England tour of Australia, 2nd T20I: Australia v England at Melbourne, Jan 14, 2011
Australia won by 4 runs
14 January 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Evening all, Sahil here. Pace off the ball was the key for England. Shaun Tait, Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson are Australia's muscle. Makes a good contest with England's pair of stylists at the top of the order - Ian Bell and Steve Davies. Cameron White leads out a nervy-looking bunch before delivering what looks like a very sharp-tongued speech in the huddle. They have a decent total to defend, Shaun Tait will open the bowling.


Tait to Bell, no run, good start from Tait, short and zippy, Bell stands on his toes to defend in a hurry


Tait to Bell, FOUR, oh no, don't bowl there. Short and wide at any pace gets a bowler into trouble. Bell rocks back and stylishly cuts past point for four


Tait to Bell, no run, good comeback, fuller and faster. Bell was stuck in the crease as he steered a block to point


Tait to Bell, FOUR, swing on the ball! Late from a full length, swing of the bat as well though as Bell unfurled his picture-perfect cover drive, threading through the infield for another boundary


Tait to Bell, no run, Bell tip-toes down the wicket and aims a whoosh outside off stump. Doesn't connect


Tait to Bell, 3 runs, slower ball from Tait, there might need to be a few more of them. Bell sees it early and flicks it away through midwicket for three

End of over 1 (11 runs) England 11/0 (137 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 11.00, RRR: 7.21)

    • IR Bell 11 (6b 2x4)
    • SM Davies 0 (0b)
    • SW Tait 1-0-11-0

More pace on the ball. The permayouth face of Brett Lee. Can he bowl himself into the World Cup?


Lee to Bell, no run, starts full around off stump and Bell pings a Watson-esque drive straight to mid-off


Lee to Bell, 1 run, Lee straight into 90mph and a single worked to a big gap at midwicket gives Davies the strike for the first time

White has packed the cover ring for Davies. Fine leg up.


Lee to Davies, no run, Lee hits a decent length and line outside off stump and Davies stands still to prod to point


Lee to Davies, 1 run, shorter this time, doesn't want to give Davies anything to drive. For those of you who haven't seen Davies he's got shades of Ganguly in his off-side shots. This is steered to point for a swiftly-taken single


Lee to Bell, no run, Bell edges down the wicket and Lee responds by banging it in. The line is excellent though and Bell can only defend


Lee to Bell, no run, excellent over from Lee. Really top stuff finishes with a sharp short ball that Bell hops to defend. Lee rewards himself by following through a long way down to Bell and... winking at him. He just doesn't know how to be mean.

End of over 2 (2 runs) England 13/0 (135 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 6.50, RRR: 7.50)

    • IR Bell 12 (10b 2x4)
    • SM Davies 1 (2b)
    • B Lee 1-0-2-0
    • SW Tait 1-0-11-0

Tait to Davies, 1 run, Davies didn't know much about this, he popped forward to find the ball rushing onto his bat and bobbling away. Bell called him through for a single


Tait to Bell, no run, good straight line from Tait, no width for Bell to flay at. Punched without much timing to mid-on


Tait to Bell, no run, there is some width here which Bell duly does flay at. Zipped through and climbed to Paine as Bell found fresh air


Tait to Bell, 2 runs, massive yelp from Tait as he delivered his sling here. Bell mistimed a leg-side nudge, which earned him a couple


Tait to Bell, 2 runs, short ball and Bell is in position to pull very early, didn't quite time it though as it trickled off the toe end towards midwicket


Tait to Bell, (no ball) 2 runs, no ball which means it's free hit time. Full and angling towards the legs, Bell happily flicked for a couple more


Tait to Bell, 1 run, ideal delivery for the free hit really. Full and straight and driven to mid-off. The free hit always ends as an anti-climax it seems

End of over 3 (9 runs) England 22/0 (126 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 7.33, RRR: 7.41)

    • IR Bell 19 (16b 2x4)
    • SM Davies 2 (3b)
    • SW Tait 2-0-20-0
    • B Lee 1-0-2-0

Lee to Bell, 1 run, Lee has not offered anything for Bell to get hold of. Bell tries to manufacture some width by jumping leg side of the ball, but only manages to outside-edge to third man


Lee to Davies, 1 run, very short to Davies again. They won't let him drive, so he steers a very cautious hook shot to fine leg to give Bell back the strike. Again


Lee to Bell, 3 runs, just about enough width, made wider with Bell skipping leg side, for Bell to scythe a drive through cover. The damp outfield means he only collects three


Lee to Davies, 1 no ball, bouncer to Davies again. Good one too, slower ball that completely deceived Davies. But.. because of the bouncer earlier in the over it's been called a no ball. Lee is unimpressed


Lee to Davies, no run, this has to be fuller, but the line - hugging off stump - is good and Davies can't get away


Lee to Davies, 1 run, banged in short again and Davies is struggling a touch. Mistimes a pull shot that loops gently into space at square leg


Lee to Bell, 1 run, back of a length, good stuff from Lee. Bell pinches the strike again by mistiming a pull shot

End of over 4 (8 runs) England 30/0 (118 runs required from 16 overs, RR: 7.50, RRR: 7.37)

    • IR Bell 24 (19b 2x4)
    • SM Davies 4 (7b)
    • B Lee 2-0-10-0
    • SW Tait 2-0-20-0

Change in bowling - the towering figure of Australian cricket at the moment - Shane Watson.


Watson to Bell, no run, starts full and straight and Bell toe-ends a drive back to the bowler


Watson to Bell, 2 runs, Bell hops down the wicket and Watson responds by shoving it in short. Odd shot in the end. Flat-bat tennis swat that is timed well enough for Bell to pick up a couple down the ground


Watson to Bell, 1 run, down the wicket again and Bell's off-side hack trickles towards cover


Watson to Davies, FOUR, Watson's short ball at Davies is not sharp enough and with fine leg up Davies pulls powerfully for four


Watson to Davies, no run, not a great shot this. Davies wafts aimlessly outside off and luckily for him, missed it


Watson to Davies, 2 runs, Davies is hanging back and desperate for some width outside off, doesn't get it and has to hack to leg

End of over 5 (9 runs) England 39/0 (109 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 7.80, RRR: 7.26)

    • SM Davies 10 (10b 1x4)
    • IR Bell 27 (22b 2x4)
    • SR Watson 1-0-9-0
    • B Lee 2-0-10-0

Right. Australia fans cross your fingers, here comes Mitch.


Johnson to Bell, 1 wide, ooops, bad Mitch to start. Really bad. Slung six metres wide of off stump


Johnson to Bell, no run, follows up with a straighter ball that Bell murders to mid-off. Just like Watson, that.


Johnson to Bell, 1 run, short and sharp, Bell hurries into a pull shot that he doesn't quite get hold of


Johnson to Davies, 1 run, Davies just cannot get away. He gets a delivery tight on off stump and can only drop it towards cover for a well-taken single


Johnson to Bell, 2 runs, for the first time in about a year, Bell is struggling for timing. He aims a booming drive here and it skews away past mid-off for a couple


Johnson to Bell, FOUR, short ball that Bell got deep into his crease and had an absolute muller at. No finesse, but strong enough hack to leg to carry it over the rope


Johnson to Bell, 2 runs, no timing again, but skewed past point for a couple more to bring up the fifty stand

End of over 6 (11 runs) England 50/0 (98 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 8.33, RRR: 7.00)

    • IR Bell 36 (27b 3x4)
    • SM Davies 11 (11b 1x4)
    • MG Johnson 1-0-11-0
    • SR Watson 1-0-9-0

Australia by this stage were 57 for 1. Now then, here is pace off the ball in the shape of David Hussey.


Hussey to Davies, no run, starts well and it sticks in the pitch, Davies steers to point


Hussey to Davies, 2 runs, touch shorter and Davies gets hold of a firm pull shot that should have been four until some remarkable sliding fielding from Smith saves on the midwicket rope


Hussey to Davies, 1 run, fetched into the leg side for another single


Hussey to Bell, 1 run, Bell down the wicket and pushing this right-arm dart to long-off


Hussey to Davies, 2 runs, Davies jumps outside leg and gives himself room to drive, airily through cover for a couple


Hussey to Davies, 2 runs, shoved into the leg side again, dragged really. No great timing but enough to earn a couple more

End of over 7 (8 runs) England 58/0 (90 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 8.28, RRR: 6.92)

    • SM Davies 18 (16b 1x4)
    • IR Bell 37 (28b 3x4)
    • DJ Hussey 1-0-8-0
    • MG Johnson 1-0-11-0

Johnson to Bell, 2 runs, Bell dances down the wicket which forces Johnson short, pulled firmly in front of midwicket for two more


Johnson to Bell, OUT, Johnson strikes! Lands a straight ball, touch slower too, Bell was aiming an almighty thwack over cow corner but ended up dragging into his stumps

IR Bell b Johnson 39 (34m 30b 3x4 0x6) SR: 130.00

Boos ring around the MCG to greet Kevin Pietersen. I doubt he's concerned by them.


Johnson to Pietersen, 1 run, flicked off the hip with a snap of the wrists to get away straight away


Johnson to Davies, 1 run, slung full and into Davies' pads, he clips neatly away to deep midwicket


Johnson to Pietersen, OUT, Cheers and boos ring loud as Pietersen falls! Johnson dished up a full drive-me ball that Pietersen climbed into, only to pick out White at cover who held an excellent low catch

KP Pietersen c White b Johnson 1 (2m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Johnson to Collingwood, 1 run, Collingwood pushes his first ball wide of cover to get him off the mark. Just needs to steady England for a few overs

End of over 8 (5 runs) England 63/2 (85 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 7.87, RRR: 7.08)

    • PD Collingwood 1 (1b)
    • SM Davies 19 (17b 1x4)
    • MG Johnson 2-0-16-2
    • DJ Hussey 1-0-8-0

Spin in the form of O'Keefe this time.


O'Keefe to Collingwood, 2 runs, starts by tossing one up towards the pads, Collingwood is the master of nurdle and it gets him two to midwicket


O'Keefe to Collingwood, 1 run, enough width for Collingwood to clunk an inelegant drive to deep point


O'Keefe to Davies, FOUR, ah, lovely shot. Ganguly-esque again from Davies as he clears his front leg to a left-arm spinner and eases a swing to wide long-on for four


O'Keefe to Davies, 1 run, tries to repeat the shot, but without any of the timing so it only earns a single


O'Keefe to Collingwood, no run, beaten outside off stump! Spin for O'Keefe


O'Keefe to Collingwood, 1 run, this time Collingwood uses his feet, shuffling down to push a single to long-off

End of over 9 (9 runs) England 72/2 (76 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 8.00, RRR: 6.90)

    • PD Collingwood 5 (5b)
    • SM Davies 24 (19b 2x4)
    • SNJ O'Keefe 1-0-9-0
    • MG Johnson 2-0-16-2

Watson replaces Johnson as White juggles his act...


Watson to Collingwood, no run, good start to the new spell, back of a length around off stump, Collingwood pushes firmly to cover


Watson to Collingwood, no run, shortish again and Collingwood steers to point. Two dots


Watson to Collingwood, no run, Watson joining the dots and building pressure here. Collingwood struggling to find his range


Watson to Collingwood, 1 run, finally he gets off strike, poking a single towards mid-on


Watson to Davies, 1 run, Davies flicks to leg in search of two, but square leg races in from the boundary to keep it to one


Watson to Collingwood, OUT, Collingwood's difficult run continues. Watson aimed full and Collingwood tried to clear mid-off with a drive. The timing is not there though and it goes gently to mid-off who jumps to take the chance above his head

PD Collingwood c Warner b Watson 6 (8m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

End of over 10 (2 runs) England 74/3 (74 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 7.40, RRR: 7.40)

    • SM Davies 25 (20b 2x4)
    • SR Watson 2-0-11-1
    • SNJ O'Keefe 1-0-9-0

Key man in now. If England are going to win this Morgan will probably have to be there at the end.


Hussey to Morgan, 1 run, drive his first ball firmly to short-cover who fumbles and allows a single


Hussey to Davies, 1 run, Davies aims a drive as well, without quite timing it, wide of cover


Hussey to Morgan, no run, very correct forward defence here. Good work from Hussey


Hussey to Morgan, 1 run, Morgan earns himself a single courtesy of an off-drive


Hussey to Davies, 1 run, good over this, Davies whips a single towards midwicket


Hussey to Morgan, 1 run, the middle overs proving difficult for England, just as they did for Australia. Morgan only managing a single wide of mid-off

End of over 11 (5 runs) England 79/3 (69 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 7.18, RRR: 7.66)

    • EJG Morgan 3 (4b)
    • SM Davies 27 (22b 2x4)
    • DJ Hussey 2-0-13-0
    • SR Watson 2-0-11-1

Watson to Morgan, no run, good work from Watson, hitting a length and line and Morgan very respectful in defence


Watson to Morgan, no run, Morgan remains pinned to the crease in defence


Watson to Morgan, 1 run, after seeing a couple Morgan is happy to drill a drive back at the bowler, some very smart fielding from Warner at mid-on saves a boundary


Watson to Davies, 1 run, Davies, who has hardly had any strike, wanders over to the off side and whips a single into the square-leg region


Watson to Morgan, 1 run, just short enough for Watson to chop down to third man but it's still just a single


Watson to Davies, no run, good slower ball deceives Davies who gave himself room to cut, but couldn't wait on it long enough. Just three from the over and Australia are right in this

End of over 12 (3 runs) England 82/3 (66 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 6.83, RRR: 8.25)

    • SM Davies 28 (24b 2x4)
    • EJG Morgan 5 (8b)
    • SR Watson 3-0-14-1
    • DJ Hussey 2-0-13-0

Another bowling change - pace returns with Johnson.


Johnson to Morgan, no run, touch of width but Morgan's cut finds point


Johnson to Morgan, FOUR, valuable, pressure-easing boundary. Johnson misses his line and it's nudged down to the fine leg boundary


Johnson to Morgan, no run, back on it now from Johnson and Morgan has to hurry to defend

Here's a gallery of the day's action so far ...


Johnson to Morgan, no run, back of a length here and Morgan can only stand up on his toes to defend


Johnson to Morgan, 1 run, shout of catch and Morgan flicks uppishly through midwicket


Johnson to Davies, 1 run, Davies hanging deep in his crease and wheels away a pull shot, without timing it particularly well

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End of over 13 (6 runs) England 88/3 (60 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 6.76, RRR: 8.57)

    • SM Davies 29 (25b 2x4)
    • EJG Morgan 10 (13b 1x4)
    • MG Johnson 3-0-22-2
    • SR Watson 3-0-14-1

Watson to Davies, OUT, game on now! Davies gone this time, his final mistimed shot of the innings. Hanging back and driving to try and clear mid-off but Warner dives forward to take the chance

SM Davies c Warner b Watson 29 (58m 26b 2x4 0x6) SR: 111.53

Men up in the circle for the new man Luke Wright. Who has the joint record for most ducks in Twenty20 cricket.


Watson to Wright, no run, he stays on 0, pushing gently to mid-off


Watson to Wright, no run, dot ball again, Wright defending from the crease


Watson to Wright, 1 run, no duck this time for Wright, steers a single wide of point


Watson to Morgan, 1 run, push and go from Morgan. Dropping this from under his eyes for a single to cover


Watson to Wright, 1 run, another pinched single. Dropped towards mid-on and Wright hares off down the other end. Excellent work from Watson again

End of over 14 (3 runs) England 91/4 (57 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 6.50, RRR: 9.50)

    • LJ Wright 2 (4b)
    • EJG Morgan 11 (14b 1x4)
    • SR Watson 4-0-17-2
    • MG Johnson 3-0-22-2

This is brewing into an excellent finish. Morgan will be the key.


Hussey to Wright, 1 run, Hussey starts well outside off stump and Wright flashes a drive to deep point


Hussey to Morgan, 1 leg bye, quicker ball here and Morgan misses an attempted nurdle, bobbles past the keeper for a single


Hussey to Wright, 2 runs, Wright clips to leg and scampers two to the deep-set field


Hussey to Wright, 1 run, flashed drive, he has very quick hands, to a tossed up delivery around off stump


Hussey to Morgan, 1 run, Hussey lucky here, dragged down a short ball but Morgan's pull shot picked out fine leg


Hussey to Wright, no run, beaten outside off stump to finish the over

End of over 15 (6 runs) England 97/4 (51 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 6.46, RRR: 10.20)

    • LJ Wright 6 (8b)
    • EJG Morgan 12 (16b 1x4)
    • DJ Hussey 3-0-18-0
    • SR Watson 4-0-17-2

Change in pace again. Here's Brett Lee. He started well, a good finish could seal this for Australia.


Lee to Morgan, no run, bit of width first up and Morgan's chops without much timing to point


Lee to Morgan, 1 run, ooh, nervy times for Morgan. Aims a big pull shot but gets a toe-end that loops straight for a single


Lee to Wright, 2 runs, Wright again cuts, bat and arms a whirr, scampers a couple


Lee to Wright, 1 run, banged in short and Wright aims a big hook shot, eyes off the ball, no timing and it bobbles to fine leg


Lee to Morgan, 1 run, 21 balls since the last boundary as Morgan's cut shot finds deep point


Lee to Wright, 1 run, Wright gives himself some room to drive but it only gets a single. Australia have managed these middle overs superbly

End of over 16 (6 runs) England 103/4 (45 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 6.43, RRR: 11.25)

    • LJ Wright 10 (11b)
    • EJG Morgan 14 (19b 1x4)
    • B Lee 3-0-16-0
    • DJ Hussey 3-0-18-0

This is the key moment. Tait could finish this off with a couple of wickets. He could leak runs...


Tait to Wright, 2 runs, Wright aims a big leg-side slug, needless to say there isn't much timing, but he clears midwicket and hares back for two


Tait to Wright, FOUR, flash and four! Wright didn't know much about it but he won't mind. Skipped down the wicket and outside leg, flew off the edge past the keeper for four


Tait to Wright, 2 runs, Tait aims down the leg side and Wright thinks he flick has four, it doesn't thanks to some excellent fielding on the rope


Tait to Wright, OUT, Big shot doesn't come off! Wright tries to clear mid-off but Steve Smith times his jump perfectly to take the catch above his head

LJ Wright c Smith b Tait 18 (13m 15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 120.00


Tait to Bresnan, 1 run, very sharp and a good line from Tait, Bresnan stays leg side of the ball to poke a single


Tait to Morgan, no run, swing and a miss outside off stump! Morgan hasn't found his range and that's why England are struggling. Australia in the box seat now!

End of over 17 (9 runs) England 112/5 (36 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.58, RRR: 12.00)

    • EJG Morgan 14 (20b 1x4)
    • TT Bresnan 1 (1b)
    • SW Tait 3-0-29-1
    • B Lee 3-0-16-0

Johnson is back. England need a big over here.


Johnson to Bresnan, 1 run, chaos! Which only earns a single after all that. Bresnan smacked a drive to mid-off. Morgan had set off for a single but Bresnan didn't move. The throw came in, missed the stumps and ran away for an over throw


Johnson to Morgan, OUT, that's the match! Morgan has gone! Got a leg-stump half-volley and tried to heave it over deep midwicket, really struck it well but the MCG is a big ground and he couldn't clear the fielder

EJG Morgan c Finch b Johnson 14 (28m 21b 1x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Woakes is the new man, sent in ahead of Yardy.


Johnson to Bresnan, 1 run, fullish ball clunked down the ground but just for a single


Johnson to Woakes, 1 run, excellent slower ball sees Woakes aim a drive over extra cover, only for it to loop towards mid-on


Johnson to Bresnan, 2 runs, slower-ball bouncer that Bresnan heaves to leg for a couple. England need more than that


Johnson to Bresnan, 2 runs, repeat delivery and a repeat shot. Johnson finishes a good spell - the three biggest wickets

End of over 18 (7 runs) England 119/6 (29 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.61, RRR: 14.50)

    • TT Bresnan 7 (5b)
    • CR Woakes 1 (1b)
    • MG Johnson 4-0-29-3
    • SW Tait 3-0-29-1

Tait to fire in his last over now.


Tait to Woakes, 1 run, England need boundaries but this is angled to third man for just a single


Tait to Bresnan, 1 leg bye, top work from Tait. Full and tailing in, crashes into the lads as Bresnan aimed an optimistic hack


Tait to Woakes, 1 run, yorker again, nothing Woakes can do with that. Pushed gently to mid-off


Tait to Bresnan, 1 run, Tait is doing a fine job here. Landing every yorker and Bresnan can do nothing but bottom-edge to fine leg for a single


Tait to Woakes, 1 run, and again! Big smile from Tait, he knows he's right on top of things here. Yorker lands perfectly


Tait to Bresnan, 5 wides, not smiling this time! After five perfect yorkers this is fired full and way, way down the leg side for five wides


Tait to Bresnan, 1 run, Bresnan gives himself room, England needed a boundary this delivery but instead it's slugged out to deep cover

End of over 19 (11 runs) England 130/6 (18 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.84, RRR: 18.00)

    • TT Bresnan 9 (8b)
    • CR Woakes 4 (4b)
    • SW Tait 4-0-39-1
    • MG Johnson 4-0-29-3

So, 18 to win it. Lee to bowl it. Australia so close to breaking their run of five defeats.


Lee to Bresnan, 2 runs, good start from Lee, low full toss that Bresnan slugs to long-off. Two more but boundaries needed


Lee to Bresnan, 2 runs, slower ball, touch shorter too, and Bresnan can't find the boundary. Shoving it to leg


Lee to Bresnan, 1 run, just a single this time. The crowd roar, Australia nearly home now! Lee is full and fast and finds an inside edge


Lee to Woakes, SIX, how about that! Can Woakes be a hero again!? Madness. England have barely timed a ball all innings but Woakes got deep into his crease and smashed this miles over long-on into the stands


Lee to Woakes, 1 run, back of a length and Woakes can't time his pull shot. They needed two but couldn't come back for a second

Six to win it!


Lee to Bresnan, 1 run, Australia have broke their duck! That's the game! England's run of eight straight Twenty20 wins comes to an end as Bresnan's hoik only trickles away for one.

Australia win by 4 runs and draw series 1-1 Plenty of smiles from the Aussies, this win has been a long time coming but they've been the better of the sides today. Aaron Finch is named man of the match - it was his testosterone-felled half-century that revived the Australian innings. Not quite the finish of Adelaide but still a closely-contested game that showed Australia still have plenty to offer in the shorter formats.

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Collingwood reckons England were in a good position after the first six overs but got stuck with too many dot balls. "Not quite good enough," is his verdict. Sounds about right. Brydon has summarised all in his bulletin, so be sure to feast on that.

That's all from us but you white-ball fiends needn't fear, we have seven, yes seven, one-day internationals ahead of us starting Sunday. Join us then.

End of over 20 (13 runs) England 143/6 (5 runs required)

    • TT Bresnan 15 (12b)
    • CR Woakes 11 (6b 1x6)
    • B Lee 4-0-29-0
    • SW Tait 4-0-39-1





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