Kochi Tuskers Kerala v Deccan Chargers, IPL 2011, Kochi

Ishant Sharma uproots the stumps after India's victory Associated Press

3.4 Sreesanth to Sangakkara, 1 no ball, what a response Sree. Changes the length, not as short as the last one, it's swinging in and Sanga inside edges it onto his stumps. But wait, it looks like a no-ball, Umpires are checking. Looks like Sree is on the line, oh dear, oh dear. We've got a Free Hit coming up, Sanga has another life .

16.6 Vinay Kumar to Sangakkara, OUT, two in two for Vinay. Slower ball, Sanga looking to cut that and gets a faint edge through to Pathiv Patel who collects cleanly. Sanga out for 65, after surviving that peach of a ball from Sree when he was on six.

0.4 Steyn to McCullum, OUT, But the word makes no difference. McCullum pokes at one that shapes away, no footwork at all, gets the outside edge and Sanga has to dive forward to take it. Early breakthrough for the Chargers

1.5 Sharma to Hodge, OUT, this is is a terrific display from Ishant. Fuller delivery, Hodge has no idea what has hit him, but he knows iits hit his stumps. No footwork at all, the ball slants in and bowls him.

3.6 Sharma to Jayawardene, OUT, And it is a mobile number indeed, one with a five in for Sharma. Jayawardene walks, as Sanga catches his best mate out. Steep bounce on offer and Sharma bowls a good length, climbs on Jayawardene and he gets an edge through to Sanga.