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Have the masala dosa

Try the awesome benne (butter) masala dosa at Sri Sagar (CTR) in Malleshwaram. Nothing can beat a dosa served with a dollop of butter.

Submitted by Rajshekar B S

Brahmin's Cafe

Do not miss breakfast at Brahmin's Cafe near Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi. It's Bangalore's best breakfast. They serve idlis, vadas, kesari and khara bhath. Don't miss the unlimited amazingly tasty chutney!

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Eat masala dosa

Do visit Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi for what might be the best masala dosas in the country. Be prepared to wait... it's worth it.

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Shopping at Brigade and MG Road

Traffic on Brigade Road, Bangalore, August 10, 2003 The cheapest and best food can be eaten at roadside carts. They are tasty, hygienic and really cheap. Travellers mustn't forget to go to Brigade Road and MG Road in the evenings for shopping. But they should also watch out for pickpockets and auto-rickshaw drivers who demand excess fare.

Submitted by Chris Valentine Dias

Eat a thali  

An Indian <i>thali</i> accompanied by sweets and fruits Have a South Indian thali. Choose from the very palatable, coconut-heavy Kerala thalis, or a more unfamiliar local Karnataka meal

Eat Corner House ice-creams  

Cold coffee with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and orange zest, March 29, 2009 The hot-chocolate fudge there is to die for. It's a popular ice-cream haunt for locals in Bangalore. Robin Uthappa


Empire on Church Street, is a favorite for chicken dosas.

Café Pascucci

Café Pascucci (Tel 91 80 40912134) is a convenient stop for sandwiches, burgers and coffees.


Men assemble plates of rice and meat for guests attending a wedding celebration, West Bank, Nablus, May 1, 2010 The left of Koshy's is the heart of the restaurant, serving very decent snacks and meals, coffee and beer.


Woodlands Hotel (from Rs 1600) on Richmond Circle is another well-connected option.

Hotel Empire

Hotel Empire (from Rs 1530) on Infantry Road has all the basic facilities and the bonus of an excellent location.

Plan B

Plan B (Tel 91 9739902745) has a friendly atmosphere and lots of choice in short eats.


Beer glasses Pecos (Tel 91 80 25586047), a long-time favourite with beer-drinkers, plays classic rock.

Filter coffee

A server pours out coffee at the India Coffee House, Bangalore, May 16, 2008 When ordering coffee at a restaurant, especially in south Indian fast-food restaurants, ask specifically for filter coffee - it is made by mixing milk with a concentrated decoction of roasted coffee powder and water. The instant-powder coffee which you get in most places is a sorry sight (and taste) for any coffee lover, being horribly milky and sweet. But filter coffee is excellent. You may even want to buy some when you leave.

Submitted by Nicholas Williams

Bus it from the airport

Commuters travel aboard an airport-to-city bus, Bangalore, January 25, 2010 The city is far from the airport but before heading to the pre-paid taxi counter, check out the bus routes. There are volunteers and bus conductors standing in front of the bus station, directing passengers into the correct buses. Find out if one goes close to your destination. It's a cheaper and greener way to travel.

Submitted by Nikhil Bharadwaj

Eat Corner House ice-creams
The hot-chocolate fudge there is to die for. It's a popular ice-cream haunt for locals in Bangalore. More