Must Dos

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  • Walk on Marine Drive Espncricinfo pick

    Take an evening walk down the 4km promenade on Marine Drive. It's a great chance for people-watching, enjoying the cool breeze, eating roasted peanuts bought from a street vendor (if you dare!) and watching the sun set. Avoid this on a weekend, though, unless you want to be in a sea of people.

  • Go on a walking tour

    Raconteur Walks Mumbai provides walking tours in the Fort district of the old city. Rich in history and extremely entertaining, these walks paint a beautiful and vivid picture of the illustrious story of this city.

  • Experience the local transport

    Travel in an auto-rickshaw for the experience and at least once by the local train - but after 9pm only. Go to the stadium three hours before the game, like you're going to the airport. If you go to use the urinal, you will probably have missed 15 overs by the time you are back.

  • Eat at Don Giovanni

    If you are in Mumbai don't forget to catch the most authentic Italian food at Don Giovanni restaurant in Juhu, and at the Atria Mall in Worli.

  • See the Siddhivinayak Temple

    A must do in Mumbai is to visit the Siddhivinayak Temple. It is located in Prabhadevi, about a 40-minute drive from the Wankhede stadium. It is a Lord Ganesha temple. Visiting the temple is said to bring good luck and prosperity if you go with faith and an clear heart. Many Mumbaikars visit the temple before they start anything auspicious. Our very own Sachin Tendulkar is known to visit the temple before tours. Be ready to wait for hours on end on Tuesdays as Tuesday is Lord Ganesha's day in hindu mythology. You will often find herds of people walking towards Prabhadevi on a Monday night, all of them headed to the Siddhivinayak temple. A must-do in Mumbai for sure.

  • Go shopping

    IF you are looking for cheap apparel shopping, Fashion Street, between CST and Churchgate railway stations is the place to go. You could get yourself a bagful of cheap clothing and other apparel for prices that are no less than a steal. If you are looking for second-hand books, try the streets around the Fountain and DN Road area. Remember, all these spots are around the Wankhede stadium.

  • Join in a game of cricket Espncricinfo pick

    Play a game of cricket at the Oval. Or the Cross Maidan. All you need is your own team. Or just charm your way into joining one of the dozens that play on these grounds every Sunday.

  • Dig the music

    Mumbai is the home of India's independent rock circuit - with venues like the Blue Frog and Hard Rock Cafe. There are lots of local jazz and electronica bands playing as well. Check listings here

  • Sample the street food Espncricinfo pick

    Mumbai's street food is legendary, centred chiefly around two dishes: the pani-puri (stuffed crisp balls served with tamarind water) and the pao-bhaji (bread and a veggie mash). Have the perfect pani puri made with mineral water at Kailash Parbat in Colaba. Or a butter-drenched pao bhaji at Sardar in Tardeo.

  • Bargain-hunt in Colaba

    Head to Colaba market for some great streetside shopping. Take an Indian friend with you. Otherwise, start bargaining at about 1/10th the quoted price. Use "boss" and "bhaiyya" liberally as terms of address.

  • Things to experience

    Don't miss the newly built Bandra-Worli sea link bridge, the CST railway station, and Regal cinema. And, of course, Juhu beach.

  • Dig in

    Mumbai has many many many restaurants. That are all a must-visit. There is the years old Cafe Mondegar and Cafe Leopold. They serve great food and drinks, and in the evenings often have great music as well. Another must-visit is the Theobroma Patiserrie. They make mouth-watering deserts and their brownies just melt in your mouth. And for those who love Chinese food there is 5 Spice in the Fort area, just opposite the old Reserve Bank of India building. Cafe Mondegar, Cafe Leopold and Theobroma are all on the Colaba Causeway. Which itself is great place to spend time, with street vendors selling incredilbe jewellery, funky knick-knacks and cheap clothes and shoes!

  • Visit a gymkhana Espncricinfo pick

    Wangle an invite to one of the old club gymkhanas. Or check if your club offers affiliate membership. Bombay Gymkhana, Willingdon Club, Turf Club, Yacht Club, United Services Club, the Cricket Club of India - they all still have old-world charm that dates back to the days of the Raj, superb food and drink, and possibly an interesting sporting legend or two slouched in a wicker chair somewhere.

  • Shop in Colaba Espncricinfo pick

    Shop for gifts on Colaba Causeway: trendy junk jewellery, cheap clothes and shoes, faux pashminas, sequined bags, "I Love Mumbai" t-shirts, "antique" brass gramophones, even replicas of the Taj Mahal. You just might land up finding a super deal for yourself on Levis jeans or Adidas gear too! Alternatively, max out your credit card at High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel.

  • Eat at Khau Galli

    For foodies who have very resistant stomachs to Indian spices, "Khau Galli" or food street, near Churchgate is the place to go. You find a range of Indian street cuisine here - a gastronomic delight.

  • Drive to Bandra

    Take a ride along the sea link to get to Bandra for a street shopping experience quite similar to the one in Colaba. You can hire a cab or rent a vehicle to drive you across. The sea link takes you over the Arabian Sea. While whizzing along the four-lane road, which is an engineering marvel, you can watch the city of Mumbai on one side and the vast expanse of the sea on the other. Go in the evening, about 7pm-9pm. Note: you will need to shell out a toll of Rs 50 when you take the sea-link.

  • Take the local train player pick

    If you want to experience Mumbai, you have to take the local trains that connect the suburbs to the main business areas. If you are in a taxi, you will probably get a taste of Mumbai's notorious traffic, even if you travel just a couple of kilometres. However, a vast majority of Mumbai's working population takes the train. It's your quickest connection if you want to get to the suburbs. But don't try it during rush hour.

    Submitted by Ajit Agarkar
  • Eat fish player pick

    If you are around here, seafood is one thing you don't want to miss out on. In town or anywhere else in Mumbai. It's not for the calorie-conscious, though. I like to go to Trishna in Kala Ghoda. There are lots of other places too, depending on what you like. There is a new place at the Intercontinental that is supposed to be sensational - Koh. I haven't been there, but I've heard a lot about it. I like the Thai Pavilion at The President. There are smaller eateries too, which are just as good: Mahesh Lunch Home, in Juhu and in South Mumbai, and Soul Fry in Bandra and in town.

    Submitted by Ajit Agarkar
  • Take in the Queen's Necklace

    The best place to visit in Mumbai is the Queen's Necklace, as many of us call it - Marine Drive. The view of the sea is amazing, and not to forget the sunset. The Wankhede stadium is situated on Marine Drive, so for visitors it's a two-in-one bonus.

  • Eating and shopping in Colaba

    Visit Café Mondegar and Café Leopold at Colaba Causeway. They serve great food and drinks, and in the evenings often have great music as well. Another must-visit is Theobroma Patiserrie which makes mouth-watering desserts. Their brownies just melt in your mouth. For those who love chinese food, there is 5 Spice in the Fort area, just opposite the old Reserve Bank of India building. You can also spend time shopping in Colaba - street vendors sell incredible jewellery, funky knick-knacks, cheap clothes and shoes. The public transport system in Mumbai is very good (though overcrowded) so you should have no problem getting to places.

  • Go native

    Sample the non-vegetarian cuisine at Bade Miya in Colaba. Do not forget to have a biryani meal at Delhi Darbar. Also, try the street food menu at Vithal's at CST, near Sterling theatre, if you're hesitant to try real street food because of concerns over hygiene. A famous sandwich stall is located near the Bombay Stock Exchange. A visit to an Irani restaurant is a must. Try Britannia Cafe near Hutatma Chowk. If you need help or directions, ask a local and they will be happy to help. If bread-butter-tea is your daily breakfast, you need to visit Yazdani Bakery at Fort. If seafood is your thing, try Mahesh Lunch Home. Or head to Gajalee in suburban Vile Parle. Do visit the beach at Girgaum, which is about a five-minute drive from Marine Drive. For authentic local (Maharashtrian) food, go to Vinay in Girgaum, to have missal pav (a local breakfast staple - spicy curry prepared with a variety of beans and served with bread). Munch on vada pav at Aaram Batata Vada, bang opposite CST station. Play a game of cricket with local kids and they will give you a display of their cricket skills. Feel free to discuss cricket with the locals. Be assured the discussion will be animated.

  • Try the seafood

    This one is for seafood lovers. A must do! Gajalee Restaurant in Vile Parle is highly recommended. Fresh catch. Good service. A bit spicy. They have branches in MIDC, Andheri East and at Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel. Ample parking space. The Vile Parle one will be quite busy, so do try the Andheri joint.

  • Dig into a vada pav

    Songs have been written about Mumbai's street food and you will find that the hype is justified. You surely don't want to miss the famous Vada Pav - the spicy Indian version of the hamburger, but with a potato patty. Where to find it? Almost anywhere! Just look around and you will find a stall. The Jumbo King Vada Pav chain has a good variety, but make sure it is made right in front of you, hot and spicy! Yummy!

  • Visit a maidan player pick

    If you are here for the cricket, you have to go see where the cricketers are bred: the famous maidans of Mumbai. Azad Maidan, Cross Maidan and Shivaji Park are the most famous ones. Almost all cricketers from Mumbai, and some from outside the city, start their cricket here. It's unique in the sense that you have about 20 pitches next to each other, a few metres apart, on one ground, with about 20 games going on at the same time.

    Submitted by Ajit Agarkar
  • Bargain hunt in Chor Bazaar player pick

    If you like to shop, Mumbai is the place. You can get the cheapest and the most expensive stuff here. And the Chor Bazaar flea market is an experience in itself. Chor means "thief" in Hindi. Find somebody who knows the place, put your bargaining hat on, and go to this alternative shopping mall, which offers almost anything you can think of - and a lot that you can't as well!

    Submitted by Ajit Agarkar
  • Have a matka kulfi

    This is perhaps Mumbai's most popular dessert. A good and healthy place to have it at is Kulfi Centre in Chowpatty.

  • Tour the heritage precincts Espncricinfo pick

    Explore the beautiful heritage precincts of the city on foot with an expert guide who can point out the landmarks and their history. Details here

  • Take a walk player pick

    I might be a bit partial towards south Mumbai, or town as it is called, because I have lived there, but do take a walk around the area. It is where the Wankhede Stadium is. Either side of the stadium makes for a lovely walk. As you head north is Girgaum Chowpatty, the famous beach. To the left, you could walk along the sea on Marine Drive. Then there is the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal hotel, the Fort area, Flora Fountain, and many other historical buildings. Or you could just sit by the sea.

    Submitted by Ajit Agarkar
  • Spend an evening around Marine Drive

    Take a along the seafront, followed by dinner at one of the many restaurants in Churchgate (near the Brabourne Stadium). Pizzeria and Not Just Jazz By the Bay are good options. Also, shopping at Colaba Causeway cannot be missed.

  • Do the touristy things

    A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without a ferry ride at the Gateway of India, a tea at an Irani cafe, and the amazing Naturals ice-cream at Marine Drive. All these are in the vicinity of the Wankhede Stadium. Perfect Ingredients for a memorable outing. A "Mumbai Darshan" sight-seeing bus trip is also a good idea for a quick look at the city.

  • Make a trip to Bandra

    Visit Bandra fort, which is in the western suburb of Bandra. It has wonderful location and offers an awesome view of the newly built Bandra-Worli sea bridge. You can also visit Hill Road in Bandra, which is a nice place for street-side shopping and food (hygienic). Also, there are a few cafes, like the Mumbai Times Cafe, which is famous for all kinds of food and a variety of drinks.

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