley Barnes stand, which offers the most affordable tickets, is already sold out. For Saturday, the large Raglan stand and the Eric Hollies stand, also known as the party stand, where drinks are available, are both sold out. The novelty of a day-night Test helps pulling in crowds.

You can book tickets for the Test on the Edgbaston Stadium's website. Tickets start from £6 for Under 16s and £26 for Adults.

How have the other day-night Tests fared?
The two day-night Tests played in Adelaide have broken attendance and television viewership records.

Why was this selected to be England's first day-night Test?
Warwickshire, the host county, were quick to see the opportunity with Headingley, where the second Test is played, not ready for a day-night Test and Lord's too late in the season. Also, West Indies have a poor recent record in Tests, and hence a regular day Test between England and West Indies was considered a hard sell.

What other day-night Tests are coming up?
Adelaide is scheduled to host a day-night Test between Australia and England this December - it will be the first day-night Test in an Ashes series. Dubai will host its second day-night Test when Pakistan play Sri Lanka there in October. There have also been discussions about New Zealand hosting a day-night Test when England tour there earlier next year, but there has been no confirmation.