Coffee-house musings

If you have time at hand, go to the Coffee House at College Street which is over fifty years old. It's a favourite place for gossiping and gathering for people for all ages. Apart from hot and cold coffee, you'll also get fried snacks.

Submitted by Abhishek

Visit Shantiniketan  

Bengali people are very proud of their culture, and there is lots of to see in and around Calcutta. If you have come here, it is worth driving down for a coupe of hours, or a taking train, to Shantiniketan, the university town established by Rabindranath Tagore. The best part is they have kept it exactly as it was. They haven't commercialised it at all. You still get that old-world feel. Also, the World Cup will be played around February-March, which is spring - the best time to visit Shantiniketan. It is known for its celebration of the festival of Holi, or Basant Utsab as we call it. You have got to experience Holi here at least once. Deep Dasgupta

Walk through the city  

The General Post Office, Kolkata, September 21, 2010 Take an organised walk through Chowringhee or a three-hour river cruise. You'll get a glimpse of everything from the colonial heritage to Park Street razzmatazz and Kolkata aristocracy. Contact for details. Costs from Rs 1250 per person.

Keep an open mind

Kolkata has some of the most squalid and abject poverty in any Indian metro but it has a charm that has attracted travellers for a couple of centuries. If you open your mind you can look beyond the filth you can still see traces of what was once the second city of the Empire, the mercantile and cultural cutting edge of India.

Submitted by Aparna Jain