The catch that wasn't, and a captaincy masterstroke

Michael Klinger gets nicely behind the line AFP

Catch that wasn't
It made you remember Dean Jones who used to fly around the boundary. Dillon du Preez slog swept Aaron O'Brien to deep midwicket where Daniel Harris rushed to his right and flew through the air. He pouched it mid-air and, even more incredibly, held on to it even after he landed on earth. The ball didn't pop out of his palms but the boundary ropes proved claustrophobic. He released the ball as he slid across but his elbow touched the ropes. His team-mate who had rushed for back-up fired an accurate throw to affect a run out but the third umpire confirmed that it was indeed a four.

Worst slower one
Even Ashok Dinda who telegraphs his slower ones has bowled better slower ones that this. Gary Putland attempted to bowl a legbreak but everything went awry; the change in action was easily discernible, the ball slipped out of the hand and ended up a full toss. Ross Taylor whacked it into the midwicket stands.

Captaincy move of the day
Ross Taylor was playing a gem to propel Bangalore towards a big total when Klinger brought on Shaun Tait. It was the 9th over and Tait had already bowled two overs. Off the fourth ball, Tait induced a nick from Taylor. The nature of the game changed completely thereafter.

Stat of the day
Klinger hit only four run-scoring shots to the leg side. Everything else was on the off side. Time and again, he stood beside the line and blasted through the off side.