Jewellery shopping

Buy semi-precious stones and silver from Chamba Lama.

Submitted by Ronodeb Ray

Shop in New Market  

Amble through New Market, a century-old market that's hard to beat for ambience. The better shopping has shifted to boutiques and malls, but look out for kitschy bargains.

New Market

The Stuart Hogg Market, also known as New Market, was established in 1874, Kolkata, September 21, 2010 One of Kolkata's oldest markets is ironically called New Market. Do check it out. It is very close to Park Street, and you can buy all sorts of stuff, including leather goods. While in New Market, do try the chaat (spicy snacks) and puchkas (hollow deep-fried balls with spicy tamarind water) outside, and ask someone for directions to Badshaah which makes rolls (meat/egg/veggies in wraps) to die for!

Submitted by Aabhas