Champions League Twenty20, 17th Match, Group B: Guyana v South Australia at Johannesburg, Sep 21, 2010
Champions League Twenty20 - 17th match, Group B
South Australia won by 15 runs
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg (neutral venue)
21 September 2010 (20-over match)

1.29pm Right, time for action (I actually typed out auction first!). Guyana are happy in the huddle, are they going to pull a surprise today? Klinger and Harris are out there. Chris Barnwell to bowl with two slips. I am Nitin Sundar, your commentator for the game and Sid Ravindran is on the bulletin.

Tim points out the other side of fresh auctions. "Not a catch 22 at all. Quite clearly this competition shows us that there is still plenty of T20 quality left in the world. New teams should be targetting the Klingers, Finches and Jacobs of this world as they're clearly just as strong as any of the guys running round the IPL" Completely agree with you mate, but those guys will come in anyway, even without having to put the existing players into the lottery. Simon Presland makes the same point too.

1.25pm Huge game coming up later in the evening - Bangalore v Lions is a virtual quarter-final. Another huge game tomorrow, when Chennai clash with Warriors. Group A is still wide open. Here's what the teams need to do to qualify.

1.20pm The CLT20 is heading for a feverish finish. We have had some mind-blowing cricket on the field - in particular, Warriors, Victoria and the Redbacks have been the class of the field. How can this event be improved in the future? Ian Chappell and Shaun Pollock discuss ideas with Harsha Bhogle on our audio show Time Out.

1.15pm George sends a democratic comment to start of feedback for the day: "This years CLT20 is fast becoming a tournament of the Australians,by the Indians for the South Africans! Pardon me Abraham Lincoln!!" Phil chimes in that he endorses Sachin Tendulkar's views on the IPL auction. I agree with him too - Teams are not built to be disbanded; Besides, from a pure business point of view, the one asset these IPL franchises have managed to build over three years is brand equity. And the brand is the players who go out for them - not the merchandise, not the colour of the gear, and not the theme songs. When you don't fool around with all of those, why fool around with the core of the franchise? That said, it is a bit of a Catch 22, with two new teams coming in.

Toss: Sarwan has won and elected to bowl. Few changes to the side. Both Crandons out, so too Sewnarine Chattergoon. Paul Wintz, Richard Ramdeen and Assad Fudadin come in.

Klinger "We will love to finish the league with four wins in four. We are not experimenting. Tait is out with a niggle to the elbow." Some relief that for the Guyana batsmen; Jake Haberfield comes in for Tait.

12.55pm We are ten days away from the first test between India and Australia - it's a sign of our times that quite a few key players from both teams are here in South Africa, sweating it out for a Twenty20 franchise competiton instead of preparing for a major Test series. Yuvraj Singh has been axed from the India side, and our senior editor Sharda Ugra caught up with him, discussing form, fitness, Shantaram and more.

While we wait for the toss: Mumbai are out of the tournament, having failed to finish in the top two from their group. With the IPL auctions coming up soon, and with almost all the players set to go back into the player pool, we may see a radically different Mumbai squad for the next IPL. Sachin Tendulkar is not a fan of this, though.

12.50pm Drumroll. Game 17 of the Champions League coming up, and it is South Australia v Guyana, the first inconsequential game of the tournament - it is a tribute to the format of the event that we have gone this far without one of these. Going by form, this could be a huge mismatch. The Redbacks have won three in three, Guyana have gone the other way. But then, we all know what Suresh Raina said about Twenty20, don't we. Toss in ten minutes. Abhishek Purohit's preview on what to expect from this game. I am really hoping for a Guyana win here. Sarwan, please come to the party!


Barnwell to Klinger, 1 leg bye, starts with a sharp inducker, raps Klinger on the pads but it was sliding down.


Barnwell to Harris, no run, attempted yorker, misses the mark by six inches or so and it is a juicy half volley on the pads, flicked straight to midwicket


Barnwell to Harris, 1 run, back of a length, darting in sharply and and it ends on the pads. Easily glanced behind square for one


Barnwell to Klinger, no run, 122 kph, back of a length on the pads and it is worked straight to midwicket again

Tim: "Improve the IPL by having English, Pakistani and possibly Bangladeshi teams in it. Play it over the course of the year with each round played in a different country" In other words, let us just call off the FTP, Test matches and all that jazz eh.


Barnwell to Klinger, FOUR, finally sends it where it deserves to go. Another gentle hanf volley angling into Klinger's pads and he thumps it off the legs to midwicket


Barnwell to Klinger, FOUR, over-compensation with the slower ball, drops it short and very wide outside off at 107 kph, Klinger waits and threads it smartly between point and cover, it purrs away to the point boundary. Redbacks are away.

End of over 1 (10 runs) South Australia 10/0 (RR: 10.00)

    • M Klinger 8 (4b 2x4)
    • DJ Harris 1 (2b)
    • CD Barnwell 1-0-9-0

Paul Wintz to bowl. Venkataraghavan chimes in: "I Agree with Rahul Dravid on the Auctions. As always - a balanced view. A man for the team now speaks for the league itself. I would rather say the retention must not at all be there, let alone the number of players who could be retained. The two new teams must also be given an option to pick Dhoni or Sachin, Gilly or McCullum, Watso or Kallis, MJ or Viru. If it is brand equity of team, I would say the brand of the league would be better if equality is exercised in the auctions. But quite some time left for it. Fingers crossed!"


Wintz to Harris, FOUR, meat, drink, dessert and a nice siesta to follow for Harris! Over-pitched outside off, no pace on that, he goes down on one knee and redirects it to the cover fence. Shot!


Wintz to Harris, 1 wide, pulls the length back, 133 kph, and wide outside off, Harris misses the cut


Wintz to Harris, OUT, Wintz wins the battle, Harris is harried into an early dismissal! Good delivery this, extracted good bounce from a length outside off and that proved Harris' undoing as he looked to punch off the backfoot. It took the inside edge and crashed into the castle.

DJ Harris b Wintz 5 (7m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

A rare failure at the top for Redbacks. Hmm. Manou is the new player. One slip there, slightly widish


Wintz to Manou, no run, pitched up outside off, Manou shoulders arms


Wintz to Manou, no run, and again, good lines here, Manou reaches out and lets go


Wintz to Manou, no run, a touch wider outside off, 134.6 kph, and Manou thinks of coming across to go through the off side. Pulls out of the shot though


Wintz to Manou, 1 run, superb comeback after delivering a half volley to start the over. Another one back of a length on the corridor and Manou guides it behind square to take a single

End of over 2 (6 runs) South Australia 16/1 (RR: 8.00)

    • GA Manou 1 (4b)
    • M Klinger 8 (4b 2x4)
    • PG Wintz 1-0-6-1
    • CD Barnwell 1-0-9-0

Barnwell to Manou, FOUR, Barnwell continues to serve up gifts though, and Manou tucks in like an eager kid on Christmas. Over-pitched on off stump and he leans into a cover drive, along the ground and into the gap. Nicely played


Barnwell to Manou, 1 run, another half volley on off stump, Manou punches it to mid off for one


Barnwell to Klinger, no run, pulls the length back, 122.7 kph, but not there to be driven for Klinger, who tries to tap it to the leg side but can't get the single


Barnwell to Klinger, 1 run, nice slower one, 105 kph and pitched well up on off stump, Klinger is very early into the shot and it hits the base of the bat on it's way up, that's how early he was into the shot!


Barnwell to Manou, 1 run, another slower ball outside off, Klinger waits and dabs it in front of point for a single


Barnwell to Klinger, 1 wide, slides down the leg with this one, called a wide

Pinak makes another valid observation. " Blackpool are not given the option of purchasing Rooney, are they? If you send all to auction, who will invest in players and training? I think it would be fairer on the teams if part of the auction money goes to the current teams. That way, they are motivated to nurture new talent."


Barnwell to Klinger, 1 run, finishes with another one back of a length outside off, it is eased square for a single

End of over 3 (9 runs) South Australia 25/1 (RR: 8.33)

    • M Klinger 10 (7b 2x4)
    • GA Manou 7 (7b 1x4)
    • CD Barnwell 2-0-18-0
    • PG Wintz 1-0-6-1

Karthik: "All the auction talks and balanced view can wait for some time.. Lets all pray and hope atleast one IPL team qualifies for the semis this time around... The tournament fixture never had something like Quarterfinal, but when Indian teams are around it goes unsaid that the team ensures that they make a quarterfinal even out of a league match, and try and crawl their way into the next round!"


Wintz to Klinger, no run, hits the deck hard, back of a length outside off and it is defended off the backfoot


Wintz to Klinger, no run, another on the same area, Klinger has nothing to drive, tries to guide it behind point but cannot do so


Wintz to Klinger, 1 run, urgency! Short of a length again, Klinger does not like it and is out of the crease, still cant get under it and taps it to the off side for a single


Wintz to Manou, 1 leg bye, 135 kph, comes into the right hander sharply and he gets something on it to get a single square on the leg side


Wintz to Klinger, no run, a foot too short this time, at 135 kph, Kilnger latches in with the pull shot, but can't place it. Straight to midwickeyt.

Guyana finally calling the shots for once.


Wintz to Klinger, 1 run, whoa, full and very wide outside off, Klinger is out of the crease looking for the drive and eands up playing a hockey-style drag flick straight to mid off... who fumbles and gives him the single

End of over 4 (3 runs) South Australia 28/1 (RR: 7.00)

    • M Klinger 12 (12b 2x4)
    • GA Manou 7 (8b 1x4)
    • PG Wintz 2-0-8-1
    • CD Barnwell 2-0-18-0

Barnwell to Klinger, FOUR, Barnwell really needs to step up and support Wintz here, for now he is not doing it. Another gently full and wide nothing ball outside off, Klinger goes down on a knee and creams it through the covers


Barnwell to Klinger, no run, better, back of a length outside off and Klinger is kept quiet. Defended to the covers. Why does Barnwell keep starting his overs with bad balls?


Barnwell to Klinger, OUT, Klinger is gone! Do we have an upset on the cards? South Australia's middle order will be tested today. Another slower ball, off cutter at 105 kph, Klinger is committed to the front foot drive and it is too late by the time he spots the change of pace. Tries to adjust and drag it across, but ends up ballooning it to midwicket where Fudadin takes a nice running catch.

M Klinger c Fudadin b Barnwell 16 (21m 15b 3x4 0x6) SR: 106.66


Barnwell to Manou, FOUR, and back to the bad habits. Over-pitched on the pads for Manou to drive to the left of mid on


Barnwell to Manou, FOUR, well, Barnwell, at this pace, don't try the bouncer. Manou thinks so too, latches on to the pull shot and sends it scurrying to square leg


Barnwell to Manou, no run, finishes with a better length, duly a dot ball

End of over 5 (12 runs) South Australia 40/2 (RR: 8.00)

    • GA Manou 15 (11b 3x4)
    • CJ Ferguson 0 (0b)
    • CD Barnwell 3-0-30-1
    • PG Wintz 2-0-8-1

Wintz to Ferguson, no run, length ball coming into Ferguson who defends it down the track


Wintz to Ferguson, 1 run, back of a length outside off, Ferguson stays back and chops it to the off side for a single


Wintz to Manou, OUT, Lock, stock and two smoking barrels! Wintz has blown Manou away with a full-pitched delivery! That was full, that was fast, and that was headed for the base of the base of off stump. Manou tried his best, brought the bat down in a hurry and stumbled forward with the impact, but it was too fast for him. Off the boot, on to off peg, sends it for a walk.

GA Manou b Wintz 15 (18m 12b 3x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Borgas is the new player. Guyana on top.


Wintz to Borgas, no run, back of a length and well outside off, he shoulders arms first ball


Wintz to Borgas, 2 runs, more of that disconcerting bounce, it darts up from a length and hits high on the bat, close to the handle. Pops up safely on the leg side for one


Wintz to Borgas, no run, variable bounce here, this one died down from just back of a length outside off. Borgas was letting it go anyway

End of over 6 (3 runs) South Australia 43/3 (RR: 7.16)

    • CJ Borgas 2 (3b)
    • CJ Ferguson 1 (2b)
    • PG Wintz 3-0-11-2
    • CD Barnwell 3-0-30-1

Spin is in. What can Bishoo do. Slip in place.


Bishoo to Ferguson, FOUR, well, he does have a problem with the short delivery, another one of those half trackers to start with, dult cut away for four. Sarwan roars at him!


Bishoo to Ferguson, 1 run, pitched up on the pads, works it against the spin in front of square leg for one


Bishoo to Borgas, no run, tossed up on off, plays it with the spin to point and the non-striker is halfway down before he changes his mind. The throw from point hits the stumps, but he is in


Bishoo to Borgas, no run, over-pitched on off, driven back to the bowler by Borgas, whose forward movement ended up yorking him


Bishoo to Borgas, no run, another one on the money, Borgas plays it out watchfully


Bishoo to Borgas, 1 run, slightly shorter on off stump, he rocks back to punch it to deep midwicket for one

End of over 7 (6 runs) South Australia 49/3 (RR: 7.00)

    • CJ Borgas 3 (7b)
    • CJ Ferguson 6 (4b 1x4)
    • D Bishoo 1-0-6-0
    • PG Wintz 3-0-11-2

Spin from both ends. Cush comes on.


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, pitched up on off and middle, not much turn and it is punched back towards mid off


Cush to Ferguson, 1 run, similar line, worked from middle stump towards midwicket


Cush to Borgas, FOUR, the smarts! Plays the reverse-sweep, has the gall to take it from middle and leg line, it was very full though and he paddled it nicely. Very fine for four, short third man can't cut it off


Cush to Borgas, no run, full and straigght, defended back to the bowler


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, and again! He does not get it fine enough now, the reverse sweep goes closer to short third man who dives across to his left to save it


Cush to Ferguson, 1 run, on the pads, Ferguson works it square for a single

End of over 8 (8 runs) South Australia 57/3 (RR: 7.12)

    • CJ Ferguson 8 (6b 1x4)
    • CJ Borgas 9 (11b 1x4)
    • LJ Cush 1-0-8-0
    • D Bishoo 1-0-6-0

Bishoo continues.


Bishoo to Ferguson, no run, tossed up on middle and leg, looks to work him to the leg side but can't find the gap


Bishoo to Ferguson, no run, drops the skidder short, hurried into the cut and can't find the gap


Bishoo to Ferguson, 2 runs, speared on to the pads, 89.7 kph, worked away behind square for a couple


Bishoo to Ferguson, 1 run, pulls the length back, a bit of sharp turn from middle to off, but it is still tucked against the spin to midwicket


Bishoo to Borgas, 2 runs, fired on the pads again, and it is played softly to long on, they run really hard to pick two


Bishoo to Borgas, 1 run, short and slow, spins away, but he stays back in the crease to work it to midwicket

End of over 9 (6 runs) South Australia 63/3 (RR: 7.00)

    • CJ Borgas 12 (13b 1x4)
    • CJ Ferguson 11 (10b 1x4)
    • D Bishoo 2-0-12-0
    • LJ Cush 1-0-8-0

Redbacks reduced to ones and twos here. Can Guyana continue to keep it tight? Cush again.


Cush to Borgas, no run, full on leg stump line, worked to midwicket for no run


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, sligltly shorter, and he gets it away to long on for one


Cush to Ferguson, 1 run, continues to explore the leg stump line and the batsmen continue to work it with the spin to the leg side, this time square, for one


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, punched with the spin to long on for one


Cush to Ferguson, 2 runs, good running again, sweeps this from outside off, with soft hands and they hurry back for two before the sliding stop is effected and the throw comes back from deep square leg


Cush to Ferguson, no run, fired at 93.4 kph outside off, he can't connect with the dab to third man

End of over 10 (5 runs) South Australia 68/3 (RR: 6.80)

    • CJ Ferguson 14 (13b 1x4)
    • CJ Borgas 14 (16b 1x4)
    • LJ Cush 2-0-13-0
    • D Bishoo 2-0-12-0

Rafi: "I wonder if SoA's top order intentionally doing bad to give middle-order more exposure and not to let affect their batting by law of average in semis. I Should have thought like this before making Klinger my TP in Fantasy cricket. "


Bishoo to Borgas, 2 runs, aha, short and fast, turning from middle to off, Borgas was already walking across and into the paddle sweep when it came, managed to get it away fine


Bishoo to Borgas, 1 run, short again, worked down the ground against the spin


Bishoo to Ferguson, 1 run, plays this one square for one more to the leg side


Bishoo to Borgas, 1 run, back of a length on the off stump, punched off the back foot to long on


Bishoo to Ferguson, 1 run, goes the other way, makes room to cut and plays it off the stumps to deep point for one


Bishoo to Borgas, no run, some spin here for Bishoo, pitched further up and breaking away from the right hander who dabs it to point for none

End of over 11 (6 runs) South Australia 74/3 (RR: 6.72)

    • CJ Borgas 18 (20b 1x4)
    • CJ Ferguson 16 (15b 1x4)
    • D Bishoo 3-0-18-0
    • LJ Cush 2-0-13-0

Steven Jacobs to come on. More spin.


Jacobs to Ferguson, 1 run, I think that is off spin, not much turn, short and hurrying outside off, it is cut in front of point


Jacobs to Borgas, 1 run, short this time, and he pulls it to the left of midwicket


Jacobs to Ferguson, 3 runs, he's firing it outside off, 87 kph, and Ferguson deftly works it with the pace to third man. Almost off the keeper's gloves, that one


Jacobs to Borgas, 2 runs, short and marginally wide outside off, Ferguson lashes with the cut to deep point for a couple. Ages since we saw a boundary


Jacobs to Borgas, 2 runs, 110.8 kph, and no spin. I won't call this guy a spinner anymore. Punched off the back foot down to wide long off


Jacobs to Borgas, 1 run, length ball, 100.5 kph from the non-seaming medium-pacer, and it is punched to long on this time,

End of over 12 (10 runs) South Australia 84/3 (RR: 7.00)

    • CJ Borgas 24 (24b 1x4)
    • CJ Ferguson 20 (17b 1x4)
    • SA Jacobs 1-0-10-0
    • D Bishoo 3-0-18-0

Karthik: "Miss You " Strategy Breaks"!!! ;)" So do we, it was a good time for us commentators to blow the smoke off our fingers after all the non-stop pattering on our keyboards. Barnwell to bowl.


Barnwell to Borgas, 2 runs, slower ball, 103 kph and quite short, Borgas mistimes the pull and it loops out to deep midwicket


Barnwell to Borgas, 1 run, another slower ball, 102 kph and well outside off, can't time the cut, straight to point who tumbles across to save. Sarwan's the man.


Barnwell to Ferguson, 1 leg bye, 125 kph, pitched up and drifting on to the pads, but the batsman fails to cash in

Sridhar responds to Rafi: " I expected that it would happen (though I thought Pollard would get out quickly against guyana, but he went on to score 72 :( )..I don't know for some reason I get a feeling that this is Ferguson's day..this guy has an amazing talent and we've had only one instance where he showcassed that..hope he does an encore today. No wonder he is my trump player :)"


Barnwell to Borgas, FOUR, fifty of the stand comes up with a rare boundary. Another one drifting down the pads and it is smartly placed, to the left of short fine leg and the right of deep square leg running across


Barnwell to Borgas, 1 run, pitched up on off stump, Borgas punches it down to long off for a single


Barnwell to Ferguson, 1 run, another slower ball, was it the slow leg cutter? Looped up on off stump at 103 kph and Ferguson can only dig it out to cover for a quick single

End of over 13 (10 runs) South Australia 94/3 (RR: 7.23)

    • CJ Ferguson 21 (19b 1x4)
    • CJ Borgas 32 (28b 2x4)
    • CD Barnwell 4-0-39-1
    • SA Jacobs 1-0-10-0

Jacobs to Ferguson, no run, on off stump, short but not enough to pull, and Ferguson chops it on to his boot


Jacobs to Ferguson, 1 run, makes better contact this time, pulling it from outside off to deep midwicket


Jacobs to Borgas, 1 run, 96.2 kph, fired short and wide outside off, it is carved away to deep point. Missed opportunity for four there


Jacobs to Ferguson, (no ball) 2 runs, another almighty pull from outside off to wide long on and it is a no-ball. Ho hum

Freehit coming up.


Jacobs to Ferguson, (no ball) 2 runs, another short, non-spinning, non-seaming length ball at 105.7 kph, it is pulled powerfully, straight to the deep midwicket, they run like monsters to pick the second. Or have they? Replays show, he just made it at the non-striker's. Needed a direct hit, that. What's more, it is another no-ball!

Another free hit.


Jacobs to Ferguson, SIX, Jacobs discovers that it is not a smart idea to keep giving free hits. Over-pitched on off stump, Ferguson picked his point, over the cover boundary, and sent it there with a fluid swing of the arms. Impressive hit that.

Round the wickets now.


Jacobs to Ferguson, no run, spears it wide outside off, Ferguson goes for the pull/sweep and almost over-balances after failing to make contact


Jacobs to Ferguson, FOUR, The smarts! Fired fast and short outside off, Ferguson played the off side version of the paddle shot, he went into the drive kind of early, on purpose, and worked it high over short third man, using the pace of the bowler for four

End of over 14 (18 runs) South Australia 112/3 (RR: 8.00)

    • CJ Ferguson 36 (26b 2x4 1x6)
    • CJ Borgas 33 (29b 2x4)
    • SA Jacobs 2-0-28-0
    • CD Barnwell 4-0-39-1

Cush to Borgas, 3 runs, from both ends now! Another smart reverse sweep - always smart when it comes off! Gets it to the left of short third man and almost all the way for four


Cush to Ferguson, 1 run, drops it short and it is pulled powerfully square for one


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, full and speared on to middle and leg, it is dug out to wide long off


Cush to Ferguson, 1 run, ah Ferguson wastes an opportunity. Full toss on middle stump, asking to be tonked, Ferguson finds deep midwicket with the slog sweep along the ground


Cush to Borgas, SIX, that's the way it is done! Short and wide outside off, Borgas shaped for the pull early and sent it high over midwicket


Cush to Borgas, 1 run, short and wider outside off, punched down to long off off the back foot for one

End of over 15 (13 runs) South Australia 125/3 (RR: 8.33)

    • CJ Borgas 44 (33b 2x4 1x6)
    • CJ Ferguson 38 (28b 2x4 1x6)
    • LJ Cush 3-0-26-0
    • SA Jacobs 2-0-28-0

Fudadin to come on now. Guyana need wickets like champagne needs gas.


Fudadin to Borgas, FOUR, aha, more of the smart reverse dabs, Borgas sends it nice and fine again. Using whatever little pace the bowlers are offering here


Fudadin to Borgas, no run, back of a length 106 kph, swings across the line and misses


Fudadin to Borgas, OUT, whoa! I thought he was bowling off spinners, if he is, he is the fastest offie in the world! 121 kph, on a length on off stump, and clearly the batsman did not see it coming at that pace either. Looks to swipe across the line, misses and off stump cartwheels out of its socket!

CJ Borgas b Fudadin 48 (38m 36b 3x4 1x6) SR: 133.33

Christian comes in.


Fudadin to Christian, no run, length outside off, Christian looks to work it from outside off to the leg side and misses


Fudadin to Christian, 1 run, slightly over-pitched and it is driven on the up fluently down to deep covers


Fudadin to Ferguson, no run, full and slow off cutter, 100 kph outside off and the flick-drive hits the stumps at the non-striker's ends

End of over 16 (5 runs) South Australia 130/4 (RR: 8.12)

    • CJ Ferguson 38 (29b 2x4 1x6)
    • DT Christian 1 (2b)
    • AB Fudadin 1-0-5-1
    • LJ Cush 3-0-26-0

Jacobs to Christian, SIX, Ka-boom! Over-pitched outside off from round the wickets. Christian had set himself up early and swung it away majestically over deep midwicket for a big six. Packed some punch that, and made a thumping noise when he connected.


Jacobs to Christian, 1 run, shorter outside off and cut away to the deep for one


Jacobs to Ferguson, no run, missed run out at the non-striker's end. Dragged from outside off straight to midwicket and they go for an impossible single. The throw is on the half volley for the bowler, who fails to collect, with the batsman well out


Jacobs to Ferguson, 1 wide


Jacobs to Ferguson, FOUR, Jacobs has lost the plot. Over-pitching too many of these outside off and the batsmen know exactly what is coming. Ferguson sets himself up early and pull-sweeps it to the deep midwicket boundary


Jacobs to Ferguson, SIX, and it is getting worse. This time he lands it on middle and leg, Ferguson eyes the shorter boundary behind square leg and sends it flying there for six. The fielder there would have had a chance on a bigger ground. Not here


Jacobs to Ferguson, FOUR, More, more more! Ferguson brings up fifty with another shovel round the corner, fine enough to beat deep square ;leg this time

End of over 17 (22 runs) South Australia 152/4 (RR: 8.94)

    • CJ Ferguson 52 (33b 4x4 2x6)
    • DT Christian 8 (4b 1x6)
    • SA Jacobs 3-0-50-0
    • AB Fudadin 1-0-5-1

Fudadin to Christian, 1 run, full outside off, Christian can't quite get under it and ends up picking a single to covers


Fudadin to Ferguson, no run, looks for the yorker outside off and misses it by a few inches. Doesn't matter, Ferguson misses too.


Fudadin to Ferguson, 1 run, is someone paying Ferguson to score through the leg side? Again drags it from a metre outside off, to long on. Flat batted for one


Fudadin to Christian, SIX, WHUMP! Christian gets a length ball on off stump, he plonks his front foot out and lofts it cleanly over extra cover. Super shot


Fudadin to Christian, 1 run, slower ball, outside off and short, Christian drags it down to long on for one


Fudadin to Ferguson, 2 runs, full on off and middle, driven along the ground to deep extra cover for a couple, Fumble makes things easy

End of over 18 (11 runs) South Australia 163/4 (RR: 9.05)

    • CJ Ferguson 55 (36b 4x4 2x6)
    • DT Christian 16 (7b 2x6)
    • AB Fudadin 2-0-16-1
    • SA Jacobs 3-0-50-0

Utterly sorry show from Guyana, after having Redbacks on the ropes earlier. Breaking news: Kallis is out of the tournament with an injury. Bishoo comes on.


Bishoo to Christian, 1 run, length ball on middle stump and it is shovelled out to wide long on


Bishoo to Ferguson, OUT, couldn't have picked out that fielder with more precision if he was using one of those radar devices. Over-pitched on middle again and Ferguson went for the slog sweep and got some good muscle behind that. However, it landed right into deep square leg's lap

CJ Ferguson c Jacobs b Bishoo 55 (54m 37b 4x4 2x6) SR: 148.64


Bishoo to Christian, SIX, whump. That's what Ferg was trying to do, another over-pitched ball on middle and Christian carts it over cow corner. The wheels are coming off Guyana here


Bishoo to Christian, OUT, well, he continues bowling these over-pitched deliveries on leg stump, and somehow picks wickets! Christian this time, seeks out deep midwicket with the slog sweep

DT Christian c Jacobs b Bishoo 23 (13m 10b 0x4 3x6) SR: 230.00


Bishoo to Cooper, 2 leg byes, looks for the slog sweep again, and misses, Gets some pad away to the off side, and the throw back to Bishoo is not collected cleanly, so a second run as well


Bishoo to Cooper, FOUR, makes perfect contact this time, does Cooper, down on a knee and swept easily behind square for four

End of over 19 (13 runs) South Australia 176/6 (RR: 9.26)

    • TLW Cooper 4 (2b 1x4)
    • AW O'Brien 0 (0b)
    • D Bishoo 4-0-29-2
    • AB Fudadin 2-0-16-1

Fudadin to O'Brien, 1 run, 105.8 kph, length ball on off stump, gets under it but can't send it high and far enough. Couple of bounces to deep midwicket


Fudadin to Cooper, 1 run, goes wide outside off this time and it is slapped hard, straight to deep cover

Finally a left-hander in this line-up. O'Brien it is.


Fudadin to O'Brien, FOUR, left or right, they are playing the same shots here - The slog sweeep is in high demand. Another length ball on middle, begging to be hit. O'Brien obliges, one bounce, two bounce, boundary to deep midwicket


Fudadin to O'Brien, 1 run, shorter, off cutter on middle and leg, swept against the turn to deep midwicket


Fudadin to Cooper, FOUR, 119 kph, another length ball - sigh, this is monotonous now - Cooper picks the length and lofts it easily over cover for four more


Fudadin to Cooper, FOUR, finally lands one in full on off stump, but no luck here, Cooper squeezes that one out too, and it scurries down to third man for four more.

66 for 3 in the last 5 overs. South Australia were helped along by some pretty pointless bowling from Guyana, who clearly haven't learned from the Pollard punishment they sustained the other day. The Redbacks have finished with their biggest score of the tournament, and Guyana's off-colour batsmen have a huge chase ahead of them. Abhishek Purohit will bring you the first part of the chase.

End of over 20 (15 runs) South Australia 191/6

    • TLW Cooper 13 (5b 3x4)
    • AW O'Brien 6 (3b 1x4)
    • AB Fudadin 3-0-31-1
    • D Bishoo 4-0-29-2





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