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Local cuisine

Have the masala dosa

Try the awesome benne (butter) masala dosa at Sri Sagar (CTR) in Malleshwaram. Nothing can beat a dosa served with a dollop of butter.

Submitted by Rajshekar B S

Eateries near the stadium

The stadium is very close to MG Road so do not miss the opportunity to walk alongside it. Try the biryani at Nagarjuna on Residency Road and the Chinese food at Little China on Church Street.

Submitted by Sunil

Must have masala dosa

Try masala dosa (rice pancakes with potato stuffing) and have coffee anywhere in the city. The better hotels are in Jayanagar. Also go to Pecos for beer with some amazing chicken tikka and good music.

Submitted by Jagmohan D

Brahmin's Cafe

Do not miss breakfast at Brahmin's Cafe near Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi. It's Bangalore's best breakfast. They serve idlis, vadas, kesari and khara bhath. Don't miss the unlimited amazingly tasty chutney!

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Eat masala dosa

Do visit Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi for what might be the best masala dosas in the country. Be prepared to wait... it's worth it.

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Lal Bagh

A family sits under the cover of a bougainvillea tree at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore, February 22, 2010 Visit Lal Bagh. Eat biryani at the military mess near the Banshankari bus stand. Eat Punjabi food at Bobby Da Dhaba near the Ulsoor police station. Drive over the Electronic City flyover.

Submitted by Vaibhav

Filter coffee

A server pours out coffee at the India Coffee House, Bangalore, May 16, 2008 When ordering coffee at a restaurant, especially in south Indian fast-food restaurants, ask specifically for filter coffee - it is made by mixing milk with a concentrated decoction of roasted coffee powder and water. The instant-powder coffee which you get in most places is a sorry sight (and taste) for any coffee lover, being horribly milky and sweet. But filter coffee is excellent. You may even want to buy some when you leave.

Submitted by Nicholas Williams