Buchi Babu Invitational Tournament 2011

Group A

1TNCA President's XI42100190.097944/270.0694/204.1
2Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association XIHPCA11000044.191137/24.1133/90.0
3Maharashtra XIMCAXI100001100/0.00/0.0
4Orissa Cricket Association XI1010000-1.344248/90.0369/90.0
5Andhra Cricket Association XI1010000-1.478309/90.0442/90.0

Group B

1Mumbai Cricket Association XIMCaXI32000190.433646/180.0568/180.0
2Baroda Cricket Association XIBDAXI3110015-0.328529/180.0588/180.0
3Rajasthan Cricket Association XIRCaXI2010011-0.1331/90.0340/90.0
4Vidarbha Cricket Association XI2010011-0.111282/90.0292/90.0

Group C

1Karnataka State Cricket Association XIKCAXI11000041.361241/60.1238/90.0
2Kerala Cricket Association XI11000040.698298/75.1294/90.0
3Bengal Cricket Association XICABXI3020011-1.027532/180.0539/135.2
4Saurashtra Cricket Association XI100001100/0.00/0.0

Group D

1Hyderabad Cricket Association XIHydXI330000121.01866/238.1709/270.0
2Tamil Nadu Cricket Association XI431000120.6621061/329.2906/354.0
3Gujarat Cricket Association XI42200080.3021037/327.5931/325.2
4Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association XI4130004-0.853835/354.5981/306.0
5Assam Cricket Association XI3030000-1.146648/254.0920/248.5

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.


  • M: The number of matches played.
  • W: The number of matches won.
  • L: The number of matches lost.
  • T: The number of matches tied.
  • D: The number of matches Draw.
  • N/R: The number of matches abandoned.
  • PT: Number of points awarded.
  • NRR: Net Run Rate