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Sculptures made of waste material at the Rock Garden, Chandigarh, March 26, 2010 They say if you throw a rock in Chandigarh it will land in a garden. I am not sure exactly how many gardens there are, but us Chandigarh folk seem to love gardening - there are gardens full of roses, hibiscus, and one that has only scented flowers. But the most famous one is the Rock Garden. It began as the work of one man, Nek Chand, who was a road inspector when Chandigarh was being set up. He wanted to make a small garden for himself. But this is like no other garden you will find in the world. He used all kinds of waste material - broken tiles, stones, bottles, old taps, bangles, cycle tyres - to come up with a garden of sculptures, figures of people and animals, which he set up in an area that got bigger and bigger. Yuvraj Singh


Visitors ride boats on the Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh, March 26, 2010 You must go boating on the Sukhna Lake and visit the Rock Garden nearby. If you like to shop, head to the Sector 17 or Sector 22 markets. And enjoy a late-night meal at the food street outside Panjab University.

Rose Garden

Admire the Rose Garden, Asia's largest, where 50,000 bushes of 1600 species bloom in all splendour. The Rose Festival is celebrated every year in February-March.

Rock Garden  

Sculptures made of waste material at the Rock Garden, Chandigarh, March 26, 2010 Visit the Rock Garden, local artist Nek Chand's innovative garden created from waste like frames, forks, broken bangles and the like. The weird and wonderful figures are testimony to the artist's eco-awareness long before the environment became a buzzword.

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Where to

  1. Hotel Pankaj

    Hotel Pankaj (from Rs 1090) is centrally located and offers decent accommodation.

  2. Hotel Majestic

    In Mohali, Hotel Majestic (from Rs 3300) is a stone's throw from the stadium.

  3. Dhabas

    Among dhabas, you won't go wrong with Pal Dhaba or Sher-e-Punjab dhaba (Tel 91-172-2660222).

Must Do

Sukhna Lake  

Go for a walk around Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh's pride and joy. The picturesque 3km-long, man-made lake gives you an insight into the city's rhythms. Pick up a snack from the adjoining eatery and join the city's health-conscious in a brisk walk - or the other way around.

Tips for Travellers

Winter is in its tail-end during February and March but sometimes it can last longer, or unleash a cold wave before bowing out. So carry a warm jacket, a cap and a shawl while in the city.

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