England tour of Australia, 5th Test: Australia v England at Sydney, Jan 3-7, 2011
The Ashes - 5th Test
England won by an innings and 83 runs
3,4,5,6,7 January 2011 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100
  • Overs 101-150

Tremlett to Hughes, OUT, The battle ends for Hughes! What a disappointment. Tremlett bangs it in on a length outside off, Hughes could have left it but instead fenced fatally and it nipped the edge and flew to Collingwood at third slip who took the chance above his head

PJ Hughes c Collingwood b Tremlett 31 (121m 93b 5x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Australia 55/1   SR Watson 19* (85b)   CT Tremlett 9.3-5-12-1

Bresnan to Watson, OUT, Watson is furious with himself and Bresnan is jumping and wooting in delight. All the hard work again comes to not enough for Watson. It was about a foot wide of off stump - the sort of line Watson has left alone all day - and Watson pushed hard in defence, it took the edge and went through gently to Strauss

SR Watson c Strauss b Bresnan 45 (182m 127b 5x4 0x6) SR: 35.43

Australia 105/2   UT Khawaja 24* (48b 3x4)   TT Bresnan 9.3-2-31-1

Bresnan to Clarke, OUT, gone! Clarke has been caught at gully, cutting hard and in the air, really not a smart shot from the Australian captain and Anderson takes the catch

MJ Clarke c Anderson b Bresnan 4 (25m 21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 19.04

Australia 113/3   UT Khawaja 28* (66b 3x4)   TT Bresnan 13-3-38-2

Swann to Khawaja, OUT, Swann strikes in the first over of his spell! And it comes from a top-edged sweep, as Swann tossed it up on the stumps, Khawaja went for the shot and saw the ball lob up to be taken comfortably at square leg

UT Khawaja c Trott b Swann 37 (120m 95b 5x4 0x6) SR: 38.94

Australia 134/4   MEK Hussey 12* (19b 1x4)   GP Swann 5-3-6-1

Anderson to Haddin, OUT, big wicket for England! Anderson gets his man again. Poor shot really, the last ball swung in but this just held its line wide of off stump and Haddin, feet rooted to the spot, flashed a airy drive. Flicked the edge and Prior did the rest

BJ Haddin c †Prior b Anderson 6 (15m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 46.15

Australia 143/5   MEK Hussey 14* (29b 1x4)   JM Anderson 21.4-5-39-1

Collingwood to Hussey, OUT, oh, Collingwood has struck! And it's Hussey who goes - what a very good ball from Paul Collingwood! He'd set up Hussey with several wider balls and this one swung back in, getting the inside edge on to the stumps

MEK Hussey b Collingwood 33 (113m 92b 2x4 0x6) SR: 35.86

Australia 171/6   SPD Smith 9* (41b)   PD Collingwood 4-2-5-1

Anderson to Smith, OUT, Anderson strikes! Smith has gone for the big expansive off drive and has only managed to edge it to Collingwood, who takes a standard catch at third slip. Good outswing bowling, not clever batting

SPD Smith c Collingwood b Anderson 18 (85m 53b 1x4 0x6) SR: 33.96

Australia 187/7   MG Johnson 6* (14b 1x4)   JM Anderson 26.2-7-46-2

Anderson to Siddle, OUT, Anderson has two in the over! Siddle has edged this to first slip, and Strauss takes a catch fairly low to the ground as the ball seemed to take forever to reach him

PM Siddle c Strauss b Anderson 2 (2m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Australia 189/8   MG Johnson 6* (14b 1x4)   JM Anderson 27-7-48-3

Bresnan to Johnson, OUT, that will be all, ends a brilliant counter-attacking innings from Johnson. Maybe he didn't need to play this but he was on a roll. Full from Bresnan around off stump and Johnson aimed a cow-corner swish and missed it, allowing it to clip the top of off stump

MG Johnson b Bresnan 53 (89m 66b 5x4 1x6) SR: 80.30

Australia 265/9   BW Hilfenhaus 22* (37b 2x4 1x6)   TT Bresnan 26.5-5-83-3

Anderson to Hilfenhaus, OUT, and that will be that. Strange dismissal, Anderson bangs it in very short and it gets very high, Hilfenhaus aims a vertical-batted tennis-smash and ends up with a fine edge through to Prior

BW Hilfenhaus c †Prior b Anderson 34 (88m 58b 3x4 1x6) SR: 58.62

Australia 280/10   MA Beer 2* (17b)   JM Anderson 30.1-7-66-4
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Hours of play (local time) 10.03am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30

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