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Meat-eater's delight

Go to Moti Mahal in Kalupur, one of Ahmedabad's oldest restaurants, which has an extensive non-vegetarian Indian menu, from kebabs to tandoori chicken and Daaba Gosht. It's a must-visit for meat eaters. It's also very cheap.

Submitted by Kamal Modi

Indulge in some street food  

An Indian man of ethnic Chinese descent sells momos at a roadside breakfast stall in Territi Bazaar, Kolkata, July 26, 2010 Calcutta is famous for its amazing food: tandoori, continental, Indian, all of it, but its speciality is the street food: Puchka, the Bengali version of Bombay's pani puri and Delhi's gol gappa, is a fried hollow cupcake filled with potato, grams, and spicy tamarind water. You can't miss it when in Calcutta. You have many variations of it. Puchka with dahi (yoghurt), puchka with water and puchka with sweet water. What's common to all is that they have a basic potato filling. Then there are the chaats: the jhalmuri, the hing kachori and sweets. Another street-food favourite is the biryani (rice with meat and spices), which is completely different from its other cousins, the Hyderabadi and Lucknowi biryanis. If you are a food freak, and like biryani, you cannot afford to miss the Calcutta biryani. What makes it unique is that it has potatoes as well as meat. It caters to various palettes, so to say, ranging from the extremely rich, oily ones, to the less spicy ones for the health-conscious people. Deep Dasgupta

Eau Chew

Eau Chew (Tel 91-33-22378260) is a New York Times-reviewed restaurant serving superb Chinese food out of a home.

Bijoli Grill Food

Bijoli Grill Food World is a true son of the soil, serving fresh, hot fast food.


Men assemble plates of rice and meat for guests attending a wedding celebration, West Bank, Nablus, May 1, 2010 Arsalan is a tiny hole in the wall serving some of the best biryani in Kolkata.

Hotel Aston

Hotel Aston is a good bet for business travellers (from Rs 1600).

Hotel Rose Valley

Try Hotel Rose Valley (from Rs 2800), which offers air-conditioned rooms and breakfast.

Sunflower Guest House

The Sunflower Guest House (Rs 1000), which offers a convenient location and decent rooms.

Best Inn

Try Best Inn, a Bed&Breakfast on the Metro route.

34, Allenby Road

Blackpool Bed and Breakfast hotels advertise to attract French customers, Blackpool, May 14, 2009 Try the Bed&Breakfast 34, Allenby Road (arayccu@gmail.com; Tel 91-33-24861854/91-9830041781; Rs 2400), which offers air-conditioned rooms and breakfast.

Park Street bars

Park Hotel on Park Street, Kolkata, September 21, 2010 Most of the many bars dotting Park Street will offer you a tipple and a snack at prices that will not pinch.

Cheaper stay

Don't spend on expensive hotels, try lodging or paying-guest accommodations in Salt Lake, one of the cleanest and most peaceful areas of the city. It'll cost you about Rs 150 per day per bed.

Submitted by Sumit Kumar

Budget accomodation

You can find cheap lodging on Sudder Street.

Submitted by Ronodeb Ray

Use public transport

Where you can't walk, try the public transport. It's safe, it's well-organised and reasonably cheap. Trams are for when you're not in a hurry. The Metro, India's first and still running largely on time, travels along a north-south axis and cuts transit time by three-fourths. The yellow taxis are good for late nights. They go by the meter and the drivers are good. The buses are usually very crowded but if you do get on one there's no dearth of help from your fellow passengers.

Submitted by SD Singh

Tea in mud pots

Drink lots of fluid. Kolkata is humid at the best of times and a day out can leave one dehydrated. Recharge by drinking lots of water. Try the tea, too, especially when it's sold in small earthenware pots. The tea is boiled and so is safe, and the pots are broken after use and so are hygienic - and eco-friendly.

Submitted by Mirza