Seaside sorties

There are nice walks to be taken, food to be eaten, and trains to be caught (if you dare)

A local train in Mumbai, February 24, 2010

Local trains in Mumbai: make sure you're in peak shape for peak hour © AFP


Take a walk
I might be a bit partial towards south Mumbai, or "town" as it is called, because I have lived there, but do take a walk around the area. It is where the Wankhede Stadium is. Either side of the stadium makes for a lovely walk. As you head north, there's Girgaum Chowpatty, the famous beach. You could walk along the sea on Marine Drive. Then there is the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal hotel, the Fort area, Flora Fountain, and many other historical buildings. Or you could just sit by the sea.

Eat fish
Seafood is one thing you don't want to miss out on. In town or anywhere else in Mumbai. It's not for the calorie-conscious, though. I like to go to Trishna in Kala Ghoda. There are lots of other places too, depending on what you like. There is a place at the Intercontinental that is supposed to be sensational - Koh. I haven't been there, but I've heard a lot about it. I like the Thai Pavilion at The President. There are smaller eateries too, which are just as good: Mahesh Lunch Home, in Juhu and in South Mumbai, and Soul Fry in Bandra and in town.

Visit the maidans
If you are here for the cricket, you have to go see where the cricketers are bred: the famous maidans of Mumbai. Azad Maidan, Cross Maidan and Shivaji Park are the most famous ones. Almost all cricketers from Mumbai, and some from outside the city, start their cricket here. It's unique in the sense that you have about 20 pitches next to each other, a few metres apart, on one ground, with about 20 games going on at the same time.

Take a train
If you want to experience Mumbai, you have to take the local trains that connect the suburbs to the main business areas. If you are in a taxi, you will probably get a taste of Mumbai's notorious traffic, even if you travel just a couple of kilometres. However, a vast majority of Mumbai's working population takes the train. It's your quickest connection if you want to get to the suburbs. But don't try it during rush hour.

Bargain hunt in Chor Bazaar
If you like to shop, Mumbai is the place. You can get the cheapest and the most expensive stuff here. And the Chor Bazaar flea market is an experience in itself. Chor means "thief" in Hindi. Find somebody who knows the place, put your bargaining hat on, and go to this alternative shopping mall, which offers almost anything you can think of - and a lot that you can't as well!

As told to Sidharth Monga

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Where to

  1. Khyber

    In the Kala Ghoda precinct, just north of Colaba, Khyber is good for north Indian fare, especially meat.

  2. The Sea Green Hotel

    There's also the Sea Green Hotel on Marine Drive (from Rs 4000).

  3. Polly Esther's

    Polly Esther's in the Gordon House Hotel is a nightclub with a great vibe and a decent dance floor.

Must Do

Go shopping

IF you are looking for cheap apparel shopping, Fashion Street, between CST and Churchgate railway stations is the place to go. You could get yourself a bagful of cheap clothing and other apparel for prices that are no less than a steal. If you are looking for second-hand books, try the streets around the Fountain and DN Road area. Remember, all these spots are around the Wankhede stadium.

Tips for Travellers

Travellers to Mumbai must visit Chowpatty. It's just 2km from the Wankhede stadium, which is holding the final of the World Cup. Chowpatty is a beach and the food there is amazing - Indian snacks like bhel puri, pani puri, sev puri, pav bhaji, cold drinks like kala khatta, orange, and not to forget golas (crushed ice lollies). And for digestion the traditional Indian paan (betel) leaf.

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