Australia tour of England and Scotland, 2nd T20I: England v Australia at Chester-le-Street, Aug 31, 2013
England won by 27 runs
31 August 2013 (20-over match)

The teams are out, circus music of some sort blaring over the tannoy. Some children are holding flags. This is ennertainment, folks! Alex Hales and Michael Lumb are rigged up on the trapeze... Mitch Johnson has the ball.

"@ Richard Bridle - When you concede 248 runs, obviously what you need to do is change one of the batsmen..." Touche, I think is the term, Chris.

2.20pm: Joe Root has been chatting on Sky, he's got a bit of a fat lip - legacy of top-edging one into his chops on Thursday - but is otherwise all right. Understated as it was in comparison to Finch's effort, Root played a cracking hand the other night, didn't he? First T20I innings too. Reckon he'll do okay, that lad.

"Excellent! When your side loses so comprehensively, of course you wouldn't change it. And when you have such a talented player as Michael Carberry, of course you wouldn't want to play him. Good thinking, England, that you MUST continue for the Australia leg of the Ashes campaign. Normalcy will thus resume much more rapidly!" Richard Bridle isn't happy. Though, in defence, any time can get a tonking in T20 and just as likely reverse the result second time round. You'll just have to wait for the ODIs to see Carbs in action, Richard.

Here's John: "Probably an important toss to win but anyone expecting anything like Finch's innings from the previous game will be sadly disappointed if the earlier women's game is anything to go by." I think there may be one or two more boundaries, but point taken.

And Ganesh thinks Australia could do with a bit of England-like stability: "Hazelwood bowled beautifully in the first game, and he is dropped for this one. Fawad Ahmed is given a second chance despite a rather unimpressive debut! Australia's selections continue to baffle!" Why change the theme of the tour, though?

2.15pm: If the thought of Australia getting sixxy with it later on - as Will Smith might say, they've got the feel for the flavour of a crowd pleaser - isn't enough for you, there's a bit of a thriller going on in the County Championship up at Scarborough. Head over to live county blog for all the latest.

2.10pm: George Bailey has followed the lead of Charlotte Edwards, then - the England women kept Australia to 91 in their 20 overs, after winning the toss, and then knocked off the runs. Also instructive may be England's card against South Africa here last year. Put in to bat, they made just 118 and lost by seven wickets. Trivia fans might like to know that Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann both made their highest T20 scores in England's highest partnership for the eighth wicket in T20 in that match. Though two of those 'records' have since been surpassed, so, you know, not all that useful.

2pm: Australia have won the toss and will bowl, they've made one change, with Nathan Coulter-Nile in for Josh Hazlewood. England, meanwhile, are unchanged - so no Michael Carberry and Danny Briggs continues as the spinner.

England 1 Michael Lumb, 2 Alex Hales, 3 Luke Wright, 4 Eoin Morgan, 5 Joe Root, 6 Ravi Bopara, 7 Jos Buttler (wk), 8 Stuart Broad (capt), 9 Steven Finn, 10 Danny Briggs, 11 Jade Dernbach

Australia 1 David Warner, 2 Aaron Finch, 3 Shaun Marsh, 4 Shane Watson, 5 Glenn Maxwell, 6 George Bailey (capt), 7 Matthew Wade (wk), 8 James Faulkner, 9 Mitchell Johnson, 10 Nathan Coulter-Nile, 11 Fawad Ahmed

If you've forgotten what Finch-hitting looks like (and T20, like candy floss, can pass through the system pretty quickly), here's a link you might find informative.

1.55pm: Afternoon. Everyone set for another episode of the Brawny Bunch? Both sides might need a bit more than Popeye forearms to score on this pitch, if the earlier women's match, which England won by seven wickets, is anything to go by. A little bit more nuance won't do any harm, of course, in this, the second and final Twenty20 before a five-match ODI series. I'm Alan Gardner and I'll be joined by Andrew "Gnasher" McGlashan to count Aaron Finch's sixes today. You can read up on the pertinent details in our preview and we'll bring you news of the toss and teams in five minutes or so.


Johnson to Lumb, no run, pitched up full outside off, Lumb plants the front foot and drills the ball straight to the man set slightly back at cover


Johnson to Lumb, no run, slightly shorter, punched on the up in front of square, again picks out the fielder


Johnson to Lumb, no run, kicking off a length, at the body and Lumb wears it on the thigh pad trying to play across the line


Johnson to Lumb, 1 run, short, outside off and pulled, doesn't time it and the ball rolls slowly wide of mid-on


Johnson to Hales, no run, decent bumper from Johnson, gets it up above Hales' eyeline, he crouches out of the way


Johnson to Hales, no run, speared across, back of a length and there's an energetic appeal as the ball darts past the outside edge - umpire not interested

Here's Sebastian Lee: "Everyone`s got this wrong, these T20s are a bit of fun nothing else, it won`t change anything Test wise, a different format and a different team, might as well be a different sport. Finch`s innings was outstanding but it was a freak of nature. There aren't that many more games until the World T20 and England should be experimenting to find the right formula"

End of over 1 (1 run) England 1/0 (RR: 1.00)

    • AD Hales 0 (2b)
    • MJ Lumb 1 (4b)
    • MG Johnson 1-0-1-0

Shane Watson opens up from the other end


Watson to Lumb, FOUR, slightly back of a length and wide of the stumps, Lumb carves the ball through point with a whip-crack slash


Watson to Lumb, 1 run, bit of width again, Lumb opens the shoulders and uppercuts over gully, down to third man


Watson to Hales, 1 leg bye, on leg stump, short of a length ball deflects away off the pad


Watson to Lumb, FOUR, sits back and muscles a pull through midwicket, plenty of wood on that but still Warner should have cut it off on the boundary, somehow he slid over it, to the general delight of the crowd


Watson to Lumb, 2 runs, clips this one off the pads, behind square and this time Warner fields without mishap

Slip is taken out to provide more cover against Lumb


Watson to Lumb, no run, touch short, on the stumps, pulled to the man at midwicket

End of over 2 (12 runs) England 13/0 (RR: 6.50)

    • MJ Lumb 12 (9b 2x4)
    • AD Hales 0 (3b)
    • SR Watson 1-0-11-0
    • MG Johnson 1-0-1-0

"Did anyone else hear a nick on that last ball of the first over?" Not sure how much help you'll get on here, Mick - I mean, my typing is good, but probably not audible


Johnson to Hales, no run, fullish-length ball, squirted into the covers from the crease


Johnson to Hales, FOUR, on the pads, Hales whips across the line and forces the ball to the boundary in front of deep square leg - Hales is off the mark


Johnson to Hales, FOUR, drops short and this time he just uses the pace to pull round the corner, sends the ball skidding behind square this time


Johnson to Hales, no run, better line and length, not quite short enough to pull, played from in front of leg stump back down the track


Johnson to Hales, no run, angled across on a length, Hales drives on the back foot, gets an inside edge towards midwicket


Johnson to Hales, 1 run, pitched up and driven hard coming forwards, mid-off collects and throws but Hales was home

End of over 3 (9 runs) England 22/0 (RR: 7.33)

    • AD Hales 9 (9b 2x4)
    • MJ Lumb 12 (9b 2x4)
    • MG Johnson 2-0-10-0
    • SR Watson 1-0-11-0

Here's Nathan Coulter-Nile, replacing Watto

"England's problem in both T20s and ODIs is their ordinary bowling," says Sam S. "All their bowlers except Finn are worse with the white ball."


Coulter-Nile to Hales, no run, good length, outside off, punched into the covers on the front foot


Coulter-Nile to Hales, no run, big appeal from Wade as Coulter-Nile beats the outside edge of Hales' bat ... but even the bowler didn't fancy that one


Coulter-Nile to Hales, 1 run, on the stumps, worked into the leg side for one


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, FOUR, Lumb hoicks a length ball on the pads h-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-g-h into the leg side, Glenn Maxwell does tremendously to get anywhere near it out at deep midwicket but misjudges the descent and dives past it as it bounces and then trickles over the rope


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, no run, length outside off, pushed square on the off side


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, no run, goes round the wicket, angled in and holding its line, nips past the outside edge

End of over 4 (5 runs) England 27/0 (RR: 6.75)

    • MJ Lumb 16 (12b 3x4)
    • AD Hales 10 (12b 2x4)
    • NM Coulter-Nile 1-0-5-0
    • MG Johnson 2-0-10-0

Another change, James Faulkner into the attack


Faulkner to Hales, FOUR, inside-edged past the stumps! Hales gets away with one, a Chinese cut that was a whisker from hitting the stumps, wrong-footed Wade and scuttled for four


Faulkner to Hales, FOUR, another boundary, Hales swatting across the line and getting far more edge than middle on it, the ball races to fine leg


Faulkner to Hales, no run, good length, pushed across and steered with an open face to backward point


Faulkner to Hales, SIX, well, he's genuinely got hold of that one ... clears the front foot, hits through the line and deposits Faulkner (not literally) high over long-on for the first six of the match


Faulkner to Hales, FOUR, closes the face and crunches in front of square, nothing more than a glance really, but it beats the fielder in the deep, despite a good, full-length effort


Faulkner to Hales, 1 run, on the pads, gets a thin edge and they pick up one to midwicket, despite a moment's hesitation

End of over 5 (19 runs) England 46/0 (RR: 9.20)

    • AD Hales 29 (18b 5x4 1x6)
    • MJ Lumb 16 (12b 3x4)
    • JP Faulkner 1-0-19-0
    • NM Coulter-Nile 1-0-5-0

Coulter-Nile to Hales, FOUR, dug in short, swings hard across the line and top-edged over the keeper for four. Hard to stop those!


Coulter-Nile to Hales, no run, fuller length and punched into the off side


Coulter-Nile to Hales, 1 run, short and outside off, stays back and gets on top of a drive towards point, who is set back and they get one


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, FOUR, this is dismissive stuff, walking down the wicket and clubbing a length ball over mid-on, just clears the man and skids away


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, FOUR, another malevolent swipe across the line from Lumb, such a strong batsmen and he flicks a length ball forcefully off his pads in front of deep midwicket for consecutive boundaries


Coulter-Nile to Lumb, 2 runs, slightly short outside off, drops back and steers a couple through point

Here's John, with info: "@Mick, not in real time but on the replay I thought I did. I know that there's no DRS but it would be interesting see a Hot Spot and Snicko on that one. Mind you, the Aussies didn't look all that disappointed that it wasn't given so they may not have been as sure as their appeal suggested."

End of over 6 (15 runs) England 61/0 (RR: 10.16)

    • MJ Lumb 26 (15b 5x4)
    • AD Hales 34 (21b 6x4 1x6)
    • NM Coulter-Nile 2-0-20-0
    • JP Faulkner 1-0-19-0

England will be happy with the Powerplay, Australia less so. Perhaps this isn't such a sticky track after all. Watson's back on


Watson to Hales, 2 runs, punched down the ground, towards long-on but he has to come in and they get two


Watson to Hales, 1 run, outside off, goes back and opens the face for a single behind point


Watson to Lumb, SIX, mind the windows! Me oh my, that's gone a long way, right in the slot and brutalised over long-on by Lumb. He's had his Weetabix this morning


Watson to Lumb, 1 run, full again but wider this time and carved over cover to the sweeper


Watson to Hales, 1 run, gets the full-bunger in, dug out behind square on the off side


Watson to Lumb, 2 runs, skips forward, opens the shoulders and drills through the covers, beats the man on the ring for a couple more

This is why Michael Carberry can't get in the team. Hales and Lumb are averaging 63, right now, as an opening pair - they've scored 441 runs together

End of over 7 (13 runs) England 74/0 (RR: 10.57)

    • MJ Lumb 35 (18b 5x4 1x6)
    • AD Hales 38 (24b 6x4 1x6)
    • SR Watson 2-0-24-0
    • NM Coulter-Nile 2-0-20-0

Right, change of approach, on comes Fawad Ahmed. This pitch might be more useful to him than the one at the Ageas Bowl


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, no run, tossed up and pushed into the off side


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, FOUR, floated up wide of off stump, lovely stroke from Hales, opening the face to guide the ball through backward point to the boundary


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, length ball, straightening on leg stump, tucked through square


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, no run, looped up on leg stump, Lumb sweeps across the line and it hits the boot, bounces high into the leg side where Wade catches it - there's an appeal but no bat or glove adjudged to be involved


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, 1 leg bye, legbreak, skidding towards leg stump, pitched outside though and they pick up one as the ball rolls past Wade


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 leg bye, skidding on towards leg stump, plays across the line, another leg bye

"What a ridiculous decision to bowl first, T20 is bat first 99 times out of 100." Australia just returning the favour, Rowan

End of over 8 (7 runs) England 81/0 (RR: 10.12)

    • AD Hales 43 (28b 7x4 1x6)
    • MJ Lumb 35 (20b 5x4 1x6)
    • Fawad Ahmed 1-0-5-0
    • SR Watson 2-0-24-0

Faulkner to Hales, 1 run, clipped off the pads through the leg side


Faulkner to Lumb, 1 run, advances and swats a length ball down the ground back past the bowler


Faulkner to Hales, no run, very nearly a mix up, and a direct hit from Faulkner would have seen Hales run out by a mile - he had got an inside edge on a pull, maybe taken a blow on the box and stood and watched it as it dropped to the pitch, Lumb had come charging down and Hales had to set off at the last minute as the bowler followed through


Faulkner to Hales, no run, pitched up and driven back, Faulkner gets a hand on it


Faulkner to Hales, FOUR, slightly overpitched on leg stump and a swingeing leg glance hammers the ball flat to the boundary


Faulkner to Hales, 1 run, advances down the track and hacks one to long--off

"Didn't I hear this pitch would be hard to bat on? Maybe I need a new ear horn..." That or I need a new monocle, Mitch

End of over 9 (7 runs) England 88/0 (RR: 9.77)

    • AD Hales 49 (33b 8x4 1x6)
    • MJ Lumb 36 (21b 5x4 1x6)
    • JP Faulkner 2-0-26-0
    • Fawad Ahmed 1-0-5-0

Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 2 runs, tossed up on leg stump, Hales waits on it and clips a couple through midwicket - that's fifty for Hales, who has had his struggles this season but just drinks in this format


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, tossed up outside off, leans out and pushes one through the covers


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, 1 run, over the wicket to the left-hander, very wide of the stumps, maybe the googly, Lumb gets his foot to the pitch and sweeps behind square


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, whips a length ball off his pads to leg


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, no run, gives this plenty of air, drifting across the lefty, throws the bat and gets an inside edge, Wade does well to stop it with a boot


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, 1 run, full toss, advances and thumps over Ahmed's head for one to long-off

Right, time for a breather, here's Gnasher

End of over 10 (6 runs) England 94/0 (RR: 9.40)

    • MJ Lumb 38 (24b 5x4 1x6)
    • AD Hales 53 (36b 8x4 1x6)
    • Fawad Ahmed 2-0-11-0
    • JP Faulkner 2-0-26-0

Thanks Alan. Mitchell J back into the attack


Johnson to Lumb, 1 run, heaved over the leg side, he came down the pitch outside leg and then had to fetch it from outside off


Johnson to Hales, no run, swing and a miss at a full delivery going across outside off


Johnson to Hales, SIX, he's connected with that! Six more. On a length, a cutter, allowed Hales to get underneath it with a clean swing of the bat over long-on


Johnson to Hales, FOUR, drags the length back even shorter and gets pulled wide of short-fine leg...Johnson neither one thing or the other those last two deliveries


Johnson to Hales, 1 run, full outside off, slices this in the air through backward point


Johnson to Lumb, FOUR, creamed again...Johnson stays full, Lumb just gives himself a hint of room and drills it hard and flat over mid-off. It pitches fractionally before the rope. Fierce power from Lumb.

End of over 11 (16 runs) England 110/0 (RR: 10.00)

    • MJ Lumb 43 (26b 6x4 1x6)
    • AD Hales 64 (40b 9x4 2x6)
    • MG Johnson 3-0-26-0
    • Fawad Ahmed 2-0-11-0

Ahmed has done well so far....11 off two


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, full at middle and leg, flicked through midwicket


Fawad Ahmed to Lumb, OUT, first international wicket! Lumb goes for a slog sweep, the ball goes straight up in the air then floats behind the stumps on the breeze. Wade turns, trots back and settles under the catch. Ahmed is on the ledger

MJ Lumb c †Wade b Fawad Ahmed 43 (47m 27b 6x4 1x6) SR: 159.25

The umpires are changing the ball...appears the other has been damaged. Luke Wright stays at No. 3


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 2 runs, dragged down a touch short, Hales pulls it through straight midwicket to the right of long-on


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, comes forward, drives with an open face through the off side


Fawad Ahmed to Wright, 1 run, floated up outside off, Wright pushes it square through point

Biggles: "Johnson was quoted this morning as saying he 'wanted the English batsmen to fear him'. No sign they've started yet!"


Fawad Ahmed to Hales, 1 run, cut off the stumps, another misfield, this time by backward point, although they would probably have got the single anyway

End of over 12 (6 runs) England 116/1 (RR: 9.66)

    • AD Hales 69 (44b 9x4 2x6)
    • LJ Wright 1 (1b)
    • Fawad Ahmed 3-0-17-1
    • MG Johnson 3-0-26-0

Coulter-Nile to Hales, 1 run, big full toss outside off, flies off the top edge to third man as Hales aims more through cover


Coulter-Nile to Wright, 1 run, short outside off, flat-bat pulled down to long-on


Coulter-Nile to Hales, no run, beaten outside off as he plays over the top of a full delivery


Coulter-Nile to Hales, FOUR, gets another boundary to fine leg, but it was a pin-point yorker from Coulter-Nile which Hales somehow managed to inside edge through his legs


Coulter-Nile to Hales, no run, crunches this one back to the bowler


Coulter-Nile to Hales, 2 runs, this skews off the bottom of the bat as he aims something mighty over the off side, ends up dropped well short of any of the deep fielders

End of over 13 (8 runs) England 124/1 (RR: 9.53)

    • AD Hales 76 (49b 10x4 2x6)
    • LJ Wright 2 (2b)
    • NM Coulter-Nile 3-0-28-0
    • Fawad Ahmed 3-0-17-1

More spin. Glenn Maxwell with his off-darts


Maxwell to Wright, no run, round the wicket, full outside off, driven to cover


Maxwell to Wright, 2 runs, down the pitch and whips it through midwicket to the right of long-on where Warner loses his footing and stumbles, much to the amusement of the crowd


Maxwell to Wright, 2 runs, another brace into the leg side, placed with good pace through midwicket so the deep man couldn't quite get in fast enough


Maxwell to Wright, 1 run, uses his feet again and drilled down to long-off when I think he was aiming leg side


Maxwell to Hales, 1 run, tucked off the stumps to deep square


Maxwell to Wright, 1 run, flicked through midwicket and this time he's kept to a single...decent over for Australia

End of over 14 (7 runs) England 131/1 (RR: 9.35)

    • LJ Wright 8 (7b)
    • AD Hales 77 (50b 10x4 2x6)
    • GJ Maxwell 1-0-7-0
    • NM Coulter-Nile 3-0-28-0

Johnson comes back to complete his spell. Buttler, meanwhile, is getting padded up


Johnson to Wright, no run, full at the stumps, driven to mid-on who is inside the circle...Wright just trying to over-hit at the moment


Johnson to Wright, no run, back of a length, beats Wright's attempt to play square through the off side


Johnson to Wright, no run, excellent over so far, Wright mistimes another pull which hits Johnson in his follow through


Johnson to Wright, 1 run, banged in shorter, Wright pulls firmly but straight to deep square-leg


Johnson to Hales, 1 run, yorker at off stump, Hales can only squeeze it down to long-off


Johnson to Wright, FOUR, another one beats the keeper! We've seen a few of them today. Wright gets a bottom edge as he aims an off-side drive to a full delivery and it deflects past a diving Wade to his left

End of over 15 (6 runs) England 137/1 (RR: 9.13)

    • LJ Wright 13 (12b 1x4)
    • AD Hales 78 (51b 10x4 2x6)
    • MG Johnson 4-0-32-0
    • GJ Maxwell 1-0-7-0

Maxwell to Hales, 1 run, speared wide outside off from round the wicket, jabbed to deep cover


Maxwell to Wright, SIX, he finds the middle this time...down the pitch and strikes through the line, sending it dead-eye straight down the ground


Maxwell to Wright, FOUR, fired wide outside off again, Wright catches up with it and slices through short third-man...Wright now up and running


Maxwell to Wright, FOUR, well, did deep midwicket misjudge this? It was a low full toss that Wright clubbed towards the boundary, but it landed inside the rope with the fielder a few yards in


Maxwell to Wright, 1 run, driven into the off side


Maxwell to Hales, 2 runs, another juicy full toss, swung through the leg side and this time deep midwicket gets around

End of over 16 (18 runs) England 155/1 (RR: 9.68)

    • AD Hales 81 (53b 10x4 2x6)
    • LJ Wright 28 (16b 3x4 1x6)
    • GJ Maxwell 2-0-25-0
    • MG Johnson 4-0-32-0

Faulkner is back. Hales 19 away from England's first T20 hundred. He has a 99.


Faulkner to Wright, 2 runs, full at leg stump, flicked in the air through midwicket


Faulkner to Wright, OUT, well held! Wright tries to get a low full toss over mid-off, but Johnson times his leap to perfection and holds it two hands, ensuring he doesn't let it spill as he thuds into the ground

LJ Wright c Johnson b Faulkner 30 (20m 18b 3x4 1x6) SR: 166.66

Eoin Morgan at No. 4. Made a duck two days ago.


Faulkner to Morgan, 2 runs, he's away this time, cuts this through backward point and places it wide of third man

Mick: "Despite the score I am not overly impressed with the English batting. How many French cuts and edges can they possibly execute in one innings? Didn't see Finch and co mishit anywhere near as many."


Faulkner to Morgan, 1 run, clubbed down to long-on, lost his shape a little on the shot


Faulkner to Hales, 1 run, uses his feet, makes it a full toss, crunched down to long-on


Faulkner to Morgan, 1 run, gets down on one knee, lap-sweeps this down to long-on

End of over 17 (7 runs) England 162/2 (RR: 9.52)

    • EJG Morgan 4 (3b)
    • AD Hales 82 (54b 10x4 2x6)
    • JP Faulkner 3-0-33-1
    • GJ Maxwell 2-0-25-0

Coulter-Nile to Morgan, SIX, a big 'un as Morgan picks this up from outside off and launches it comfortably over deep midwicket...was on a friendly length from Coulter-Nile


Coulter-Nile to Morgan, 1 run, driven straight to mid-off...Morgan felt he had to get the dive out


Coulter-Nile to Hales, (no ball) 2 runs, bonus for England, this is a no-ball which Hales flicks high in the air to split deep midwicket and long-on

Free hit for Hales. Nice on 84.


Coulter-Nile to Hales, 2 runs, can't really make the most of it, gets another length ball but Hales' bat twists in his hands and the shot lobs between fielders on the off side


Coulter-Nile to Hales, FOUR, backs to leg and carves this over backward point, wrong length again...into the 90s


Coulter-Nile to Hales, 1 run, gets inside the line and pulls but picks out short fine-leg


Coulter-Nile to Morgan, 2 runs, wide outside off, driven high over the covers but the sweeper is able to cut off the boundary...productive over

End of over 18 (19 runs) England 181/2 (RR: 10.05)

    • EJG Morgan 13 (6b 1x6)
    • AD Hales 91 (58b 11x4 2x6)
    • NM Coulter-Nile 4-0-47-0
    • JP Faulkner 3-0-33-1

Faulkner with the penultimate over


Faulkner to Hales, 1 run, full outside off, driven to long-off


Faulkner to Morgan, 2 leg byes, drifting towards leg stump, he's a little fortunate that it only costs two leg byes...deflects square of the wicket and Wade had to do the chasing


Faulkner to Morgan, no run, good delivery, yorker at middle stump, he can't beat midwicket


Faulkner to Morgan, 1 run, excellent again, speared in towards middle and leg, they scamper one to midwicket this time


Faulkner to Hales, 2 runs, missed out, really, on a big full toss as he clubs it straight down the ground for a couple


Faulkner to Hales, OUT, still no hundred for England...gets another low full toss which he clouts towards the bottom of the bat and is well taken, low at long-on

AD Hales c Warner b Faulkner 94 (80m 61b 11x4 2x6) SR: 154.09

So it's a 94 for Hales this time. Can England reach 200?

End of over 19 (6 runs) England 187/3 (RR: 9.84)

    • EJG Morgan 14 (9b 1x6)
    • JP Faulkner 4-0-37-2
    • NM Coulter-Nile 4-0-47-0

Well, the last over will be bowled by Fawad Ahmed


Fawad Ahmed to Buttler, OUT, well bowled! lovely delivery from Ahmed, bravely flighted up. It grips and spins past Buttler's prod as he just tried to dab it into the off side

JC Buttler b Fawad Ahmed 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England's batsmen prefer pace on the ball


Fawad Ahmed to Bopara, 1 run, swept off leg stump out to deep square


Fawad Ahmed to Morgan, SIX, all the way...Morgan connects cleanly with a slog-sweep and that was always heading into the crowd


Fawad Ahmed to Morgan, OUT, gone this time, with a googly, Morgan hits it firmly but without the height or distance and picks out deep midwicket

EJG Morgan c Coulter-Nile b Fawad Ahmed 20 (15m 11b 0x4 2x6) SR: 181.81


Fawad Ahmed to Root, 1 run, confidence of youth...reverse sweep first ball but it goes straight to backward point


Fawad Ahmed to Bopara, no run, fired in outside leg, but Bopara has moved so far outside the stumps that when he misses it goes inside his body. Dot ball to finish

Australia have managed to keep England under 200. Good last over from Ahmed. But England played well. Hales and Lumb laid the platform with a hundred stand. So, can Finch knock these off? Join Alan in a few minutes to find out.

End of over 20 (8 runs) England 195/5

    • RS Bopara 1 (2b)
    • JE Root 1 (1b)
    • Fawad Ahmed 4-0-25-3
    • JP Faulkner 4-0-37-2





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