Reads for the road

A dozen books that will give you an insight into the subcontinent when you visit for the cricket

Suresh Menon

In the shadow of Eden

For a sense of the place the park holds in Kolkata's imagination, take a walk in and around it on a non-match day

Shamik Bag

The uncommon green

In the heart of Kolkata, the Maidan is a great level playing field

Shamik Bag

Party hearty

And then head straight to breakfast, before taking a cruise and gorging on spicy street food. There's a lot to do in and around Kolkata

Deep Dasgupta

Classical Kolkata

As befits a city of thinkers and artists, the finest Test played there was a long, slow, examination of skill and character

Mark Ray

Days in Eden

In Kolkata everyone's a cricket watcher, and what better place to watch it than at the stadium that has come to be an emblem of the city?

Soumya Bhattacharya

Cricket in the city of football

The beautiful game may be No. 1 here but the passion for cricket remains fierce, sometimes with unpleasant side-effects

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More in Kolkata

Where to

  1. Kewpie's

    Visit Kewpie's, at 2, Elgin Lane (Tel 91-33-24759880), for authentic home-style Bengali food.

  2. The Floatel

    The Floatel (Rs 4200) is a unique floating hotel on the Hooghly, stationed very close to Eden Gardens, with great discounts for internet bookings.

  3. Roxy and Tantra

    Roxy and Tantra, both at the Park Hotel, are the city's glitziest party places.

Must Do

Temple visit

Visit the ISKON temple in Mayapur, two hours away from Kolkata.

Tips for Travellers

Don't spend on expensive hotels, try lodging or paying-guest accommodations in Salt Lake, one of the cleanest and most peaceful areas of the city. It'll cost you about Rs 150 per day per bed.

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