Must Dos

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Vodka-filled cupcakes

Try Oye Amritsar on Church Street. It is a restaurant frequented by members of the Indian cricket team, and serves you delicious north Indian cuisine. Don't miss the "Vodka pani puri".

Submitted by Sahil

The Infant Jesus shrine

Do visit the Infant Jesus shrine in Viveknagar no matter what your faith might be.

Submitted by Sunil

Eateries near the stadium

The stadium is very close to MG Road so do not miss the opportunity to walk alongside it. Try the biryani at Nagarjuna on Residency Road and the Chinese food at Little China on Church Street.

Submitted by Sunil

Shop for gifts

If there are any exhibition-cum-sale of arts and handicrafts at Chitrakala Parishat (overlooking the Bangalore Golf Course), you could do some gift-shopping there. Otherwise, visit the arts emporiums in the city - MG Road, Cunningham Road - however be warned that they are very expensive.

Submitted by Raghunath

Take a drive

Take a drive along the Outer Ring Road which defines new Bangalore.

Submitted by Raghunath

From breakfast to dinner

Have a leisurely breakfast in outdoors at Airlines Hotel on Lavelle Road - walking distance from the stadium. Then take stroll on Brigade Road and/or Commercial Street - preferably between 11am and 7pm. And end the night with a fabulous dinner at Ebony on the 13th Floor of Barton Center on MG Road.

Submitted by Raghunath

Must have masala dosa

Try masala dosa (rice pancakes with potato stuffing) and have coffee anywhere in the city. The better hotels are in Jayanagar. Also go to Pecos for beer with some amazing chicken tikka and good music.

Submitted by Jagmohan D

Brahmin's Cafe

Do not miss breakfast at Brahmin's Cafe near Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi. It's Bangalore's best breakfast. They serve idlis, vadas, kesari and khara bhath. Don't miss the unlimited amazingly tasty chutney!

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Eat masala dosa

Do visit Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar in Basavangudi for what might be the best masala dosas in the country. Be prepared to wait... it's worth it.

Submitted by Naeem Khan

Visit the Nandi Hills

Go for a drive to Nandi Hills (57km from Bangalore, off National Highway 7) and catch the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding countryside. It's 600 metres above the surrounding plateau and has steep cliffs on the sides, as well as the summer fort of Tipu Sultan. Be there at 6am to catch the sunrise while standing above the clouds.

Submitted by Ajith Unni

Lal Bagh

A family sits under the cover of a bougainvillea tree at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore, February 22, 2010 Visit Lal Bagh. Eat biryani at the military mess near the Banshankari bus stand. Eat Punjabi food at Bobby Da Dhaba near the Ulsoor police station. Drive over the Electronic City flyover.

Submitted by Vaibhav

Drink after the match

Bar waiters prepare vodka-based martinis, Bangalore, May 30, 2007 Unfortunately liquor is not allowed at cricket stadiums so after the matches, head to Barton centre on MG Road and visit the 13th Floor lounge bar - it's fantastic. You can also visit the Hard Rock Café (on St Mark's Road near MG Road) for a pint or two. At UB City, you can visit Shiro's for Japanese cuisine or chill out at the City Bar. If you want to visit a sports bar, head to Extreme Sports Bar on Bannerghatta Road. The N Stand, also known as the BEML stand, is the best one to watch from cricket at the stadium.

Submitted by Ravi N Prasad

Shopping at Brigade and MG Road

Traffic on Brigade Road, Bangalore, August 10, 2003 The cheapest and best food can be eaten at roadside carts. They are tasty, hygienic and really cheap. Travellers mustn't forget to go to Brigade Road and MG Road in the evenings for shopping. But they should also watch out for pickpockets and auto-rickshaw drivers who demand excess fare.

Submitted by Chris Valentine Dias

Eat a thali  

An Indian <i>thali</i> accompanied by sweets and fruits Have a South Indian thali. Choose from the very palatable, coconut-heavy Kerala thalis, or a more unfamiliar local Karnataka meal

Order dessert at Cafe Fresco's  

A brunch salad, May 17, 2009 I have been visiting Fresco's at Cunningham Road for the last five or six years. It's a fantastic open-air restaurant. The food is good but the dessert is just brilliant! You get a 24-layer cake and all that jazz. I go have a Caesar's salad or something and then scream "dessert please!" It's that good. Robin Uthappa

Eat Corner House ice-creams  

Cold coffee with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and orange zest, March 29, 2009 The hot-chocolate fudge there is to die for. It's a popular ice-cream haunt for locals in Bangalore. Robin Uthappa

Watch a play at the Rangashankara theatre  

A performance of the Ramayana on wheelchairs by physically challenged artists, Bangalore, May 28, 2010 Bangalore was known for plays but over the years it died down. Rangashankara still hosts great plays and I enjoy going out and watching these live shows. It has a different buzz about it. They run it professionally and make the whole process very enjoyable for you. Robin Uthappa

Relax at Cafe Mocha on Lavelle Road  

A cup of espresso, September 8, 2010 It's an ideal place to lounge around with your friends. It has a relaxing vibe about it. You'd enjoy just sitting there and talking about this and that. Robin Uthappa

Cariappa Park

Residents of the city jog, walk and exercise at Cubbon Park, Bangalore, February 26, 2010 Take an early morning walk at the Cariappa Park.

Submitted by Pavan Mehra

Drive around in Bangalore  

Commuters drive past a partially completed section of an under-construction elevated corridor of the Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Bangalore, March 29, 2010 Whenever I have to make any important decision, I go for a drive in the city. At nights. Around Ring Road, the Mysore highway, on that beautiful stretch on Cubbon Road or the new airport road. Bangalore is beautiful at nights and driving helps me clears my mind and think. I just love driving. Robin Uthappa

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  1. Samarkand

    If you miss north Indian food, head to Samarkand for a smorgasbord of kebabs and curries.

  2. I145

    I145 (from Rs 4250) is well located for the stadium, economical and stylish.

  3. City Bar

    City Bar, at the UB City Mall (Tel 91 80 42773636) has great drinks and a cool atmosphere.

Must Do

Eat a thali  

Have a South Indian thali. Choose from the very palatable, coconut-heavy Kerala thalis, or a more unfamiliar local Karnataka meal

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