England tour of Australia, 5th ODI: Australia v England at Brisbane, Jan 30, 2011
Australia won by 51 runs
30 January 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Finn to Watson, no run, fullish length to start with and Watson drives it back to the bowler


Finn to Watson, no run, good line right on off stump and Watson punches to cover


Finn to Watson, no run, Finn goes really full again, Watson crunches it back over the bowler's head on the bounce but it's collected safely by mid-off


Finn to Watson, 1 run, this one is driven harder along the ground past the bowler but it's only a single as Pietersen at mid-off does well to dive across and save this


Finn to Haddin, no run, good ball - Finn goes for the yorker with the angle in to Haddin and there's half an appeal for lbw but that was sliding down leg


Finn to Haddin, 1 wide, strays down leg now and that one's a wide


Finn to Haddin, no run, another good yorker from Finn and Haddin jams the bat down to keep it out

Australia 33/0   ST Finn 1-0-2-0

Finn to Watson, no run, there's an lbw shout as Finn angles it in to Watson, but Rod Tucker isn't interested. It looked to be sliding down leg but Strauss wants a review. Hmm, it's hit him in line but he's quite a way forward, and the replays confirm that is missing leg. So England have lost one of their two reviews.


Finn to Watson, 1 run, Finn tries for the yorker again but it's just a touch half-volleyish and Watson drives a single wide of mid-off


Finn to Haddin, no run, this one's a very good yorker - Haddin can do nowt but keep it out


Finn to Haddin, no run, oh, what a cracking off-drive but he's hit it so hard that mid-off, who is back on the edge of the circle, collects it so quickly they can't get a single


Finn to Haddin, FOUR, ah, Finn gives Haddin just a little width outside off and Haddin backs off a touch to slash a cut over point, really well played


Finn to Haddin, no run, fuller and angled in, hits Haddin on the pad as he can't get it away

Australia 48/0   ST Finn 2-0-7-0

Finn to Haddin, no run, well now, this one has really fizzed through past the outside edge and thumps into Prior's gloves - good ball


Finn to Haddin, no run, straighter line now and Haddin defends


Finn to Haddin, 1 leg bye, Finn uses his angle and bounce to nip it in to Haddin from short of a length and it flies away off the thigh just wide of gully for a leg bye


Finn to Marsh, no run, Marsh walks across and covers his off stump, and leaves it alone


Finn to Marsh, 1 run, swinging on to the pads and Marsh turns a single to fine leg


Finn to Haddin, 1 run, soft hands from Haddin, who nudges a single to the leg side

Australia 53/1   ST Finn 3-0-9-0

Finn to Marsh, 2 runs, banged in a little short and outside off, Marsh uses the bounce on this to steer a cut safely over gully and it runs away to third man


Finn to Marsh, 1 run, Finn squares Marsh up this time with a ball on off stump, it gets a thickish edge away through gully


Finn to Haddin, no run, Finn gives Haddin some extra bounce now and he tries to back away for his old favourite slash, but this one just clunks down into the ground and bounces through to Prior


Finn to Haddin, 1 leg bye, swinging on to the pads of Haddin, who gets a leg bye


Finn to Marsh, no run, left alone outside off


Finn to Marsh, 1 run, fullish on off stump, Marsh clips a single towards mid-on

Australia 62/1   ST Finn 4-0-13-0

Finn to Haddin, no run, once more Haddin backs away to the leg side and tries to force it through off, but this one doesn't find the gap


Finn to Haddin, FOUR, fullish ball and Haddin tries to muscle this drive over mid-off, Pietersen is back on the circle and it's just gone safely wide of him in the air - it still wasn't timed that well but Pietersen's chase can't cut it off - he was going to dive and then decided not to


Finn to Haddin, no run, pushed away to the off side


Finn to Haddin, OUT, well, Brad Haddin's walking around in the crease has cost him now, and he's been bowled through his legs! Finn gets his first ODI wicket as Haddin tries to move across to the off side and clip through leg, but he's missed it completely and the ball goes through his legs to bowl him

BJ Haddin b Finn 37 (64m 52b 7x4 0x6) SR: 71.15


Finn to Clarke, 1 wide, bouncer to begin with, and Prior does very well to leap up and prevent this running away for five wides - it'll just be the one wide


Finn to Clarke, no run, Clarke takes a big stride across to shoulder arms outside off


Finn to Clarke, no run, another one left alone by Clarke

Australia 73/2   ST Finn 5-0-18-1

Finn to Clarke, FOUR, another crisp shot, Clarke leans forward and across to flick a full ball with terrific timing between mid-on and midwicket


Finn to Clarke, no run, better line on off stump, Clarke strides forward and defends with a straight bat


Finn to Clarke, 1 run, Yes! yells Clarke after nudging a length delivery off his pads on the leg side


Finn to Marsh, no run, good length delivery outside off, Marsh lets it go through to Prior


Finn to Marsh, no run, Finn angles a full ball into the left-hander's off and middle stump from round the wicket, Marsh digs it out


Finn to Marsh, no run, wider outside off stump this time, Marsh strides forward and shoulders arms with a flourish

Australia 85/2   ST Finn 6-0-23-1

Finn to Marsh, no run, full ball angling into Marsh from round the wicket. No room to work with and he defends with bat and pad close together


Finn to Marsh, 1 run, Marsh tries to work the ball on the leg but gets an inside edge on to the pad towards the off side, Clarke calls him through for a quick single


Finn to Clarke, no run, defended on the front foot towards the off side


Finn to Clarke, no run, Finn angles the ball at Clarke's body from over the wicket, Clarke fends towards the leg side, Finn has a forward short leg in place and Clarke got hit on the glove while fending


Finn to Clarke, FOUR, slapped, Clarke backs away to make room and goes hard at a short ball, flaying it through cover with power and timing


Finn to Clarke, FOUR, straight this time, Clarke punches down the ground off the front foot, between the stumps and the non-striker and his timing is outstanding

Australia 96/2   ST Finn 7-0-32-1

Finn to Clarke, FOUR, cracking drive through extra cover from Clarke as the changed ball offers a bit of pace off the bat, and Steven Finn, who has returned, goes a touch too full


Finn to Clarke, no run, defended back down the pitch


Finn to Clarke, 1 run, angling on to the pads now and it's whipped through square leg


Finn to Hussey, 2 runs, and Hussey goes for a good cover drive now as he gets some width outside off, but Pietersen at deep cover keeps this to two


Finn to Hussey, no run, driven back past the bowler towards mid-off


Finn to Hussey, no run, angles this one in to the off stump and Hussey guides it to gully

Australia 161/4   ST Finn 8-0-39-1

Finn to Hussey, no run, short of a length from Finn and Hussey nudges to point


Finn to Hussey, no run, Hussey ducks a bouncer now


Finn to Hussey, 1 run, angling on to the hips of Hussey, who turns a single past square leg


Finn to Clarke, 1 run, another one is on the hips, another one is flicked through square leg to the man in the deep


Finn to Hussey, 1 wide, ah, Finn gets this bouncer wrong as it sails down leg side and is called a wide


Finn to Hussey, 1 run, good, quick single as Hussey gets on the back foot and nudges to cover


Finn to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke uses his feet now and gives himself room to pull a slightly short ball through midwicket, well placed by Clarke as he finds the gap at midwicket and picks up a valuable boundary

Australia 173/4   ST Finn 9-0-47-1

Finn to Smith, FOUR, super shot! What a cracking drive through cover as he backs off a touch and thumps a pretty good ball that was full and straight, finding the gap at extra cover


Finn to Smith, no run, Finn goes the slower bouncer now and Smith swipes, but can't connect


Finn to Smith, 1 run, another slower ball and Smith advances, then nudges a single to cover


Finn to Hastings, FOUR, oh, well done by Hastings as he backs away and is followed by Finn, but Hastings then swivels a pull and helps it fine enough to beat fine leg - more valuable runs


Finn to Hastings, FOUR, another boundary as Hastings swings and throws everything at this one, getting it high over mid-off and gets enough on it to bounce over the boundary


Finn to Hastings, 1 run, another slower ball and Hastings pulls hard through midwicket to the man in the deep

Australia 228/7   ST Finn 10-0-61-1





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