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Stay close to the stadium

Traffic is a major issue in Bangalore especially on match days with thousands converging to the venue at nearly at the same time. The best way to avoid traffic is to stay at a hotel nearby and walking to the venue. Arrive at the stadium at least two hours before the start time as security procedures may delay your entry in to the stadium. Coming early will also allow you to take the best seats of the stand.

Submitted by Sanmathi

Driving under the influence

Pints of beer Bangalore's traffic police frequently check motorists for their alcohol intake - especially around MG Road area, and around other places where there are many pubs - and not just on weekends. So, if you have a car, pick a designated driver for the night or be very sorry.

Submitted by KC Appaiah

Wash your hands

Washing hands This applies to all cities: carry soap strips with you if possible, and wash your hands before every meal. Tourists, especially from western countries, tend to be susceptible to upset tummies and diarrhoea in India. Washing your hands can go a long way in making your trip a sick-free one.

Submitted by Steven Jacob