Australia tour of England and Scotland, 1st T20I: England v Australia at Southampton, Aug 29, 2013
Australia won by 39 runs
29 August 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Dernbach to Marsh, no run, starts with a regulation delivery on a length which Marsh tries to pull and misses around off stump


Dernbach to Marsh, 1 run, full on middle and leg, tucked from the crease to square leg


Dernbach to Finch, 1 run, short and wide, the cut stroke is slightly mistimed and Dernbach gets away with it as Finn dives and saves four with a full-length dive at short third man


Dernbach to Marsh, 1 run, full on off stump, forward and pressed up to mid-off


Dernbach to Finch, no run, slower ball, 71mph, very full on the stumps, flicked straight to midwicket


Dernbach to Finch, SIX, what a shot, takes a length ball two feet wide of off stump and lifts it over cover for six, absolutely nailed it, but Finch fell over towards the leg side, remarkable stroke

Australia 58/1   JW Dernbach 1-0-9-0

Dernbach to Finch, 1 run, full on off stump, forward and playing through cover for a single


Dernbach to Watson, 2 runs, length on off stump, Watson stays leg side of it and gets it off the glove past slip, Finn at third man does well to save four


Dernbach to Watson, 1 run, hard proper cut now from just outside off down to third man


Dernbach to Finch, 1 run, slower ball just outside off, Finch drops it behind point and jogs a single


Dernbach to Watson, FOUR, big booming drive from a length ball past mid-off, right out of the middle


Dernbach to Watson, FOUR, another big boomer, this time back past the bowler, long-off is up for some reason, why bowl that length with that field when you know Watson drives it all day

Australia 141/2   JW Dernbach 2-0-22-0

Dernbach to Finch, FOUR, full just outside off, Finch slugs it down the ground and boo! Only four, muscled away


Dernbach to Finch, OUT, slower ball, Finch backs to leg, swings square and drags it onto middle stump ending a truly spectacular innings. That was a marvellous display of hitting and he falls trying to swing away another but got off balance going towards square leg and the change of pace deceived him

AJ Finch b Dernbach 156 (70m 63b 11x4 14x6) SR: 247.61


Dernbach to Maxwell, 1 run, full outside off, dabbed into the covers


Dernbach to Watson, OUT, fabulous slower ball, Watson totally sold down the river and loses his leg stump. Classic Dernbach, back of the hand change up, Watson aimed to leg but knew he was through with the shot far too soon and the ball cannoned into the base of leg stump, Watson already walking back to the hutch

SR Watson b Dernbach 37 (30m 16b 4x4 2x6) SR: 231.25


Dernbach to Bailey, 1 run, full toss on off stump, rolled carefully down to long-off


Dernbach to Maxwell, no run, another slower ball, really nice again, Maxwell almost swings himself off his feet and misses by a mile

Australia 228/4   JW Dernbach 3-0-28-2

Dernbach to Maxwell, OUT, full and straight, Maxwell misses and Dernbach takes out his off stump, Dernback picking up a few late wickets here. Simple modus operandi there, quick delivery from slightly wide on the crease angled into the stumps and I did warn the Aussies about missing straight balls

GJ Maxwell b Dernbach 1 (9m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33


Dernbach to Faulkner, 1 run, same delivery, driven to extra cover, they run automatically and the fielder doesn't bother to throw


Dernbach to Wade, no run, slower ball, Wade looks a little silly in aiming a big strike over the leg side, totally deceived and misses


Dernbach to Wade, 1 run, full just outside off, pushed to cover point, they again run without thought


Dernbach to Faulkner, 2 runs, another slower ball on the stumps, a little pitching wedge over the in-field, long-off runs around to field


Dernbach to Faulkner, 2 runs, full and straight, dug out down the ground, they sprint and get back for two, well ran

Australia 248/6   JW Dernbach 4-0-34-3





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