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Cricket rules

October 29, 2015

The Extra Over: making the day-nighter fairer

Ravi Abhyankar

An "extra over" as an offsetting factor to the decision of choosing to bat or field... could this nullify the impact the toss has in day-night ODIs?


October 24, 2015

The cricket@work experience

A reader from India sends us his perspective of an office cricket tournament


October 24, 2015

How I will always remember Sehwag

Four deliveries that summed up Sehwag's batting, and highlighted the difference between him and Tendulkar


October 10, 2015

When McGrath bowled the perfect over

Nasser Hussain was the hapless victim when McGrath bowled six flawless deliveries at the Gabba in 2002

September 21, 2015

A dozen wildly creative uses of a cricket ball

In an abacus, in Euclidean mathematics, to settle purchase-related disputes and more

Brian Close 1931-2015

September 16, 2015

Close to steel

Brian Close was a player whose physical bravery was second to none

September 15, 2015

The spirit's in the laws

Joe Yates

Why was the appeal for obstructing the field against Ben Stokes considered to be against the 'spirit of the game' when the laws permit it?


September 10, 2015

A biology-inspired rain rule for T20s

While it is true that no mathematical system is 100% perfect when applied to limited-overs cricket, it is a pleasant surprise that one of biology's most well-known scaling relation could hold the key to T20 cricket's rain woes

September 07, 2015

Why the Gatting ball is not the best of the century

A challenger for the title of the ball of the century

The Investec Ashes 2015

August 25, 2015

Wicket off a no-ball? Not bad luck, mate

In a game of fine margins, isn't it wrong to assume that a delivery delivered from 21.8 yards would yield the same result as one delivered from 22.2 yards?

Australia cricket

August 17, 2015

Clarke, the 'un-Australian' who succeeded

Australian cricket never really accepted Michael Clarke for who he was, and instead expected him to be much like his mean, tough predecessors


August 17, 2015

Babylonian or Greek: what's your pick?

Richard Feynman, the American physicist, distinguished mathematical tradition based on the Babylonian and Greek ways of thinking. His reasoning could apply to batting styles too


August 09, 2015

So long, Pup

I always imagined Clarke would score over 10,000 Test runs. Over 30 Test centuries. Alas, it is not to be

Investec Ashes 2015

August 03, 2015

Five reasons why Aussie fans shouldn't fear

Australia may have gone down within three days in Edgbaston, but here's why all is not lost for them in this series. Sort of.


July 31, 2015

Lounging with Gilly

A chance encounter with a cricket hero


July 28, 2015

Margin call

Can a cricket team "bounce back" from a defeat by a margin of 405 runs? Logic and history suggest not

England cricket

July 18, 2015

England's opening merry-go-round

Jack Mendel

In the absence of a world-class candidate among the pool of openers, the England selectors should give a long rope to whoever is chosen


July 06, 2015

Trent bucks the trend

Trent Boult has shown, without doubt, that there are other ways of silencing batsmen than launching streams of invective towards them


June 22, 2015

Thank you, Mustafizur

What he has managed to do is create an aura, albeit momentarily, that the hardworking, less-rewarded and unfairly disregarded participant in the game, the bowler, can also be the boss at times


June 12, 2015

Not red, not white

The cricketing landscape has changed in Switzerland with the introduction of pink balls from the 2015 season


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Hating and loving the IPL

From planning to protest against the IPL to becoming fans of the league


Eden Gardens turns on the magic again

A pitch with bounce, plenty of runs, a capacity crowd and a last-over finish ...