Klinger dismissed after umpires miscount seven-ball over

Normally a batsman would be grateful for an extra ball in a T20 match, but not this time. A miscalculation from the on-field umpires led to Michael Klinger being dismissed in controversial circumstances in the BBL match against Sydney Sixers at Perth Stadium.

Facing Ben Dwarshuis in the second over of Perth Scorchers' chase, Klinger fell to the seventh legal delivery of the over when he upper cut a short ball to third man where Steve O'Keefe held a low catch.

The catch went to the third umpire to confirm it was a clean take, meaning there was an extended stoppage in play, and by then the potential of it being a seven-ball over had been spotted by the host broadcaster, but the Laws stated that the dismissal had to stand. A quick tally up of the previous six deliveries confirmed there hadn't been any no-balls or wides missed.

Law 17.5.2 reads: "If the umpire miscounts the number of valid balls, the over as counted by the umpire shall stand."

Cricket Australia issued a statement confirming there was no way to overturn the dismissal, but send they would address the error in their post-match review.

A CA spokesperson said: "It appears there was a miscount of balls in the over, and the seventh ball was allowed by umpires. As the ball was bowled it is deemed live and consequently the decision stands. The incident will be followed up in Cricket Australia's general match review process and feedback will of course be taken on board."