Taxi fare

A yellow taxicab goes past the Writers' Bungalow, Kolkata The taxi fare is calculated as two times the amount on the meter, plus Rs 2.

Submitted by Ronodeb Ray

Use public transport

Where you can't walk, try the public transport. It's safe, it's well-organised and reasonably cheap. Trams are for when you're not in a hurry. The Metro, India's first and still running largely on time, travels along a north-south axis and cuts transit time by three-fourths. The yellow taxis are good for late nights. They go by the meter and the drivers are good. The buses are usually very crowded but if you do get on one there's no dearth of help from your fellow passengers.

Submitted by SD Singh

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Where to

  1. Oh! Calcutta

    Oh! Calcutta at Forum Mall has a choice of Anglo-Indian and Bengali food.

  2. Hotel Aston

    Hotel Aston is a good bet for business travellers (from Rs 1600).

  3. Roxy and Tantra

    Roxy and Tantra, both at the Park Hotel, are the city's glitziest party places.

Must Do

Shop in New Market  

Amble through New Market, a century-old market that's hard to beat for ambience. The better shopping has shifted to boutiques and malls, but look out for kitschy bargains.

Tips for Travellers

Kolkata has some of the most squalid and abject poverty in any Indian metro but it has a charm that has attracted travellers for a couple of centuries. If you open your mind you can look beyond the filth you can still see traces of what was once the second city of the Empire, the mercantile and cultural cutting edge of India.

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