Reads for the road

A dozen books that will give you an insight into the subcontinent when you visit for the cricket

Suresh Menon

Run to the hills

Take advantage of Chandigarh's location near of some of the most magnificent mountains of the world, and head out

Malika Raj

Punjab's greatest gift to the world

Is the dhaba, where the meals will challenge your digestive system but warm your heart

Malika Raj

India's pace-setting venue

Mohali has long provided the standard other Indian grounds have aspired to

Where Jurassic Park comes to life

When not admiring the dinosaurs, have some street food, go to a war memorial, and, er, fill up your car's tank

Yuvraj Singh

In the shadow of the Himalayas

Chandigarh may be no beauty but it has pretty bits, and the stadium is a standout

Tanya Aldred

Tell us about your town

Do you live in one of the IPL host cities? Here's how you can contribute to ESPNcricinfo


More in Chandigarh

Where to

  1. Swagath

    Swagath (Tel 91-172-3045678) is a chain restaurant serving Mughlai and South Indian dishes.

  2. Taj Chandigarh

    The best hotel here is undoubtedly the Taj Chandigarh (from Rs Rs 8400), and highly recommended despite being some distance away from the stadium.

  3. Score

    Score (Tel 91-9988448811), a sports bar that screens cricket, hockey and football matches and F1 races, is another popular hang-out.

Must Do

Rock Garden  

Visit the Rock Garden, local artist Nek Chand's innovative garden created from waste like frames, forks, broken bangles and the like. The weird and wonderful figures are testimony to the artist's eco-awareness long before the environment became a buzzword.

Tips for Travellers

Langar is the food served in a gurudwara. It is free of cost and very tasty. You must try it, and maybe even offer to serve food to others, as many people from the Sikh community do.

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