How Pandya blew England away in 29 balls

Before the third Test, Hardik Pandya's position in the India team came up for debate but, on the second day at Trent Bridge, he produced a spell to remember. He ripped England apart on his way to a maiden five-wicket haul, in the space of 29 deliveries. Here's how he did it.

24.1 - Root c Rahul b Pandya 16 (86 for 4)

Pandya to Root, OUT, has that carried to second slip? KL Rahul has certainly celebrated like it has. Hard to think the soft signal will be anything other than out, given that. Yes, soft signal is out...it is a legal delivery...oh this will be close! There is possibility of there being a bounce and he can only possibly have fingertips under it...third umpire rules he has fingertips under it! Joe Root cannot believe it. Neither can the crowd. By the rules, that is the correct decision - there wasn't conclusive evidence to overturn an out decision. But it wouldn't have been overturned if it was given not out in the first place. It's that soft signal debate lurking again. That was short of a length and straightening in the corridor as Root defended inside the line. Pandya bowled from wide of the crease. Root never looked convinced, not even before the replay was taken. He was marking his guard as the review happened.

30.1 - Bairstow c Rahul b Pandya 15 (110 for 6)

Pandya to Bairstow, OUT, What a ball, Hardik Pandya! What a spell, Hardik Pandya! Perfectly-pitched ball, full, angling in towards middle and off, makes Bairstow play, the late seam movement squares him up, and finds the outside edge. This is held comfortably by Rahul at second slip. From 54 for 0, England have fallen to 110 for 6

30.6 - Woakes c Pant b Pandya 8 (118 for 7)

Pandya to Woakes, OUT, Pant takes a step to the leg side, then stretches out his right glove, the ball just about sticks in his webbing even as it keeps swerving away from his reach. Umpire Erasmus raises his finger and gives Woakes out caught behind. Woakes challenges the on-field out decision. Bouncer aimed at the arm-pit, cramps the batsman for room. Woakes still dares to hook, he only tickles it off the bat to Pant

32.1 - Rashid c Pant b Pandya 5 (128 for 8)

Pandya to Rashid, OUT, Four wickets for Pandya, five catches for Pant. Pant dives to his right and snaffles this edge. Shastri and Bangar are up on their feet, applauding their boys. Full, angling in just a shade outside off, and nibbling away, Rashid has a defensive push at it and nicks it behind to the debutant. England's procession continues...

32.5 - Broad lbw b Pandya 0 (128 for 9)

Pandya to Broad, OUT, Pandya bags his maiden five-wicket haul in Test cricket. He holds the red ball aloft and celebrates. Broad thinks about a review but decides against it. Plumb. This is full and straight, swings in, 142ks, Broad falls over a leg-side flick and is pinned in front of middle. This is some spell from Pandya. Five wickets inside five overs