Tri-Nation Tournament in Bangladesh, 1st Match: Bangladesh v Zimbabwe at Dhaka, Jan 10, 2009
Zimbabwe won by 38 runs
10 January 2009 (50-over match)

Mashrafe Mortaza to Masakadza, OUT, Mortaza bangs it in on a good length on the offstump and gets it to cut back in, he tries to defend close to his pads but he appears to get a thick inside edge on to his pad which lobs up to Shakib at square leg who runs forward, the appeal was initially for a lbw but he was given out caught, I need to see another replay of that

H Masakadza c sub (Rubel Hossain) b Mashrafe Mortaza 16 (21m 16b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Zimbabwe 23/1   V Sibanda 6* (12b 1x4)   Mashrafe Mortaza 2.4-0-11-1

Shakib Al Hasan to Sibanda, OUT, floated from outside off, the ball lands in line with the middle stump and goes through with the angle, Sibanda defends very close to the pads, Shakib persists with the appeal and the umpire Nadir Shah raises the finger

V Sibanda lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 15 (62m 35b 2x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Zimbabwe 53/2   S Matsikenyeri 21* (30b 4x4)   Shakib Al Hasan 0.3-0-0-1

Naeem Islam to Taibu, OUT, that reverse sweep was bound to out him in his place at some point, he tries to cream a high full toss over the off side, Mortaza at short third man leaps up, fumbles initially but takes the catch at the second attempt

T Taibu c Mashrafe Mortaza b Naeem Islam 17 (25m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 89.47

Zimbabwe 88/3   S Matsikenyeri 37* (46b 6x4)   Naeem Islam 0.2-0-1-1

Naeem Islam to Matsikenyeri, OUT, that's a stunning catch! He gets forward to chip it with the turn towards mid-on, Raqibul at short midwicket flings himself to his left and pulls off a stunner while airborne, he will cherish this catch for a long time

S Matsikenyeri c Shakib Al Hasan b Naeem Islam 39 (75m 51b 6x4 0x6) SR: 76.47

Zimbabwe 94/4   SC Williams 3* (11b)   Naeem Islam 2-0-7-2

Shakib Al Hasan to Williams, OUT, now Zimbabwe are in deep trouble, he gets it to turn sharply from over the wicket, Williams tries to work it to the on side but the ball hits his pads in line with the leg stump, he gets only half forward

SC Williams lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 3 (5m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 23.07

Zimbabwe 94/5   KM Dabengwa 0* (0b)   Shakib Al Hasan 4.2-1-15-2

Naeem Islam to Dabengwa, OUT, very soft dismissal, it's a long hop which should have been put away, he stays back at the crease and tamely punches it back to the bowler, he takes a very easy return catch

KM Dabengwa c & b Naeem Islam 10 (34m 25b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Zimbabwe 123/6   E Chigumbura 18* (52b 1x4)   Naeem Islam 8.1-0-23-3

Shakib Al Hasan to Utseya, OUT, gives it a lot of air on middle and off and tempts Utseya into going for the slog sweep, he gets a thick top edge and it sails straight in to Mahbubul's hands at deep square-leg

P Utseya c Mahbubul Alam b Shakib Al Hasan 9 (37m 28b 0x4 0x6) SR: 32.14

Zimbabwe 155/7   E Chigumbura 40* (81b 3x4)   Shakib Al Hasan 9.4-3-23-3

Mashrafe Mortaza to Price, OUT, easy take, Mortaza continues bowling the slow off cutters and this time he pitches it up, Price makes room and tries to cart him over long-on but he fails to get enough elevation and finds Shakib who takes it easily just before the rope

RW Price c Shakib Al Hasan b Mashrafe Mortaza 17 (21m 16b 2x4 0x6) SR: 106.25

Zimbabwe 185/8   E Chigumbura 51* (91b 4x4)   Mashrafe Mortaza 10-0-41-2

Mahbubul Alam to Chigumbura, 1 run, OUT, makes room and heaves it over square leg, they attempt a second run but the throw from the deep is sharp and Rahim does well to slide to his right and whip off the bails

E Chigumbura run out 64 (98m 95b 5x4 1x6) SR: 67.36

Zimbabwe 204/9   T Mupariwa 1* (1b)   Mahbubul Alam 9.5-1-66-0





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