How to get there and back

Advice for the ardent cricket watcher on how to get to far-flung match venues

Fans stand in a queue for tickets in Mohali © Getty Images

The stadium is on the western outskirts of Chandigarh, about 10km out of the city centre.

Plan A: Stay in Mohali and walk to and from the ground. Mohali has grown as a residential area, which means you are not quite in the wilderness, but it is far away from the pubs and the dhabas of Chandigarh. Also quite a long way from Sukhna Lake. On the upside, the hotel tariffs are cheaper.

Plan B: Stay in a hotel in Chandigarh, enjoy the city, and leave early for the ground on game day, before surge pricing kicks in on the app-based cab services. You might just have to wait for a bit after the match to leave, though, because getting out in the crush can be troublesome. Don't even think about taking your car to the ground because of heightened security and scarce parking.- Sidharth Monga

The stadium is well clear of the city - about 25km north-west, by the highway to Mumbai

If you are from outside Pune, be prepared to pay a lot to get to the ground, and to leave for the ground about three hours before the start of the match. The ground is far away, the traffic is bad, and there is no public transport. The closest civilisation from this spaceship, dropped in the middle of nowhere, is 15km away. The suburb of Hinjewadi is probably one of the better places to stay in to avoid the traffic of the city.

Hyderabad's main attractions are all a fair distance away from the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium © AFP

App-ordered cabs are not readily available at the time of the match. If you are from Pune and own a car, paint it neon green or some other colour that stands out, because otherwise you are bound to have a hard time finding it after the match. You can park near the ground, but not in a proper parking lot, and there might be about 2km of walking involved to and from the car. If you have a driver who is not interested in the cricket, get him to drop you off at the ground, get on the Mumbai road, pay the toll, take a U-turn, and wait at or near the McDonald's on that road. You'll be the quickest home if you can swing this. - Sidharth Monga

The stadium is a good 7km from the areas that make up the city proper - Himayatnagar, Kachiguda, Chikkadpally.

There are hotels near the stadium, but it's probably more fun to stay close to the city centre if you're visiting Hyderabad. One choice is Ameerpet, a bustling commercial locality and a software-training hub, 16km from the stadium, although traffic can be painfully slow during peak hours. Bring music and books, or nap during the trip. On the bright side, Ameerpet is fairly well connected to some of the city's famous landmarks - the Charminar, Hussain Sagar Lake and Golconda.

A fairly robust public-transport system makes getting to the stadium convenient - a number of buses ply to Uppal, where the stadium is located, or Habsiguda, which isn't very far - but getting back is harder. The roads leading out tend to be clogged with traffic for more than an hour after the game. Also, with no roofing in the stadium, brace yourself for some oppressive Hyderabad heat during afternoon games.

Reach the stadium early and get out late. Even leaving an hour after the match ends can get you stuck in a sea of humanity and vehicles in the approach road. If you're looking to hail an autorickshaw or a share auto, or even a radio cab, you'll most likely need to walk about 2km to the main road. If you are driving, make sure you wait for the approach road to clear up. Either way, sit tight inside the stadium, watch the post-match formalities unfold, and slowly make your way out.- Arun Venugopal

It's not a good idea to bring your own car to stadiums in India © AFP

The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium is about 12km from the city

Though the stadium is well outside the city, it can be easily reached by private cab or autorickshaw. Though taxis can't be flagged down in Rajkot, you can hire one in advance or ask the hotel to arrange for a car. It's easier to get an autorickshaw, and since finding a vehicle for the return journey is tougher, hire one for the full duration of the match. The fare ranges from about Rs 150 to Rs 200 one way, but you might need to shell out Rs 500 or so if you want the driver to stay for the return trip.

There are few luxury hotels and plenty of budget establishments in Rajkot. Most have their own vegetarian restaurants. Since most usually get packed whenever the city hosts a big match, it's prudent to book a room online well in advance. (There are no hotels near the stadium.)

Gujarat being a "dry" state, literally and figuratively, those who like a drink will be well advised to bring along their wine permits when in Rajkot, although many hotels ensure, if requested, that their booze-loving customers don't go thirsty.- Haresh Pandya