England tour of Australia, 1st T20I: Australia v England at Adelaide, Jan 12, 2011
England won by 1 wicket (with 0 balls remaining)
Played at Adelaide Oval
12 January 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Shahzad to Watson, no run, Shahzad does find some swing early on and Watson's squeezed drive is fielded superbly by Collingwood, jumping up with to save with one hand at cover


Shahzad to Watson, 1 run, this is a touch close to off stump for the shot but Watson still manages to chop this to third man


Shahzad to Warner, no run, nervy times as Watson gets in a tangle with his running. No alarms though. Shahzad was swift there, getting Warner hopping on the back foot and beating him for pace


Shahzad to Warner, no run, again Shahzad has Warner in a hurry. Hitting a length around off stump and Warner is slow to get forward


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, good start this from Shahzad and he finds something approaching the edge here but it's thickish and flies wide of the slips to third man


Shahzad to Watson, no run, he's all hustle and bustle but this is a touch wide and Watson crashes his arms through the line, pinging it to cover

Australia 6/0   A Shahzad 1-0-2-0

Shahzad to Watson, 1 run, good start to the new spell, finds the off-stump channel and Watson steers to point


Shahzad to Warner, no run, wonderful hack there from Warner, never looked like hitting it as he swung across the line


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, Shahzad aims full in search of a yorker and it crunches off the toe-end to mid-on


Shahzad to Watson, FOUR, Pietersen has made a hash of that. He was moved back to a deepish mid-on and Watson duly drove uppishly in his direction but as he set himself the ball sailed over his head and went for four!


Shahzad to Watson, 1 run, firmly driven again this time out to deep cover


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, Warner tries to give himself room but the delivery is on him too quickly and he can only steer to cover

Australia 37/0   A Shahzad 2-0-10-0

Shahzad to Hussey, no run, bouncer here, outside off stump and Hussey sways out the way


Shahzad to Hussey, no run, short again, good delivery. This was sharper and Hussey quickly had to bob under it


Shahzad to Hussey, no run, short again, pacey too and Hussey had a flap at it outside off without connecting


Shahzad to Hussey, 1 run, this time Shahzad goes fuller, not much fuller though and Hussey chops down to third man


Shahzad to Warner, 1 run, after all the short stuff this is the opposite - a low full toss - but Warner can only mistime it down to long-off


Shahzad to Hussey, no run, excellent yorker to finish a brilliant over. Hussey jabs it back to the bowler who needlessly falls as he collects

Australia 86/1   A Shahzad 3-0-12-0

Shahzad to Smith, 1 run, not here, as Smith fetches a full wide delivery into the midwicket region for a single


Shahzad to Finch, 2 runs, Yardy drops the catch! Chaos! Three fielders were after this as Finch got a leading edge that sailed up towards point, Yardy made good ground but spilled it


Shahzad to Finch, 1 wide, cripes. This is indescribably wide. Johnson-like. Full, quick and three miles outside off stump


Shahzad to Finch, 1 run, that's more like it from Shahzad! Full and straight yorker is dug out


Shahzad to Smith, 2 runs, this time it's heaved into the leg side, no great power or timing but good running makes it a couple


Shahzad to Smith, FOUR, shot! The cheeky cheery Smith finally shows himself. This is full and straight and quick and it's reverse-flicked for four over third man


Shahzad to Smith, 2 runs, Two to finish as Smith slugs it down the ground. Pretty good fielding effort from England to restrict Australia on a good pitch but runs on the board must count for something

Australia 157/4   A Shahzad 4-0-25-0





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