Going native

From kachcha limbu to scooter, street cricket in India has evolved its own hyperlocal lexicon

Reads for the road

A dozen books that will give you an insight into the subcontinent when you visit for the cricket

Suresh Menon

The Sikhs who came to Chennai

How a clan from Amritsar made Chennai their own through three generations of record-making and -breaking cricketers

Nikita Bastian

French connection

Sample the best of Franco-Tamil culture, food and spirituality in the charming seaside town of Pondicherry

Nikita Bastian

Into the wild

If the Chennai heat is getting you down, head out for one- or two-day trips to these sanctuaries of beauty and tranquility that are home to all manner of critters

Nikita Bastian

Ave Marina

On Chennai's extra-long beach, cricket came with its own rules and unique delights. No longer, alas

Kadambari V Subramanian

Sun, sand, Saravana

There's lots of good eating to be had in Chennai. And don't miss the beach

Dinesh Karthik

Where history is made

Some of Indian cricket's most remarkable moments are associated with the Chennai stadium

Indian cricket's spiritual home

It was here that a Test was tied and the then-highest one-day score was made, but Chepauk is much more than just the sum of its records

Suresh Menon

The warmth of a sweltering city

The stifling heat doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of the local cricket lover and it won't that of tourists either

Mike Coward