Sunflower Guest House

The Sunflower Guest House (Rs 1000), which offers a convenient location and decent rooms.

Cheaper stay

Don't spend on expensive hotels, try lodging or paying-guest accommodations in Salt Lake, one of the cleanest and most peaceful areas of the city. It'll cost you about Rs 150 per day per bed.

Submitted by Sumit Kumar

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Where to

  1. Bijoli Grill Food

    Bijoli Grill Food World is a true son of the soil, serving fresh, hot fast food.

  2. Peerless Inn

    Peerless Inn (from Rs 6300) is also excellently located for the stadium.

  3. Park Street bars

    Most of the many bars dotting Park Street will offer you a tipple and a snack at prices that will not pinch.

Must Do

Visit Shantiniketan  

Bengali people are very proud of their culture, and there is lots of to see in and around Calcutta. If you have come here, it is worth driving down for a coupe of hours, or a taking train, to Shantiniketan, the university town established by Rabindranath Tagore. The best part is they have kept it exactly as it was. They haven't commercialised it at all. You still get that old-world feel. Also, the World Cup will be played around February-March, which is spring - the best time to visit Shantiniketan. It is known for its celebration of the festival of Holi, or Basant Utsab as we call it. You have got to experience Holi here at least once. Deep Dasgupta

Tips for Travellers

Avoid Block D at Eden Gardens.

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