Mathematical scenarios for the Austrian Open League

Requests for information about the current standings in the Open League, as well as what chances various clubs have of getting into the semi-final stage of the Open League this season have recently been made. Disregarding possible points lost due to a failure to supply umpires, as the table stands only Concordia CC are definitely in the semi-finals, whilst the clubs Vienna CC, Lords CC, Five Continents CC, United Nations CC, Ljubljana CC, Pakistan CC and Pakistan Falken CC all have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the Open League semi-finals, with only Zagreb CC definitely not being able to qualify. Realistically though, the semi-finals are likely to be composed of Concordia CC, Vienna CC, Lords CC, and one of Five Continents CC or United Nations CC. The fixtures between Vienna CC and Lords CC (27th July) and Concordia CC and Lords CC (2nd August) will play an important role in deciding the top three places.

Pakistan CC and Pakistan Falken would probably require close to full points from their remaining fixtures to qualify, with Pakistan Falken CC needing comprehensive victories against leaders Concordia CC and second-placed Vienna CC to have any chance of qualifying. The fixture between Five Continents CC and United Nations CC (17th August) may also have a decisive role in deciding which teams qualify for the semi-finals.