Deccan Chargers v Pune Warriors, IPL 2011, Hyderabad

6.4 Yuvraj Singh to Dhawan, OUT, Yuvraj gets the breakthrough, Dhawan came down the track to smack that in the direction of long-on but miscued it completely, Jesse Ryder at extra cover got under that one and took it comfortably

10.6 Sharma to Sangakkara, OUT, Rahul Sharma's ecstatic, he fired that in quicker anf latter on middle, Sangakkara got across and tried to sweep it hard across the line, missed and was caught in front of middle and leg. Gonner

14.3 Yuvraj Singh to Christian, OUT, straight one on middle and Christian tries to work that one across the line, it was heading straight and he missed, was caught on the pad, an Asad Rauf had no doubts

18.1 Marsh to Duminy, OUT, length ball and Duminy gets under it but can only hit it so far, didn't middle it well and found Rahul Sharma waiting for it at long-off, he ran a few yards to his left, tumbled and clasped it well

0.5 Steyn to Ryder, SIX, That's smashed into the second tier, short and he latches onto it quickly, rocks back and sends it miles into the crowd behind square leg