Chennai Super Kings v Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL 2011, Chennai

Virat Kohli screams in anguish as he walks back after his dismissal Associated Press

4.2 van der Wath to Hussey, 1 run, Bangalore are fielding poorly here! Kaif this time. One of the better fielders in domestic cricket. Hussey looks to loft over mid-off, mishits, Kaif runs back, gets under it, still running back, and lets it through his hands

5.3 Dilshan to Hussey, FOUR, Hussey has been setting up for the pull, and this shows why. He manufactures another pull and there is no one back on the leg side. Worth the risk as this one gets four

14.6 Vettori to Hussey, FOUR, that's not a good parting shot from Vettori. Full, flat, outside leg, and Hussey helps it along its way over short fine leg

0.2 Morkel to Dilshan, OUT, out first ball! Soft dismissal really. Full, on the pads, four runs... Not quite, bat face turn a split second too early, and the leading edge goes straight to midwicket

10.5 Jakati to Kohli, OUT, Smart bowling. Jakati has been targetted by Kohli, but he has gone over the wicket and stifled Kohli. This time he sees the batsman charge at him, and bowls full and outside leg, Kohli gets a top edge as he looks to go over the on side, and Aniruddha runs to his right from long-on to complete the catch