England tour of Australia, 1st T20I: Australia v England at Adelaide, Jan 12, 2011
England won by 1 wicket (with 0 balls remaining)
Played at Adelaide Oval
12 January 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Woakes to Warner, 1 run, tidy enough start for both teams, dished up fullish on the stumps, Warner flicks around the corner for a single, they thought about two before thinking again


Woakes to Warner, no run, back of a length this time, Warner tried to work to leg but couldn't. All of which ends a tidy over

Australia 4/0   DA Warner 1* (2b)

Shahzad to Warner, no run, nervy times as Watson gets in a tangle with his running. No alarms though. Shahzad was swift there, getting Warner hopping on the back foot and beating him for pace


Shahzad to Warner, no run, again Shahzad has Warner in a hurry. Hitting a length around off stump and Warner is slow to get forward


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, good start this from Shahzad and he finds something approaching the edge here but it's thickish and flies wide of the slips to third man

Australia 6/0   DA Warner 2* (5b)

Woakes to Warner, no run, Australia are just hitting the field at the moment, Woakes here aims full and Warner cracks it straight to mid-off


Woakes to Warner, FOUR, first boundary of the day and the ball certainly deserved it. Grisly wide delivery, full as well, Warner just had to throw his arms through the line and the boundary followed


Woakes to Warner, FOUR, and again! Even better shot this time. On the up and threaded through extra cover


Woakes to Warner, 1 run, decent recovery from Woakes, reverting to a length and line and it's crisply punched to mid-on for a swiftly-taken single

Australia 15/0   DA Warner 11* (9b 2x4)

Shahzad to Warner, no run, wonderful hack there from Warner, never looked like hitting it as he swung across the line


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, Shahzad aims full in search of a yorker and it crunches off the toe-end to mid-on


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, Warner tries to give himself room but the delivery is on him too quickly and he can only steer to cover

Australia 37/0   DA Warner 13* (12b 2x4)

Bresnan to Warner, 1 leg bye, Bresnan finds a length around leg stump and it thuds off the pads around the corner for a jogged single


Bresnan to Warner, no run, Warner hasn't quite found his range and despite the width here his cut shot is mistimed to cover


Bresnan to Warner, no run, good length and line from Bresnan and Warner has nowhere to go


Bresnan to Warner, 1 run, good work from Bresnan, rushing onto Warner from back of a length, it crashes off the body into the off side and a sharp single is taken

Australia 40/0   DA Warner 14* (16b 2x4)

Yardy to Warner, no run, but won't find it here as he has to hurry to defend a slippery delivery


Yardy to Warner, FOUR, wrong line from Yardy, heading down the leg side and Warner gets to swing it around the corner firmly for four


Yardy to Warner, no run, cripes, that is a very swift quicker ball and Warner again scampers into defence


Yardy to Warner, FOUR, the line is wrong and it's made a good over bad. Fired down the leg side, comes off a flurry of bat and arms and runs away for four down to fine leg to bring up the fifty stand

Australia 50/0   DA Warner 22* (20b 4x4)

Yardy to Warner, 1 run, Warner wants a go now but his swinging isn't quite as good and he collects one to deep midwicket


Yardy to Warner, no run, good delivery again, full and flat and dug out straight back to Warner

Australia 84/1   DA Warner 23* (22b 4x4)

Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, after all the short stuff this is the opposite - a low full toss - but Warner can only mistime it down to long-off

Australia 86/1   DA Warner 24* (23b 4x4)

Yardy to Warner, 2 runs, Warner hurries back for a second after driving this off his toes to deep mid-on


Yardy to Warner, no run, good quicker ball, slightly shorter too and cramping Warner for room


Yardy to Warner, FOUR, this time Warner flays cleanly. Down the track and swinging crisply down to the mid-on boundary


Yardy to Warner, no run, Yardy's response is predictable - flat and quick - Warner mistimes an attempted cut


Yardy to Warner, OUT, Warner couldn't quite clear the ropes this innings and he's picked out Shahzad on the midwicket boundary as he swung this to leg

DA Warner c Shahzad b Yardy 30 (45m 28b 5x4 0x6) SR: 107.14

Australia 92/2   DA Warner 30 (28b 5x4)





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