Hyderabad, a love story

In the 1960s and '70s, if you wanted to play tough yet attractive cricket, Hyderabad was the place to be

Saad bin Jung

Mar 11, 2013

How to spend a day in Hyderabad

This day's itinerary will ensure you don't miss out on sightseeing, heavy lunches or lake time while still allowing you to catch a match in the evening

Atul Bhogle

Mar 8, 2013

The biryani trail

Don't dream of leaving Hyderabad without tasting its most famous dish

Nitish Khadiya

Mar 8, 2013

My Hyderabad

They called it old-fashioned, though today it is cosmopolitan. Either way it's a charming city to live in

VVS Laxman

The city of Pat, Jai, Azza and VVS

Hyderabad's cricket is as rich as the city's history

Devashish Fuloria

Spicy food and Telugu films

Entertainment is never too far from your reach in Hyderabad

Venkatapathy Raju

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More in Hyderabad

Where to

  1. Pragati Gully

    For breakfast, head to Pragati Gully in the alleys of Sultan Bazaar (Koti area).

  2. Park Hyatt

    The Park Hyatt (Rs 10,500, 17km) has lavish buffets and a good selection of wine.

  3. Kismet

    Park Hotel's Kismet is arguably the most happening club in the city. Centrally located, it has a colourful entrance and foot-tapping music. The alcohol is moderately priced (Rs 185 for a pint of beer), so it is not surprising that the place is always bustling with people.

Must Do

Visit the Hussain Sagar lake  

It's a popular hangout place, frequented by youngsters and families in the evenings. A number of decent restaurants are lined up on its sides, especially on Necklace Road. You could take a boat ride on the lake, and also visit Lumbini Park, an amusement park with rides, waterfalls and an impressive musical fountain with tunes from popular Hindi and Telugu films.

Tips for Travellers

Hyderabad is famous for its pearl jewellery, but if you're going to shop for them, it's best to go with a local who knows the reliable shops.

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