Australia v West Indies - turning points

3.4 Starc to Gayle, 1 run, swing outside outside off and a wild edge to third man it's dropped by Shane Watson coming in off the third man rope, tough chance diving in but he got there and should have held it

10.1 Watson to Gayle, OUT, there it is. The Watson effect. I don't know how, but he always tends to produce something out of the hat. Somehow. This is short of a length, middle and leg, hip high, Gayle looks to work this for a single, gets a hefty leading edge, Watson runs towards straight extra cover and claims it himself. Has Watson's drop caused enough damage already, though?

12.6 Christian to Samuels, SIX, lovely shot. I tell you what, Gayle played a blinder, but some of Samuels's shots haven't been half bat. In fact they have been more pleasing to the eye. Length ball, on off, makes a little bit of room - ever so slight - and then chips/lofts it over extra cover. And inside-out it goes for a flat six

1.1 Rampaul to Warner, SIX, Rampaul starts with a bouncer, Warner upper-cuts it, more like a boxer than other upper-cuts, in the sense that he really threw his hands at it. The third man came around, but was lobbed

5.3 Narine to Watson, SIX, offbreak, on off, on a length, and a free hit. That's recipe for a slog-swept six from Watson