In Case You Missed It: Run-outs, no balls, and a whole lot of debate

Royal rumble: Jos Buttler and R Ashwin have a run-in about the run-out BCCI

If you're a cricket fan, you've been part of at least two hot button topic debates last week. Is mankading legal? Is the spirit of the game more important than the laws? What is mankading anyway? Do we need to call it that? And should the third umpire have power over no-ball calls? The answers to these, and a a few more questions, are all here.

Drama in Jaipur as Jos Buttler mankaded by R Ashwin
The Kings XI captain's controversial run-out of Jos Buttler has divided the cricketing community and brought the laws v spirit of the game debate back into focus. What exactly is mankading, you ask? Nagraj Gollapudi has the definitive explainer. Sidharth Monga argues that the intangible spirit of cricket is not a substitute for the laws, while Ian Chappell doesn't understand why a bowler should be vilified for abiding by the law.

'We are playing IPL, not club cricket,' fumes Kohli after missed no-ball
With seven for RCB to win off the last ball and six to tie, Lasith Malinga delivered a no-ball that was missed by the umpire, who was roundly castigated on social media for the oversight. It sparked a debate on bringing in the third umpire for no-ball calls. Does cricket need VAR? Raunak Kapoor thinks so.

Haris Sohail's ton in vain as Australia complete clean sweep
Australia signed off on a 5-0 whitewash of Pakistan with a comfortable win in the final ODI in the UAE. Glenn Maxwell was the standout player of the match, following up a barnstorming 70 off 33 balls with 1 for 45 in his ten overs.

Dominant batting sets up England women's 3-0 series whitewash
Danielle Wyatt and Amy Jones lead the line as England seal 96-run victory in final match of Sri Lanka tour.

Mali & Boom, a match made in bowling heaven
Mumbai Indians' fast-bowling pair span the two ends of the age (and hairstyle) spectrum but their close bonds have made both better bowlers. Sharda Ugra maps their singular relationship.

All-time Sri Lanka World Cup XI
Andrew Fidel Fernando picks his all-time Sri Lanka World Cup XI. Who makes it to yours?

Key Newlands scandal questions unanswered - Mark Taylor
The investigation commissioned by the Cricket Australia Board was limited in scope to the Cape Town Test match specifically, says the former CA board director, while current CA chief Kevin Roberts has asked anyone with evidence of the national team tampering with the ball prior to the Newlands Test to come forward, rather than jumping at shadows.

Ricky Skerritt ends Dave Cameron's six-year reign to take over as Cricket West Indies president
Pitted against just one challenger, former West Indies team manager Ricky Skerritt, Cameron lost by a 8-4 margin after the elections were conducted through a secret ballot last week.

Who was the last Australian Test bowler to be ranked No. 1 before Cummins?
And which former player is a judge on Sri Lanka's Got Talent? Take Brydon Coverdale's quiz.

Batting beauties
From the minimal to the monstrous, these five bat stickers show that beauty is in the eye of the bat holder. Varun Shetty lines up his favourites. Can you guess these famous batsmen from their famous bat stickers?

Hate to love: Sachin, Sachin! India, India!
If Tendulkar's rise coincided with the rise of Indian jingoism - well, it wasn't his fault, says Jayaditya Gupta.