Puducherry-Uttarakhand match called off after restart

The Puducherry and Uttarakhand captains at the toss on the fourth day ESPNcricinfo Ltd

The Ranji Trophy 2018-19 match between Puducherry and Uttarakhand started afresh on the fourth day, with a new toss taking place on a fresh pitch at the CAP Siechem Ground in Puducherry. However, only 15 overs were possible before the match was called off, with the pitch once again showing inconsistent bounce.

On the fourth day, Puducherry had reached 23 for 3 in 15 overs when lunch was taken. However, off the last delivery before the interval, batsman Paras Dogra was hit below the chest. Following a meeting between the captains, umpires and match referee, the match was called off. ESPNcricinfo understands that with the possibility of a result, or even of establishing a first-innings lead, all but gone, Puducherry felt it was better to call the match off rather than risk injury by continuing to play.

The game had been badly affected by rain, with the first two days completely washed out. The skies cleared on the third day and the toss finally took place with Puducherry opting to bowl. Play, however, began late, with only six overs bowled before lunch. At that stage, Uttarakhand were 17 for 0.

After lunch though, only 14 balls were bowled as umpires M Kuppuraj and Yeshwant Barde took both teams off. This came after Uttarakhand's openers - Vineet Saxena and Karn Veer Kaushal - indicated discomfort when they copped blows on the body. Saxena was facing up to Pankaj Singh, in his fifth over, and the second ball struck him on the gloves, prompting the action. Uttarakhand were then 20 without loss in 8.2 overs, with Saxena on 11 and Kaushal on 4. There had been five leg-byes.

The relevant law for such a case in BCCI's playing conditions is Law 7.2.1, which states that "in the event of a pitch being considered too dangerous for play to continue in the estimation of the on-field umpires, they shall stop play and immediately advise the BCCI Match Referee."

If, after consulting with the captains, the decision is not to resume play immediately, the on-field umpires have three options, in the following sequence:

a) "whether the existing pitch can be repaired, and the match can be resumed from the point it was stopped. In considering whether to authorise such repairs, the BCCI Match Referee must consider whether this would place either side at an unfair advantage, given the play that had already taken place on the dangerous pitch.

b) whether an alternative pitch can be used.

c) whether the match has to be abandoned."

Having decided that the same pitch could not be repaired, the umpires offered the option of an alternative pitch to the teams. In accordance with Law 7.2.9 of the BCCI's playing conditions, the match had to be restarted from the first ball.

However, the restart could happen only on the fourth day.

The alternative pitch had to be prepared and rolled, and there was no further play possible on Day 3. On the fourth day too, the start was delayed by 75 minutes, and play began at 10.30 am. Puducherry captain Rohit D won the toss again, and this time opted to bat.

A Cricket Association of Puducherry official expressed unhappiness with how events had unfolded. "There weren't too many balls that bounced awkwardly," he said of the original pitch.

"And Vineet Saxena has faced Pankaj Singh so many times earlier, they were team-mates for a long time in Rajasthan. I don't think the pitch was unplayable," the official told ESPNcricinfo.

The official also pointed out that the pitch was under the care of a BCCI-appointed curator in the lead-up to the match, so there wasn't much the CAP could have done.

The decision to abandon the match, has meant it's been classified as a drawn game with the first innings unfinished, which results in both sides getting one point each.

ESPNcricinfo understands that the decision to classify the match as drawn was not arrived at immediately. Initially there was the possibility of looking at whether the fixture could be played at a later date. However, given the schedule with the Ranji Trophy in its end stages, this was not feasible. Puducherry are slated to play the next two rounds of the Ranji Trophy at home: against Manipur from December 30 to January 2, and against Nagaland from January 7 to 10. Uttarakhand are not playing in the next round but will square off against Mizoram in Dehradun from January 7 to 10. Given that the quarterfinals are scheduled from January 15 onwards, this leaves no window to fit in a replay of a four-day match.

With both teams get one point each, Uttarakhand have moved to 37 points with a game in hand, while Puducherry have 25 points with two games in hand. Bihar, the other team in the race to qualify from the Plate Group, have 27 points with two games in hand.