Kohli's stellar conversion rate from 100 to 150

Virat Kohli is elated after scoring his 21st Test century BCCI

Virat Kohli converted another Test century into a big hundred in the first innings in Centurion. He came in in the 10th over, and was last man out for 153. In the last two years, Kohli has scored ten hundreds and has converted eight eight of those into 150-plus scores, including six double-centuries. In the other two instances, he was unbeaten on 103 and 104 respectively. He thus averages nearly 230 in these 10 centuries. In 11 centuries before 2016, only once had he crossed 150 and averaged 132.80 in those innings. No other India batsmen has a higher average.

While Kohli has made eight 150-plus scores since 2016, all other India batsmen combined have managed only eight such scores. Among all batsmen, Steven Smith has the next-most 150-plus scores with three. No other batsman has struck more 150-plus scores than Kohli in the last seven years.

One salient feature of Kohli's innings was that he scored nearly half of the team runs - 153 out of 307, 49.83%. This is the most he has contributed in an all-out innings in his career so far. He had never contributed more than 45% in any completed innings before. The previous highest was 44.76% in the fourth-innings century in Adelaide in 2014-15, when he scored 141 out of 315.

Kohli was exceptional of good length deliveries in his innings. He brought up 107 runs off 129 good-length balls at a strike rate of 82.94. Among all batsmen who faced at least 10 good length balls, Kohli's strike rate of those deliveries was the highest among all batsmen in the first two innings of the Test. The average strike rate of all other batsmen of good length balls was just 47.87 in the first two innings.